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Ceiling Fan Direction to draw outdoor air IN?

9 years ago

I have read the Hanson info on direction of indoor ceiling fans. It seems to address rooms with closed windows that are being heated or cooled with hvac systems.

At this time of year we have cool mornings. As the day goes on it gets hotter and hotter in here. I like to fill my rooms with as much of that cool air as I can in the early AM, and then close everything up to retain the coolness.

I'm wondering if running the fan in a counterclockwise direction is the best way to bring outdoor air in?

The windows are 2 feet from the floor and 18 inches from the ceiling. The ceilings are about 8.5 feet tall. The windows are double hung type and I currently open the top sash . The air doesn't seem to rush in. I'd like to speed it up because the cool time of day is short.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hanson tutorial for rooms with closed windows

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