Cabico, cherry, shaker, quartzite finished kitchen

January 28, 2011

From Kitchen before and after
Kitchen before and after

I need to thank this forum for being so helpful over the last two years. I know we would never have the beautiful, âÂÂfunctionalâ kitchen we are enjoying without all the sharing that happens here. Thank you SO very much!

Things I love the most, Drawers, drawers, drawers, Franke sink, quartzite counters, microwave closet, wood floors, china hutch, plus too much more to list!

Appliances: GE Café dual fuel range, and counter depth

French door fridge, XO exhaust hood, Bosh DW (3 years old)

Cabinets: Cabico: Cherry with Richland stain. Mix of Beaded Inset (uppers) and Frameless Shaker Style (pantry, lowers and drawers) China hutch has 16â deep lowers and 13â deep uppers, it is all beaded inset. The glass is vintage glass that I salvaged from an 1875 home.(best âÂÂfindâ of kitchen!!)

Hardware: Amerok âÂÂHighland Ridgeâ in dark oiled bronze, Restoration Hardware glass knobs and Vintage crystal knobs on message area.

Counter: Dolomite/quartzite Super White polished

Lighting: Sea Gull xenon linear lighting (under cabinet), Hudson Valley Edison collection in old bronze Pendants and semi flush mount, Juno recessed lighting.

Faucets/sink: Franke ORX110 sink, Grohe soap dispenser, Wellspring Beverage faucet, Aqua-Pure cold water filtration system (also, hooked up to fridge) and Kohler faucet Vinnata (chrome)

Floor: White Oak, with light stain and satin finish

Backsplash: Dal-Tile 3x6 subway tile

Walls: Benjamin Moore: Fieldstone,trim work is Anderson Window white(custom color mix).

Message/phone center, charging area and dog kennel (custom built on site) Tile floor- Iris âÂÂbrush strokeâ color is Ebony stroke 6x24âÂÂ

I hope if you click on second photo it will take you to the album Again thanks everyone!

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  • kitchenaddict

    Hi cjc...

    I just watched your slideshow...Yes, the photo took me to your album...Your kitchen looks very fresh and appealing to me. I love your cabinets especially!
    Very Nice!


  • breezygirl

    What a great new space! Your quartzite is stuuuuuuuuuun-ing!! Wow. I love your pulls and light fixtures too.

    You have great vision to be able to be able to see those little "extra" spaces fitting in like the dog house, message center, charging areas, and MW closet. Great use of space. I know you must have spent hundreds of hours planning. The result looks well worth it to me. Very impressive work, cjc!

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  • cluelessincolorado

    What an excellent use of space! I am really impressed with all the details and it looks like you planned your kitchen for how YOU work. Love the microwave cubbie, exterior doors, it's all is a wonderful package. Moving the door was a great idea too. REALLY nice!

  • ironcook

    really great use of space... love the tones and textures. well done! :)

  • athomeinvagw

    Beautiful! I really like all of your choices; your new kitchen is so warm and inviting.

    BTW, can you tell me what tile you used near the dog cage area?

  • timber.j

    Beautiful! I love it! The microwave cupboard is such a neat idea-it looks great.

    I enjoyed your slideshow. You really transformed your space nicely. I noticed that you are planning to paint your stools black. I have really similar stools that I bought on craigslist, but they were brown when I got them. I painted them a glossy black, and it was not quite right. And then something happened to the finish, and they got gummy (I think someone used a cleaner on them before the paint had completely cured). We sanded them, and then I re-painted espresso brown. Not Good. Then I discovered oil-rubbed bronze spray paint and I liked the result much better. Third time was the charm :) My light fixtures and cabinet hardware are ORB, too. The stools still look black, but it is a bit warmer and goes better with the dark wood floor.

    I like how you used a saddle stool on the end of your island-I don't have anything at the end of ours, and have wondered if that would be a good choice. Yours looks good!

    I hope you enjoy your beautiful new kitchen and all those great extra features! It looks like your puppy is enjoying the new space!

  • Angela

    I love it all, but my favorite parts are the built-in dog kennel and that hutch - fabulous! And I love that you incorporated some "old" touches as well, like the glass in the hutch and the knobs in the office area.

  • Stacey Collins

    I love all the personal, sentimental, and vintage pieces you worked in, like the knobs and glass. It's all very pretty and happy!

  • cj47_gw

    I'm always a sucker for cherry! I love your quartzite, and the pendants! That little built in kennel is adorable. What a nice idea.
    Lovely transformation! Enjoy the new space!

  • oldhouse1

    Love, Love, Love your kitchen. The color of your cabs are perfect and the island is stunning. Love the color of your quartz counters. You have done such a wonderful job of pulling everything together. I think this is one of the nicest stained kitchens I have seen. Well done. Enjoy!

  • wizardnm

    I enjoyed your pictures, you did a really nice job.
    Love the new home for your pooch.

  • cjc123

    Thank you so much for ALL the very kind comments.

    Athomeinva: the porcelain tile is from Italy. It is called Iris Brush Stroke the color is Ebony stroke 6x24. It was a great find, it has a bit of texture so is perfect for slippery feet when coming in from the pool or as the case is now with boots full of SNOW! We ran it into the laundry/bathroom - really glad I changed my mind about bringing the wood flooring into those areas.

    Timber.j: Thanks for sharing about the "black" issue, I am worried that after having them bare wood all this time that when I spray them the black might be too much. I will be sure to take my time and be open to other options. The saddle stool is one of my favorite places to hangout.

    I have to share that the glass in the hutch comes from a house that was up the street from where I grew up, passed and drooled over it all my life. I use to babysit there and my sisters went to pre-school in the house. The glass knobs came from my mother's childhood bedroom (who passed away 3 years ago), and the china behind the glass in the hutch is my great grandmothers . Needless to say, I am a sentimental kind of girl -

  • boxerpups

    Fantastic space. I love the soft light cool gray
    painted walls. A perfect backdrop for the beautiful cherry
    cabinetry and that lovely peice of quartz on the island.
    The colors are perfect.
    No picture of your favorite? The drawers? I am sure
    your words are far more telling about how great they are.
    Those elegant lights tie the space together with
    sophisticated charm. Love it all!!!!

  • pinch_me

    Don't you just giggle like a school girl every time you think of it! I also removed the peninsula and I have a microwave/toaster oven cubby, too. You are so lucky to have gotten those old momentos. I had to buy my old stuff so there is no story to go with it.

  • athomeinvagw

    CJC thanks for the tile info. I looked at your pics again and like your kitchen even more, especially the hutch and the microwave area. Thanks for sharing!

  • virgen_rey

    Beautiful kitchen!

  • cjc123

    Boxerpups: I didn't have a drawer in my old kitchen that was worth anything, so putting as many drawers as we could and did is Wonderful! (I even have a drawer with just trivits in it)

    From Kitchen before and after

  • breezygirl

    I just came back to gaze once again at your kitchen. Do I see something in the middle of the island? It almost looks like a mockett? I can't tell from some of the angles. If it's not a mockett, do you have power on the island somewhere? Again, lovely job!

  • elizpiz

    BEAUTIFUL quartzite, Cindy - the counters are gorgeous! and I love the long table-style island. A really wonderful transformation.

    Congrats and enjoy!

  • kiffgirl

    Wow, you really did a wonderful job - it's just lovely. I, too, am very sentimental and wish I had some cool treasures to incorporate into our space like you have. Fabulous transformation and it seems to suit your home so well.

  • bostonpam

    Beautiful kitchen. Love the cherry cabinets, the quartzite and the hutch plus all the old things you incorporated into the design. Love the large island too. Enjoy!

  • cjc123

    Breezygirl, That is a silver/glass trivet in the middle of the island without the flowers on it :-) The outlet is dark brown to blend in and is located right across for the fridge by the first chair. Great location for laptops, mixers and the panini press!

    Thank you so much for the warm feed back, it was a long process. We had planned the kitchen remodel and hardwood through out the house but as we ripped the rugs up (during the horrid flooding last year)we found that we had major structural damage due to incorrect window install (not even nailed into the house) and faulty siding product and job. The flooding also flooded our finished basement (which is still gutted no funds or energy to take that on yet) What was to be new hardwoods and kitchen turned into all new windows in the entire house, all siding replaced, ton's of rot removed and repaired, new ceilings on the first floor ---on and on and on, I was beaten down but now 7 months out of the the last constuction worker leaving am begining to think I can tackle all of the painting left to do. :-)
    This forum helped me not second guess what I had designed and picked out for the kitchen and gave me focus on the end product and that I was most certainly not the only on overwhelmed!

  • pricklypearcactus

    Wow! Your new kitchen is stunning! I absolutely love the combination of the crisp beautiful super white with the warm deep wood tone. Also, the layout and function look fantastic. Congratulations!

  • cat_mom

    Just beautiful! That quartzite is stunning--I'd love, love, love it, too!

  • cjc123

    Can anyone tell me why quote marks in my original post show up as jibberish symbols??

  • rhome410

    I missed this on Friday! Your remodel is fantastic. I'm glad I glanced through the other comments and took the time to watch your slide show. The attention to detail and features you put in especially for your needs are obvious and so smart...The doggie home, the towel bar on the island, the drawers, the pantry... I love your hutch and your microwave cabinet, and the way you fit in a family eating table while better utilizing the overall space. Beautiful cabinets and counter, too!

  • flwrs_n_co

    Beautiful reno! Did you get particle board or plywood boxes on your cabs? I had never looked at the Cabico website before--tons of ideas there! I'm definitely going to check them out. Love your stone, hutch, and fixtures! Enjoy!

  • macybaby

    I love it too. I love seeing all the things that make the kitchen fit for YOU and not something generic that doesn't really fit anyone.

    Very nice!

  • Lori Ryan

    I cannot add much more to what has already been said. It is a beautiful kitchen. I am thinking of the Franke Orca sink with the same faucet. How is it working for you? Is there heating under your hutch?. I am thinking of putting something on the wall with baseboard heating and wondering how it would work.
    Beautiful Job!!! Love it!!!

  • cjc123

    LRy511: The sink was the first thing picked out and purchased. Still totally love it. It works so well when you take the drain board out, there is so much room for washing large trays. I haven't one complaint about the faucet either. Love the spray feature that stays on full or spray with the push of a button. As far as the heat goes, that wall had a radiator the entire length of the wall. We put the toe kick blower (very quiet) in and it has never been so warm in the kitchen. It is also great place to dry out mittens. ;-) The hutch drawer above it doesn't get hot at all. If you want more information just let me know.

    Flwr n co: We have the plywood natural white birch box construction. The Cabico site is awesome! I really am happy with the cabinets.

    Thanks for your warm comments (Rhome410 very kind)

  • mom2tykel

    Cindy, absolutely stunning! I love the sentimental touches. We had Cabico cabinetry in our previous kitchen and had great luck with them. I am going back to the same cabinet dealer for my current home but have decided to go with Shiloh.

    I have a question about your island. Can you tell me the measurements of the open space where the stools are and also the overall dimensions of the island. The two stools side by side look like there is plenty of elbow room. We are planning a peninsula and I just can't find a good size that fits in our kitchen.

    Again, beautiful kitchen~

  • shelayne


    Your quartzite is stunning--so perfect with your cabinet, hardware, and lighting choices. I love your microwave cubby--that is so clever. The doggie house? Genius!

    You put so much thought and care into this to really make it about your family. I love that!

    Many, many happy meals and moments to you and your family in your gorgeous new kitchen! :^)

  • artmeetsscience

    Your beautiful kitchen has new drama and elegance. And the attention to detail is impressive. Congratulations.

  • cjc123

    Mom2tykel; Our island is 9ft 3inches in total length by 3ft 3 in. The eating side is 5ft x 3ft 3 inches. I have two teen boys and hubby so room was critical. I wasn't going to give up our table to be crammed at an island. Therefore, I measured my kitchen table it was exactly the 5ft by 3 ft and went with that. Having the island to the side of the dining space makes it feel bigger. If I could have gone wider I would have made it 4 ft deep. That would have allowed more room in the center for serving dishes. We eked by with the 3ft 3in, due to the passageways. It was really important that it feel like a table and we could look at each other for conversation. Good Luck ;-)

  • cotehele

    Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the richness of the stained cherry. You are so lucky to have the old hutch. It was a beautiful inspiration for your kitchen, which has some brilliant design features. I love the microwave closet/cabinet and the cozy doggie crate. And your white oak floor is gorgeous.

  • doraville

    Changing that doorway and thus the whole layout made for such a transformation! You made many wonderful and thoughtful choices. Enjoy!

  • cjc123

    doraville; The entire kitchen remodel design began with the fact I HATE corner cabinets/lazy susans. I stood and stared at walls for hours (LOL) then it hit me to move the door, and use the coat closet for the microwave and nice deep storage above and below also we get more light from the double dining room window and I can see outside while cooking! YEA - no corners - straight runs, and it actually worked out better than I thought!

  • cjc123

    Huango, Here is all the info you asked for. ;-)

  • cjc123

    CCin TX - Thank you ;) this post has all the details, Cabico Cabinets in Cherry wood, Richland is the stain name with only 10% sheen. CJC

  • Leona N

    I am completely obsessed with your kitchen island and the lighting. Would love to know dimensions of actual kitchen, width, length. I'm trying to determine if this will fit in mine. We have kitchen and breakfast nook, and instead of a country or round table, I'm thinking the extended island could be the seating....and it will flow smoother into family room w/ fireplace.??
    Brand of drop lights?

  • cjc123

    I purchased the lights through AD Cola in Natick, MA. (website www.adcola.com). ; They ordered them and had them drop shipped directly to me at a bit of additional cost, but we were under the wire and needed them quickly. Hudson Valley Edison collection in old bronze (semi-flush mount)- Adjustable Monopoint Pendant by Hudson Valley. I did order different glass shades. The semi flush mount over sink is 18-OB-R08, the pendants are 9341-OB the glass shades are GS-00560-CR.

    From the wall the stove is on to the china hutch wall is 20ft
    from the kitchen sink wall to the basement stair wall is 12 1/2 feet. Did you click on the above photo's? It will take you to a link with all the different photo's of the kitchen. There is an outlet right across from the fridge. If I were to do it again I would put a second one under the table on the other side. (laptop use)

    Still LOVE my kitchen - :-) Thanks CJC

  • helaurin93

    @cjc123 Just found this thread, but there's no slide show available - the link says server not found. I'm looking to possibly do something similar and would love to see more photos of how yours turned out.

    I currently have a kitchen and dining room that are each 10'x13'; I am considering making it one larger space of 20'x13', eliminating the dining room, and then need to decide whether to:

    1. Have a small island opposite the stove for pots/pans, and leave space for a table

    2. Incorporate the table into the island design, eliminating having a separate table

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