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Tigressa Carpet vs Smart Strand

11 years ago

I apologize if my message posts twice. I thought I had already posted but do not see it anywhere.

We are in the market for new carpet for our home. I have received a quote for Tigressa carpet by Shaw. Does anyone have opinions on this carpet? It is a nylon carpet (according to their website). I'm a bit confused as the rep said it is an R2X fiber but I thought R2X was something that went on the fiber to make it stain resistant.

The other carpet we are looking at is Smart Strand, which seems to get great reviews here. I have not received an official quote for it yet but believe it is likely to be a bit more expensive.

I would love any comments on Tigressa vs Smart Strand or either of these 2 carpets in general. It has been very tough to find good information on any carpets at all!


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  • Floortech
    11 years ago

    1st off, the words Tigressa means nothing as it is simply a buying group name for a collection of Shaw products. You will no longer find the words Tigressa mentioned on Shaws website. Before I would ever purchaes Tigressa, i would demand to now the real mainstreet name of the product. Not the private label name, the non buying group name. Then we can give you some intellectual answers regarding the specific Shaw product. As far as Smartstrand, they will be launching some softer products within weeks. They are doing this to combat Lowes destruction to dealers as they are selling Smartstrand products at prices that dealers pay wholesale. So Mohawk has decided to offer some exclusive products to dealers that are 3rd and 4th generation softer and superior. I am not an advocate of Lowes but when you buy Smartstrand and use their 97 dollar will destroy dealer prices. Now you will gamble with the fact that you are purchasing box store installation and service...but the savings will be great. Just some good honest facts to help you sort things out. Good Luck.

  • tanyaandallie
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    Thanks so much for your thoughts! This whole carpet thing is very confusing. I am going to get the Tigressa carpet sample to compare to the Smartstrand today.

    Interestingly enough the price we were quoted from a local carpet company for Smart Strand seems to be the same as what Lowes is quotes but includes installation. I'll have to double check my notes! I do love how soft the Smart Strand is.

  • mydreamhome
    11 years ago

    tanyaanddallie-Don't know if you saw my thread on the Smartstrand posted Monday...

    Here is a link that might be useful: Smartstrand Testimonial

  • gd2garden
    11 years ago

    I updated an earlier post of mine regarding our Smartstrand purchase. Happy with the carpet, but we are having install problems with Lowe's installers. Problems with carpet pad joints not being taped (after they told us they did tape it) and quality issue with carpet pad being hard/stiff in sections. I'd go with a local carpet retailer if I had to do it over again.

  • susantiff
    7 years ago

    SmartStrand is not a Nylon. It is triexta - polytrimethylene terephthalate – PTT for short. A version of a polyester.

    How long do you want the carpet to last? Nylon does not crush as easily as other synthetics. Would only do a good Nylon in my own home.

  • gazmitch61
    4 years ago

    Im glad i found this post as I have just bought a Tigressa carpet which i must say i'm happy with it. Just wanted to get some thoughts on the type of vacuum I need for the cleaning it Do I need to get one of theses Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum is says its specifically designed to clean lush, soft carpet like Tigressa Nylon high pile? any help would be appreciated.