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Garden Level Basement or Standard Basement

11 years ago

Hey everyone - great site with tons of useful information! My fiance and I recently signed to build a new home with a local builder here in Colorado in a planned community. They have 8 different floor plans and we ended up going for the larger two story plan.

The lot that we are building on is considered flat by the builder, but it does have a bit of a slope to the left and rear of the lot, but nothing too extreme and nowhere near as sloped a full walk-out lot. We have been looking at a couple of different renderings where the side-load garage can be located on either the left or right side of the house and are nearing the point where we have to make a call one way or the other.

If we did the right side, we would have a standard basement and a poured concrete patio in the back of the house. If we opted for the left side location for the garage, we would end up with a garden basement and the possibility of either a patio or a deck depending on if they are able to grade the lot adequately for the patio. Either way, the cost will be the same for us.

We are planning on staying in this hope for the long-term (10+ years at least), but if the job situation changes, we may need to sell. In the near term, we will plan on finishing the basement in the next 2-3 years so that is a consideration as well. Given that the cost for the garden level will not be passed on to us, I was just interested to hear everyone's opinions on the pros/cons to a standard and garden basement? Which one would help when it comes to resale time?

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