Purple bedroom

January 31, 2011

I'm pretty new to the home decoration forum. I've lurked a lot, but only posted a few times. I used to be a regular on the kitchens forum a couple of years ago. I'm hoping you all can help me. I'd really appreciate your input.

Our master bedroom is currently painted a Duron light brown color with way too much of a fleshy undertone (don't remember the color name offhand, but I think the can is still lurking in the basement). Neither my husband nor I like the current color. It's a reasonably bright room with windows on three sides and a 10 foot ceiling height. The floors are heart pine and all trim is painted BM Soft Chamios.

Over the weekend, DH and I sat down with our paint fan decks and brainstormed possibilities for a new color. We have two old oriental rugs in there that have a lot of brown tones, so up till now we've been thinking that we had to stick with some shade of brown for the walls. But then I was looking around the house at other wall color/rug color combinations in other rooms that I'm really happy with and I realized that my thinking has been way too inflexible re. the bedroom color. I decided that I don't need to be held hostage by my rugs!!! In general, I'm not a matchy matchy type of person. I like old and beat up and quirky.

Here are some photos of the room as it is now. The rugs, window shades, and furniture are all staying. The wall color is going:

I suggested a few color possibilities to DH and the one he liked was a dull, deepish purple. Has anyone used BM Sleepy Hollow? I bought a quart this morning and painted a big corner of the room (I'm horrible at trying to evaluate color from a little swatch). So what do you think? Is it too dark for the space? Can it work with the rugs? Is it OK with the oak and birds eye maple furniture?

The color in the photo is pretty true. I think maybe I like it, but I'm really nervous at the same time.

Thanks for looking!!! I'm also attaching a link to new bedding that I've ordered. The rust colored flannel sheets will be retired.

Here is a link that might be useful: new bedding

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  • Sophie Ingerslew

    I think it's gorgeous! I love how it complements your window shades - are those staying?

  • deeinohio

    I always think of antique orientals as neutrals, so I wouldn't worry about matching them. I love the purple! It looks so fresh against your crisp woodwork. And, BTW, you are a bold woman to have glass doors on your closet!

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  • lavender_lass

    I'll tell you what my mom always tells us...nothing is cheaper to change than paint! :)

    Seriously, I like your color (I am Lavender Lass) but go ahead and paint a few walls. You'll know if it's right for you...and if not, at least you had the courage to think outside the tan/beige box. Good for you :)

  • pamghatten

    I love it, another purple person ... I also love your dog completely zonked out on your bed!

  • beekeeperswife

    I love it. It really looks great. Keep going.

    Step away from the flesh toned paint....

  • arlosmom

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm generally not very good with what I call "visual newness". I have a hard time adjusting to changes even with things that I end up absolutely loving. And I think this color is going to be one of those things...right now it looks SO purple. I think it will grow on me though.

    Southernfrenchie, yes, the shades are staying. I made them myself and they took a fair amount of work. Plus they're good at blocking light which I like in the bedroom. I think I like the brown with the purple. I'm a little concerned about adding the gray that's in the bedding, but I'll see how it looks.

    deeinohio, I hope you're right about the rugs. I think as long as the colors work together (which I think they do), I'll be OK. For the closet doors, I planned to put sheers on the inside, but never got around to it. I went to the Container Store a couple of years ago and made it all pretty. I'm good about keeping it organized and it and I kind of like seeing it all.

    lavendar lass, you're right. It's just paint. I'm gonna take a leap of faith and plow ahead. I can always repaint.

    pamghatten, after taking the dog to the dog park to run for an hour I get about 3-4 hours of total "zonked". It's a good deal for both of us.

    beekeeperswife...I'm stepping away. No more flesh tones!

    Thanks all. I'll post photos in the next day or two of my progress.

  • lala girl

    Love it! (We had a purple bedroom in a previous house and it is such a dreamy, calm color, perfect for a quiet room.) I think the furniture and the rugs look great with you choice - definitely go for it (and post your fab pics when it's done!)

  • franksmom_2010

    Normally I'm not a fan of purple walls, but that color looks fabulous. Especially with your wood floors. And that was a great find on that bedding. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of it all together!

  • amysrq

    Really gorgeous. Please post pics when you're done.

    Your kitchen has always been one of my favorites, btw. And I love Amy Butler! That's a heckofadeal on bedding. Think I am going to peruse that site right away....

  • susanka

    arlosmom, here's a photo of our bedroom(new lamps and some furniture changes since the photo) with True Value Grape Ice on one wall. The other walls are SW Kilim Beige, which I'm not happy with (not much life to it next to the Grape Ice, IMO). Can't wait to see your photos. I'm especially interested because I'm considering changing the Kilim Beige to TV "Felicity", a light apricot which is much more of a "flesh" tone.

  • pammyfay

    Another one you could look at, if that color seems too light, is BM's Wet Concrete. A dusky purple.

  • gwbr54

    I think the dull, deep purple looks fabulous! I often like that color, but hardly ever does anyone actually use it. Kudos to your husband for suggesting it.

  • mom270

    The Sleepy Hollow looks great. The "before" color was very blah. Please post pictures of your "after." The Benjamin Moore website in the "Envision Color" category has a great picture of a mudroom painted a combination of deep purple (Vintage Wine) and green (Wasabi). The colors look great together.

  • arlosmom

    Well, for better or worse, it's all painted. I go back and forth between really really liking it and being totally overwhelmed by the color. I like it better with natural light and maybe a little less so at night with lightbulbs. DH hasn't seen it yet (traveling on business), but I'm pretty sure he'll love it. For me, it's a lot of purple and I'm not used to it. Sometimes it takes me a while to adjust to new.

    I don't have anything hung on the walls and the new bedding hasn't come yet, both of which I think will help break up some of the purple. I'll post again when all the details pull together. Thanks for looking!

    The first photo looking down the hallway into the room is probably closest to the true color. The other photos make it look a little bit more gray than IRL.

  • beekeeperswife

    I really like it. I think it is just a big change for you, and you will come to really like it, especially once you get some artwork back up and it will just become the background and not the focus.

  • gwbr54

    I think it looks wonderful! The woods of the floor and furniture really glow against the walls.

  • tracey_b

    I LOVE IT!

  • harriethomeowner

    I like it. We have a purple bedroom, too (BM Enchanted) with dark wood trim and furniture; because the room is very bright and large, it's not too dark or overwhelming. In fact, the darker color makes it cozier.

  • dawnp

    Stunning! It actually looks very soothing in the pictures.

    What color is your new bedding?

  • pammyfay

    You might also want to experiment with different types of lightbulbs -- even just the "Reveal" bulbs vs traditional ones. Or if you can find the real full-spectrum bulbs.

  • sonaliagrawal

    Can i say - WOW ? Love the sleepy hollow in your bedroom. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • powermuffin

    That turned out beautifully! Love it. It looks classy and serene.

  • busybee3

    i think it looks very nice! i bet it will really grow on you!!

    i would also do your ceiling in same color and just leave your beams white... will look more finished that way, and even cozier!

  • Sophie Ingerslew

    It looks even more gorgeous now that the whole room is done. You'll like it better in a week. It always takes me that long to get used to a new wall color. It;s the perfect purple for your room!

  • trailrunner

    The down the hall shot REALLY did it for me ! Beautiful...stunning simply so sophisticated. I love the new bedding that I saw on the link you posted the other day also. What are the window treatments that you have up that you said you made ? I can't really see them to tell what they are or how they work. I would have to have someone else make them but would love to see up close how you did them so I could show someone else.

    My master bedroom has the light furniture and oriental rugs and rich color for walls so I know what you are going through but you will love it as it " grows on you " . c ( link to a pic)

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • Sueb20

    I think it's gorgeous!

  • bonniee818

    Love it also! Looks beautiful........great job!


  • msrose

    I've never been much of a purple person myself, but that color is so pretty it makes me want to paint a room purple. It's very soothing.


  • franksmom_2010

    That looks really, really nice! Great job!

  • franksmom_2010

    That looks really, really nice! Great job!

  • thepond2007

    It looks wonderful! The color is lovely, and all your furniture and accessories really play a part now, the are more visible. Great Job!

  • jenny_from_the_block

    Your room looks so serene - and I am in love with your rugs! Would you mind sharing and saying where you bought them?

  • B H

    I love how your room turned out with that silvery purple. Well done!

  • thankurnmo

    Outstanding!! And I never would have described that color as "warm" but it adds such warmth to the room!!

    It'a amazing to me- honestly I thought your room before was very nice but this is like a whole new level.

    And, you posted asking about it on Jan31 and it's done already. Beyond impressive. Can you come here and light a fire under my b-tt? It would take me at least 3 months to decide and then another 3 at a minimum to get it done.

    Praise praise praise to you.

  • arlosmom

    My bedding came last night. I love it! I've been looking for duvet covers for a while and thought that I couldn't get a pattern or floral because it would fight with the rugs. But when I saw this huge center medalian, I thought it could work. I bought a king size and need to cut it down to fit my queen comforter. For now it's just laying on top. The gray pattern seems to pull out the gray undertones in the paint too, which I'm happy about.

    OK, so I thought you gardenwebbers were a pretty eagle-eyed bunch that didn't miss a trick. But no one noticed or commented about the lamp on my husband's night stand that he made in 7th grade shop class. It's hideous, but he has a sentimental attachment to it, so it stays. Am I a good wife, or what?

    jenny from the block, the rugs are old. I bought the one next to the bed on ebay and the other one at a yard sale. I've had pretty good luck buying antique rugs for decent prices on ebay.

    trailrunner/caroline, I'll post a message to you later today with some pictures and info on the shades I made. The ones in the bedroom were my first attempt and they came out only OK. I had better luck with the ones I made for the kitchen.

  • trailrunner

    Looks the lamp !! Will he make more and sell them...:)

    Thanks as I said I don't even thread a needle so would have to get someone else to make them. Do they block the light pretty well? c

  • lemonlime

    Your room is amazing!! The new color looks fabulous. Ha, the lamp is a classic.

  • bird_lover6

    Your room is lovely, and I am loving that color!

  • catkin

    Arlosmom has had an *awakening*! There will be no stopping you now! :~)

  • Sophie Ingerslew

    Paint the room all by yourself... Let your husband keep his lamp.... You are the good wife!

    The bedding looks great! I think the gray, purple and brown all work together beautifully : )

    I have purple and ivory toile bedding and wanted to paint my walls purple. I may have to check this color out!

  • lyfia

    I love the room!! Gave it much more life.

    May I ask where you found that Duvet? I have a Duvet addiction and can't help buying and having several and I really like that one.

  • janetta_d

    Ab-Fab!!! I love it! Man... now I want to paint something purple! That pic from the hall really drew me in. If I was in that house, and saw that view, I would not be able to resist walking into that room. Great job. Nice of you to put up with the lamp!

  • B H

    LOVE the bedding! It's gorgeous with your walls.

    The Schlitz lamp. Hmmm...

  • kayec28

    I love your window treatments, but I'm curious how that works out in the bedroom. Are you on a 5-acre lot with no neighbors around to peer in? I know those kinds of shades aren't meant to be frequently raised and lowered if at all, and it looks like yours stay raised permanently so I'm wondering how that works out for you.

    It's a beautiful space. Your furniture and flooring have just been waiting for that perfect wall color to complement their warm golden tones and I think you've hit it out of the park.

  • arlosmom

    Everybody's positive comments are so heart warmning! DH got home last night and he really likes the new color. He hasn't really seen it in daylight yet, but I think it looks even better with natural light.

    lyfia, check the link in my original post at the top. That's where I ordered from. I think Bed, Bath and Beyond also has the duvet, but I don't think they had it on sale.

    bluemoon, our lot is about 1/3 acre, but we're really lucky to have great mature evergreen trees around most of the perimeter. It feels totally private. I actually raise and lower the shades every day. If I took the time to arrange all the folds they'd look neater, but I just pull them up and wind the cord around a little cleat. I'm going to post a message to trailrunner today (meant to do that yesterday) with some photos of the shades and how I made them, if you're interested.

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