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La-z-boy recliner sofa quality?

December 8, 2005

We're looking for a recliner sofa and the most comfortable one we saw was at La-Z-boy (Clarkston series). I can't find any reviews here and was wondering if they are worth the price or are there others of higher quality in the $1k+ range. We saw some in teh same price range that should have been in the $600 category! Yikes.

Thanks for any comments.

Comments (55)

  • dcollie

    Careful on La-Z-Boy. They are using pre-formed cardboard on arm shapings and their mechanisms and NOT Leggit & Platt (best in the industry). Should you buy La-Z-Boy, consider it disposable furniture.

  • labsnabys

    Another voice of experience on this older post. We have a 1-1/2 yr. old sectional set from their Matinee line in our family room. Within a few months, the microfiber fabric started to get a "roughened" feel, almost as if it had been sandpapered. The recline mechanism has been an annoyance since Day 1 -- you have to be the Incredible Hulk to keep it reclined fully. It always wants to spring you back up, and we've tried numerous times to adjust the spring tension. They did send out a manager on a service call for both of these issues, but he basically could do nothing to resolve the spring issue. He submitted photos and a report on excessive fabric wear to the corporate office, but they rejected it and said it was just normal wear. Very disappointing for the money we paid (almost $4000 for two 2-pc. loveseat sectionals). Never, never again will we buy from La-Z-Boy. My 10-yr. old microfiber sofas bought at Macy's have held up 100X better.

  • clg7067

    I bought 2 of the Todd Oldham recliners. It didn't take long for them to look old and used. The reclining mechanism didn't work that great either. After 2 years they are history.

  • seeker_2008

    Just bought a sofa and chair, both leather recliners from La-z-boy. During delivery they took off all wrapping (before moving the set upstairs, I live in a condo) and both items were damaged. I called and spoke with the delivery people and customer service and requested to replace the set. I asked to protect the items during delivery. Next delivery was worse, the guys were pushing the bare leather sofa thru doors and elevators. I asked them to protect the leather. Their answer was to tell me to refuse the set. I did. I figure by the time it went thru 3 more doors it would be all damaged.It had a scar that I was not sure it was a repair or a mark.
    The bottom line is that I spent $3300 on sale price + 100 delivery. The Operation manager of the warehouse, in refuses to send another set.
    The manager of the store offered to send me his floor sample since the operation manager of the warehouse will not allow a new delivery.
    It is a protected leather and I see some tiny peels or fisures. I wonder if they will get worse with the time.
    Any advise? Even if they decide to deliver a new piece, (the store manager said he will try thru customer service) I wonder if their leather, the "protected leather is a good one. I want a set to last long time. Any advise?

  • brutuses

    I bought a Lazy Boy sofa and cloth recliner about 5 years ago. Within 2 years the arms have a "concave" area where the stuffing collapsed along with the springs in the seating area. I'd never consider Lazy Boy "quality." As far as I'm concerned they are skating along on a name and they have nothing to do with quality. My next sofa will be a real quality sofa and will be the last one I'll have to buy.

  • rabbit8

    I just purchased to recliners form lazy boy last month. They were on sale. I hope they hold up. Right now they are very comfortable. I'll keep my fingers cross.

  • dcollie

    Unfortunately La-Z-Boy uses some of the worst construction materials in the industry. A cut-down of one of their frames done by SMART MONEY magazine in the October 2006 article "Pottery Barn Uncovered", showed they are actually using hi-density cardboard in their frames instead of wood.

    Motion furniture is especially hard to make well. Its subject to intentional movements, high stress loads that vary with the position of the piece, and is frequently used more often then any other piece in the room. Add to that the basic construction of a recliner, in which all structural rigidity comes from the bottom of the chair frame, and its easy to see why they fall apart when not well-made.

    Its pretty much true that you get what you pay for in furniture. There is no way that a $ 399 recliner is going to perform as well as a $ 1,399 recliner.

    My oldest piece of upholstery furniture in my own home that is used daily is a Hancock & Moore Woodbridge Recliner that I bought on my first dealer order in 1986. 21 years later, its still going strong and I haven't even replaced the cushion inserts. Even the leather is in great shape. Cost of ownership per years of use is far less than the cheap stuff.

    Duane Collie

  • ktmast

    I wonder if things have changed at Lazy boy. I was in their show room a few weeks ago and they had a display recliner that was cut away on 1/2 and showed the interior springs and mechanisms. There was no cardboard.

    I want to get a double recliner. Currently I have a 17 year old lazy boy that just recently seems to have developed issues. I want to replace it with a double unit but want something that will hold up. Does anyone have any experience with the Lane recliners??


  • pineyiii_msn_com

    I just finished reading all the posts responding to your question, and I'm amazed at all the negative comments about LaZBoy furniture. I have a LaZBoy recliner that I've owned for over 20 years, and it still works fine & looks good. I LIVE in it; it is really the only place I sit in the l.r.. So, it has had plenty of abuse, but, the only sign of age is that it is starting to get a little soft in the seat-cushion though that is not really noticable. The fabric looks good, and, the reclining mechanism works fine. After reading all the negative comments, I can't help but wonder if their quality has changed over time.

  • eustacem

    We had a La-Z-boy recliner sofa several years ago. We liked the sofa, but had trouble with the mechanism. The back of the sofa came off and we had a terrible time getting it fixed, it was literally months. My parents have had several recliner chairs through the years from them (maybe several is the key word) without problems but our experience with customer service once we got the sofa home was terrible. Unreturned phone calls, appointments made that they didn't show up for, trying to not honor their warrantee, it was unpleasant all around and when it was finally "fixed" it was never quite right. It was our first "major" purchase after we got married, very disappointing.

  • susanelewis

    I live in Monroe, the home of the corporate headquarters of La-Z-Boy. A couple years ago we purchased a rocker/recliner and from day one it has not sit properly. It tilts to one side. So I called corporate customer service and a guy on his lunch hour (I can literally walk to the building) came out. He wanted to replace the seat which he did, but refused to acknowledge it didn't sit right.

    La-Z-Boy is not doing well because they don't stand for quality anymore. Unfortunately, in looking for a replacement, I find that it's either completely out of my budget (and over 2k for a recliner is simply not doable) OR they focus on leather and I don't want a leather chair sitting next to my huge Thomasville leather sectional. It has been very frustrating.

    La-Z-Boy used to be a quality company but since the day they closed down all their factories in Monroe and other cities in the US and shipped their operations out of the country (mostly Mexico), their stuff is simply garbage.

    I agree..if you buy it, either don't use it or expect to replace it within 5 years or less.

  • nunya_business_com

    I had a La-z-boy recliner many years ago. To borrow from George Burns; if I had known it was going to last so long I would have taken better care of it. I loved it and it wore like iron, BUT that was one made in the USA.

    I am looking for a new one now so I did a lot of looking around on the web. the consensus? DO NOT BUY LA-Z-BOY!!! Their product is very bad and their customer service is worse. I even found a report on the store closest to me.

    The last thing you ever want to do is place a special order. Customers report waiting many many months with no hope of a refund for bad furniture that the company will not fix or replace.

  • laceysuarez_aol_com

    I have one of those nice ones with the wood arms that curve down and become the legs 50's style. Worst purchase I ever made. Waited weeks for it and it was crap within the 1st year. Poorly constructed and upholstered. Lay-z-boy was not interested in hearing about it. Then mechanism still works, but it looks terrible. I have a Natuzzi leather sofa I purchased before it (almost 10 years old now) that looks better than it ever has.

  • strickuph_yahoo_com

    lazy boy did make a good frame but now it isent as goo as it usetobe . 47 years in recovering furnituire i haven`t saw as much junk on the market as they have now .price hasen`t went up as much as anything elase but the quality had went to the bottom on the low end .

  • bobismyuncle

    Yo! Papasage. Good to see you here.

  • Heynow520_aol_com

    OMG...........we had a La-z-Boy that lasted 27 years!!! It still looked pretty decent when we got rid of it and we had used it constantly. The foot rest was going and it made a bit of noise when you rocked in it. I bought a new one and am hoping to get as much time with the new one. La-z-Boy chairs are of superior quality!!!

  • LuAnn_in_PA

    "La-z-Boy chairs are of superior quality!!!"

    La-Z-Boy chairs USED TO BE superior quality.
    The product you bought 27 years ago no longer exists. Your next one will NOT last that long....

    Read the posts!

  • d_osland_hotmail_com

    For those of you who think that the fact that La-z-boy furniture is made "offshore" (someone mentioned Mexico!), check out the company info before you throw around-thinly veiled bits of racist or xenophobic "wisdom." The company we're talking about claims that nearly all its products are manufactured in the US, using imported and US-made materials. You can read the information that they've published in writing on the website where they include that information. If the quality is crap, it's because people in the US are, apparently, making crappy furniture.

    Meanwhile, their products all come with lifetime warranties, which they do not appear to be especially good at honoring (only the fabrics and leathers have limited-term warranty, from what I can remember). If you like something they make and you're willing to deal with the potential warranty issues, I'd say go for it. For my part, I'd sure like to know what these other top quality manufacturers are, I'm in the market for a leather couch and I can't get a straight answer out of anyone!

    Here is a link that might be useful: La-z-boy website

  • little03735_aol_com

    Well lets see, my parents (74 years old) purchased a la z boy rocker recliner and after 2months the material creased in the seat. No pets no kids just sitting, and I was told today it is not a warranty issue. $600 for a chair that has been out of their home 4 months out of 10. They are saying they re-did the seat the two times they sent it in, I feel they steamed out the crease and put it back on the chair, since the crease comes back in two weeks. Save yourself the hassle, buy anywhere else.... even a $200 chair from big lots lasts longer than this!!!

  • LuAnn_in_PA

    From the link posted by Not Xenophobic:

    "With factories and employees across the nation and world, this homegrown family business certainly has come a long way from its humble roots in a Michigan cornfield."

    Nation and WORLD means that not ALL their product is domestic.

  • jagans

    Yeah, they went from being a quality oriented, Made in America company located in a Michigan cornfield to a Volume, bottom line, made in Beijing company. That is what their bean counters call Progress, my friend.

  • lorraine_fwcj_com

    SAVE YOUR MONEY...Don't buy Lazy-Boy

    Frustrated and replacing my lazy-boy sectional lead me to this blog.

    I used their designer services & paid over $9,000 for two chairs ($1,200 each) and a four piece section with custom fabric & pillows. I had never done that before. It was a time in life when I wanted quality & style that would last.

    Within a year, the frame in one piece of the sectional broke. Now almost 4 years later, the fabric is faded by the sun and ripped at several seams. By the way, this is a household of two working professionals in their 50's, no kids.

  • andybaj_oline_net

    I fell for the La-Z-Boy story of high quality and a life time guarantee. Paid about $1,200 EACH for a pair of matching recliners.

    A few years later one of them broke. It was a metal part so the warranty should cover it. During a series of frustrating phone calls they
    * Told me the chair was really made by another company so call them. I said "no. The chair, the receipt, and the warranty have YOUR name on them. I expect you to honor it."

    * They told me they didn't have the parts, to call the other company. I said "No, this is your warranty you need to call them.

    * After many such calls the national warranty center simply said "We can not fix your chair.". I said, then I expect a new chair. They said "We can't do that"

    They simply REFUSED to honor their warranty.

    I finally took it to a local upholstery shop. The man was able to fix it in 2 days for about $200 bucks. (it was a broken zig zag spring)

    I would have been better off with a cheap $299 recliner that I just replace every 3-4 years.

  • KayWanda

    Do NOT buy Lazy Boy furniture, you will be extremely disappointed as we are. It is very poor quality. Within ONE month the cushions are completely flat on our sectional. Not a good value for the money. If I wanted a poor quality sofa I could have spent a fraction of the price!

  • hfrankjr

    I've just gotta report this contact with La-z-boy: after 14 years my chair's worn out pawl and ratchet caused a malfunction. I called the store to start the process to get the part (I can do the installation myself [I'm sure]). The whole process couldn't have been more expeditiously and kindly handled. I wish I had the woman's name I dealt with because she deserves a raise. She's even sending the same part for my wife's chair which is on the verge of the same problem, but not quite there yet (exact same chair bought at the same time).

  • andrelaplume2

    Hmmmm...tons of negative posts but none mentioning a store or manufacturer offering a quality sofa recliner for $900 - $1300. Interesting. If you need to spend $2k to get quality then that puts a lot of people in the 'lesser quality boat'. So unless you can reccommend a better manufacturer of a $1000 reclining sofa, where does LazyBoy rank aming *its* competition.

    We bought a sofa/recliner w/ loveseat and two leather recliners 6 years ago. The are used every day. I can assure you they are not going to wear out by year 7. Of course we do not weigh 350 pounds and our kids are not allowed to abuse it nor do we have pets. I just went out to look for a cheapie sofa for the basement at some of the local stores that popped up recently. Big Lots etc. the offer stuff from $299 (Simmons) but for the most part it seams complete crap to my lazyboy stuff. I mean its a BIG difference in quality.

    So, where should I be looking if lazyboy is so bad?

  • kahyeka

    I found that article from Smart Money magazine. It is called: Pottery Barn Unstuffed. Very interesting.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Unstuffed

  • bourbonguy

    Stopped in a LaZboy store yesterday looking for a sectional and everything was very expensive ($3000 for a small one). Construction looked decent. Got a LaZboy flyer in the mail yesterday and they advertise a $600 couch.
    Go figure.
    Bought a pair of $200 recliners (maybe Lane but no label)when our kids were born 18 months ago and they've been well used. They're a little creaky when reclining/rocking but have hold up well.

  • freethinker99

    I think La-z-Boy offers a pretty good product in their price range. It's like anything else look at the tailoring, comfort and construction and make your own judgement

  • niteshadepromises

    I'll say this about my la-z-boy experience. If you're seriously looking at buying one of their couches/recliners, go with the handle mechanism not the small round latch that releases the footrest. I bought two rocker recliners with handle operation and I still love them. The couch on the other hand I went with the latched footrests because I liked the cushion pattern better, big mistake. The thing is horrible and I fight with it everytime I try to get the footrest up. Not to mention its operation has left black stains on my carpet. Moving soon and I don't even think I'll try to sell the couch and to the dump it will go, as I wouldn't want to inflict the same misfortune on some unsuspecting buyer!

  • MiddleAge

    My experience so far with la-z-boy furniture is as follows. We purchased a reclining La-Z-boy sofa about 18 years ago and the only part we replaced is one of the pull cables. That's it. still in great shape and the cloth still looks almost new. Now, my wife was so impressed with the old piece mentioned above she insisted on new la-z-boy for our living room upstairs after our Ashley leather group was showing its age after 9 years. So we purchased the Trevor 3 piece group in blended leather. After just a few days I can tell this stuff my not last. Its already making creaking noises when I sit on it. I'm 195lbs. Also, the cushions seem to be getting way to soft after a few uses. I'm very concerned that this will not last. I compared our old recliner sofa in the basement to the new one and there is a difference in build quality. Heavier everything from cushion springs to the frame itself on the old one. I guess La-z-boy needed to cut cost to keep the prices competitive. To bad. I would say if you Don't weigh over 140lbs or so it will probably be good. But I'm afraid my weight at almost 200lbs will wreck this stuff over time.

  • lisaald

    My LaZboy recliner is working mechanically OK it's the leather that has a big hole in it after only 3 years. The company won't fix it. I live by myself so it hasn't been abused. I think the leather needs to be covered and that's the only way to keep it from breaking down. And then I wonder. I'll never buy another one from there.

  • Jonnjen

    Wow Great post and good to know.
    We almost dropped ~2000 on two chairs from then yesterday because of a sale ending in the Northern VA area. After reading all these testimonies I am now extremely apprehensive.
    I have noticed their sales people constantly mentioning they do not work on comission, and my perception is that Lazyboy is a step above RoomStore, Costco, Ashley.

    For only a few hundred more in simple sofas, I may give my business to Thomasville.

  • vlroark

    I haven't purchased a La-z-boy recliner sofa, but less than two years ago we purchased a La-z-boy recliner. I already had three Flexsteel sofas, one 8 years old and two 6 years old. Two are in a family room and get constant use. Long story but the 8 year old and 6 year old sofas are in the family room and are identical except that one is two years older. Both still look show-room new. We just replaced the La-z-boy recliner because it looked 20 years old, not two. We were tired of having to pick up pieces of plastic that fell off the bottom of the chair. I bought La-z-boy because La-z-boy is synonymous with recliners. What a mistake. This time I did my homework and found that Flexsteel also make recliners and all their frames are truly steel. If you want any upholstered furniture, look at Flexsteel. For just a few dollars more, you will many more years of use.

  • freethinker99

    I think the issue here is that recliners by their nature are problematical. You are much better off buying a sofa and or chairs with a few ottomans. They are more comfortable and more trouble free.

  • Jayson134

    WARNING when you buy any item at La-Z-Boy, they will force you to sign in back of the order a statement that give you 3 days after placing the order to return your money. After that, they will not return your money if you change your mind even before the furniture is delivered!

    Another statement in back of the order reads: "After those 3 days, you may NOT cancel or change your order or obtain a refund." Even if they deliver defective items that they cannot fix!; you are stock with them.

    Sorry NO REFUNDS!This was my case.

  • freethinker99

    Regarding the signing of their purchase order. I think their are two things to consider here, was it a floor sample already made up or was it a special order in which they specially made up a sofa for you. In the case of the former you should be able to cancel this order prior to delivery or upon delivery with delivery fees. In the case of the latter the store would incur losses as the set was made just for you. In the case of the latter many stores will still take back their furniture with delivery and restocking fees so they can discount the item as your special order is not part of their inventory plans. I think this is fair and reasonable.

  • wildflowermg

    My sister has a lazyboy sectional which she had for 25 years. Cushions are still nice and firm and it's in great condition. So now I decided to invest on a lazyboy couch. I got it home, 2 months after my cushions are already sinking in and the quality is horrible... They do not make furnitures like they use to. I would advice whoever wants to purchase lazyboy furnitures, DONT. They won't even let you change your couch for something else. All they do is send a tech to your house. I am very disappointed with my couch and with lazyboy products. They need to start making their furnitures like they did many year ago, or they are going to run out of business, I'm sitting on the floor now, because it feels better sitting on the floor than the couch. My butt hurts when I sit on the couch due to it sinks in. Waiting for a tech to call me to see what they can do.

  • Martha Philbeck

    we bought out first 2 lazyboy in 1978. used them about 20 years. then we bought 2 more. This year my husband insisted that I get rid of mine and get a new one. I really did not want to although the other was looking quite worn. Finally I relented and we got one with a special leather. Have had it for 6 months and last night the mechanism broke that lift the foot rest. It was plastic. I paid over 900 for this chair and am really disappointed. Tomorrow I will have to contact them and see what they are going to do. it should be under warranty. I know the other chairs that I had were guaranteed for life. I don't think this one is. I should have kept my old chair and recovered it like I wanted to do.

  • judy_betancourt

    Do not buy lazy boy. I had delivery today....broken!!!

    Already having a hard time getting it returned.

    I spent 2k on this and it's already,a piece of junk.They are trying to charge me restocking fee,and pick up fee!

    Meanwhile they delivered me a broken chair,like it was my fault!


    Thank God for social media and forums like these.

    To be contined.

  • mary

    reading the posts here, I'm wondering if their quality has declined. my husband has a chair that's 20+ years old. no problems with it except general wear. we were thinking of buying him a new one but if the quality isn't there, maybe we should reconsider

  • Martha Philbeck

    i wish that I would have recovered my old chair and kept it. it was more comfortable than the new one.

  • mary

    my husband's is leather so I think it would cost a lot to reupholster.....It's not that bad. worst part is one arm where the cat has jumped up and left small punctures

  • Annegriet

    I love my Lazy Boy! I got it 2 years ago and it is perfect! It is in my reading/tv room. Couldn't be happier. I also have 2 rocker recliners by Lane in the family room and they are quite comfy as well.

  • Debbie Grubb

    I would not recommend Lazy Boy. I bought a sleeper sofa and 2 recliners in 2015 for our retirement home, we even brought it from a L-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery. We retired 12/15 and went to our retirement home in 1/2016 because we did not set on the sofa (used recliners) didn't notice that the left arm (when sitting on it) did not have any padding. Tried the gallery we brought it from all they could say is you brought the extended warranty call them, called and they said it was not covered. Called L-Z-Boy warranty center and they said they were sorry but I needed to call their service center. Called and was on hold for 15 min. then message came on and said leave a message. From everything I can see Lazy Boy just gives you the run around and do not stand behind their products, I guess that is how they can have a life time warranty.

  • Rosalyn Jackson Newman

    Here is my complaint letter and response from La-Z-Boy. BTW lots of stores are franchises and the headquarters will not help you so make sure if you decide to purchase from them that it is a corporate store.

    Consumer's Original Complaint :

    Furniture is poorly made, we had issues within the first 30 days of ownership

    I purchased a Niagara leather reclining sofa and chair set in February 17 2016. From then until now, your customer service has been called to our home 4 times! There is a design flaw in this set! The wood has cracked underneath but it's just particle board, not real wood. The arms have been replaced, something else underneath the arms, screws, etc. We have no children here, just 2 adults. We don't mistreat furniture. We only got rid of our last leather sofa because it was bright red and would not match our new floors and new wall color; it was 12 years old and still in perfect condition but it was from The Leather Center, not La-Z-Boy. I have extended warranties on both items. I received a voicemail from Angel from 214-631-1813 today stating that the person that took pictures of the furniture Wednesday August 17, 2016 sent them to your corporate office and corporate only wants to order new parts. I don't want new parts or for this sofa to be fixed on, I want my money back! I don't trust this furniture! That's like buying a brand new car and within 6 months the car has been back to the shop 4 times! That's called a lemon and the dealership would be replacing that car or refunding all money paid! Well, I want my money back so I can purchase better furniture! I expected much more from your company. I thought you stood behind your product, I thought you respected your customers. I don't want to constantly to be reminded every time I look or sit on this furniture how horrible this experience is. I don't trust this product! I plan to post reviews all over the Internet and social media about my experience with your company. Order number 0217606KXOL Total amount paid $3450.94 paid by check. Also I just learned that a lot of their stores are franchises which means their corporate office (La-Z-Boy) can't help even though these franchises are only selling La-Z-Boy products and their brand and logo and represent La-Z-Boy, ridiculous! For the money I spent, I expect better quality as well as better customer service. Hello Rosalyn,

    Thank you for contacting La-Z-Boy Inc.

    We apologize your experience has been less than satisfactory. La-Z-Boy Incorporated works through the independently owned and operated dealers for all sales and service matters. We call on the dealers to act on our behalf to inspect any furniture in question and to make repairs in accordance with our warranty terms. Our warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts.

    You will have to continue working directly with Angel and your service department to come to a resolution. Again, our warranty terms signed at the time of purchase state that our warranty is limited to the repair/replacement of defective parts only.

    Kindest Regards,

    Lindsey L. Customer Service Representative La-Z-Boy Inc.

    One La-Z-Boy Drive Monroe, MI 48162 (855) 802-6636

    7 (734) 240-2421

    My response:

    I'll say it again, I don't want this furniture!!! This item has been discontinued and probably because of how it was made. The quality is very much lacking! I don't want to do business with your company again because of this experience! I have reported this company to the BBB and my next step is to contact the media regarding your practices. There was a case with McDonald's where McDonalds tried to say that since it was a franchise and privately owned store that they didn't feel they were responsible. The judge in the case stated that yes they were responsible because the store represented the McDonald's brand and ruled in the plaintiff's favor.

    I was hoping this could be settled without litigation or media involvement and maybe at some point in time I would possibly become a customer again, but this lack of taking responsibility for your brand makes me re-think that.

  • janieb_23
    bottom line..do not purchase lazy boy anything!
    my recliner broke in less than one day!!!
  • carltonphilpot

    Never will buy another Lazy Boy product as long as I live.Bought a sectional sofa just before Thanksgiving 2016. By Christmas 2016 the back pillows and seat cushions became to show wear. compression and started to get out of shape. Lining on corner was torned. (See photo below). Poor Quality Furniture and even Very very Poor Custom Service by Comfort Care==Store personnel and repair tech very professional, but no one told me, and they late acknowledged they were aware, of the problems getting in touch with Comfort Care Customer Service. QUALITY ISSUES: sectional furniture quality very very poor, lining tear within a month of purchase, and customer service--long long wait times on phone! 15-20 minutes not uncommon. Saw one weblink were you could pay someone stay on hold for you until someone at Comfort Care came on the line. Several times local store personnel called stayed on hold for me. Finally, a tech came out in Jan 2017. He Cotacted Comfort Care and they sent out 9 large bundles of cushing stuffing/paddings to my house. Tech only expecting 2 or 3. (See photo below). Started arriving in Feb 2017. Only convenient place to store was my living room. Tech arrived today. I complained to Comfort Care and asked why they did not send this stuff to the store until tech rep ready or keep in a warehouse some place. Not the way they do it. Did not see this in the warranty. Maybe I missed it. They suggested I move the packages to my basement, storage shed or take it to store in Liberty, Missouri (20-25 minutes away) until the tech comes? I would have had to make several trips. (See photos below). No vehicle big enough carry all at one time. All impractical. Initially told in Feb 2017 I would have to wait until 28 Mar for a tech to come. A week or so later Comfort Care called back and said date moved up to 18 Mar. Tech arrived on time as scheduled. Then I was told for the first time that I am responsible for getting rid of the all old/replace materials. Bought a Lazy Boy recliner many years ago that had a life time warranty. Took a lifetime to a tech out to repair it. I learned my lesson--I will never ever buy anything from Lazy Boy again as long as I live. Again, one main fault of the store personnel--none of them told me, all acknowledged during this process, that long wait times are common with Comfort Care. Our next step is to try and get our money back. Doubt if we will be successful. These are my experiences. Am I the only one?

  • mzstitch

    My lazyboy recliner is ten years old, I sit my butt down in it every day, for hours and it looks as good as the day I bought it home. Most comfortable chair I've ever owned

  • HU-905875092

    How this company stays in business is one of the great mysteries of the universe! When I was young....several decades ago, my parents bought Lazyboy furniture and it was very high quality, so when my wife and I were looking for new furniture we shopped around and bought a Lazyboy, $2000.00 leather-match sofa and loveseat, after two years the "match" began deteriorating and within a year so much had fallen off, we were embarrassed for anyone to see it and we threw it away, this happened to the loveseat too and we rarely ever sat on that!! Lazyboy said it "was out of warranty" and wouldn't do anything to help us!

    We will NEVER buy anything Lazyboy again and if you know what's good for you, you won't either!!

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