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November 6, 2005

EK Gustavian Gray

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  • georgiagal

    This is BM Blue Jean...not quite as bright & aqua as it looks here.

  • ranaeluvstexas

    My DR Blue is Woodlawn Silver Brook a National Trust Color by AT




  • janetta_d

    Bumping up all these paint color posts to keep them from getting knocked off by advice posts that don't belong in the gallery.

  • sunrochy

    Mirror Lake by American Tradition (Metallic paint)

    Day light (half-way through the remodel)

    At night

  • PRO

    Oops, I deleted my old pic of Lost Atlantis from SW. Here's an updated pic-

  • patricianat

    Restoration Hardware Atmospheric Blue.

  • spolina

    BM Whispering Spring in my Study

    BM Glacier Blue in MBR

  • moonshadow

    bumping up colors threads

  • azgirl

    BM Beach Glass

  • Toni Pacifici

    Benjamin Moore - Palladium Blue

  • housewitch

    Ben Moore - Blue (that's it, that's the color name). ;-)

  • calisamcn

    Lowe's Olympic Astral


  • kahlanne

    Spolina, do you have any more pictures of your office? I would love to see more. THe color is fabulous and I love the woods and curtains as well.

  • jyyanks

    Behr Yacht Harbor Blue in Kids Bath

  • moonshadow

    Bumping up the colors threads.

  • citymomof3

    Behr Disney 'Oh Bother Blue' in kids bath

  • kerryokie

    EK Oasis

  • RNmomof2 zone 5

    Bump again

  • dak434

    Lowes Olympic Smoke Screen

  • moonshadow

    (bumping colors thread up to first page)

    kad2, that room and the wall color is very nice!

  • dak434

    Thanks moonshadow! It is a new house and so I just have a mish mash of left over furniture in there so far but I do like the way the color came out...first room we painted when we moved in and the only blue room.

  • pinkpetunia

    French General's Plume Bleu:
    (from Homedaisy at Blogger)

  • vorona


  • jen1122


    I love the color of your bedroom (BM Palladium Blue), but I was looking at the Ellen Kennon website and noticed the exact picture only it says it's EK's Oasis paint? Just curious which one it is. (I am looking for a color for my bedroom.)


  • tonilynne

    Van Deusen Blue

  • Toni Pacifici

    Hi Jen,

    My room was painted with Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue - I love it! I did our master bath the same too.

    I have no idea of how the picture of my room ended up on the Ellen Kennon website - that is soo weird!

    I ordered her color swatches but never ended up with any of the paint - I stuck with Benjamin Moore for almost all of our house.


  • sombreuil_mongrel

    Eddie Bauer "Batik" (home depot)


  • ttodd

    Sombreuil Mongrel,

    That looks fantastic!!!!!!!

  • thumper_3

    Here is my living room... not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it

    Here is a link that might be useful: Living room

  • oceanna


  • Jeannine

    This is BM Smoke:

    With Flash (almost no natural light):

    No Flash, overhead lights (almost no natural light):

    With flash, no overhead lights (almost no natural light):

    Natural light, no flash:

    Flash and natural light:

  • pl_1121

    BM Buckland Blue

  • oceanna


  • sherwoodva

    This bedroom is in the NE corner of the house, and does not get a lot of light. But we love the color (mixed it ourselves). The color is a little more green than it appears - it is very aqua/Caribbean. This was taken before we finished putting up all the pictures.

  • buddyrose

    BM Palladian Blue. A soft neutral green/blue. Temp. furniture & light. Still painting/renovating:

  • lukkiirish

    It doesn't photo as nicely as it looks in real life, it's much less bright in person.


  • oceanna


  • kimmieb

    BM Winter Soltice

    BM Woodcliff lake

    F&B Blackened

    F&B cooks Blue

    F&B Borrowed Light

    F&B Skylight

    F&B Skylight (?)

    F&B Dix Blue (desk)

    F&B Light Blue (& Fawn)

    F&B Light Blue

    F&B Light Blue

    F&B French Gray (can look blue but is really more green)

    F&B Lamp Room Gray

    F&B Oval Room Blue

    F&B Oval Room Blue

    F&B Oval Room Blue

    F&B Pale Powder (ceiling)

    F&B Pale Powder

    F&B Pale Powder

    F&B Pale Powder

    F&B Skylight

    RL Sunwashed Blue

    SW Comfort Gray

    SW Interesting Aqua

    BM Buxton Blue

    BM Green Tint

    Jefferson Linen Swedish Blue Fabric

    Cool Blue Stripe Dining Room (don't know the color)

    Cool Room in Turquoise (don't know the color)

    Suzanne Kasler by Hickory Chair Blue with Green Toile

    A Blue Door I love

    BM Feather Gray

    Another Very Bright Blue room

    BM Blue Seafoam

    BM Clear Skies

    Jonathan Adler Dining Room

  • kimmieb


    BM Fieldstone

    BM Fieldstone Cabinets Sally Wheat

    DD BM Blue Seafoam Stripes (work in progress)

    My other beautiful blue bathrooms (for fun) obviously this is the BEFORE I do anything to them pictures


    BM Quiet Moments

    My Blue Background Greek Key Trim for my sofa I am about to recover (the other color is taupe) bought from mjtrim on internet.

  • moonshadow

    bump to page 1

  • thankurnmo

    page one here I come

  • catkin

    bumping for more blues

  • woodie

    Was hoping to find BM Riviera Azure to see if it has the violet tinge that I am looking for - it seemed more "blue" and less "periwinkle" in some pics I saw on the internet.

  • Jennydotz

    Valspar New Day semigloss, very clear blue that never looks purple or aqua. Excuse the MLS photo! Ceiling is Valspar Swiss Coffee (basic warm white, also semigloss) used to be called Sawyer White. You can buy it premixed now I think

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