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Bending 1/2 x 3 flat steel

Pooh Bear
16 years ago

I have a couple of pieces of flat stock. 1/2 x 3 and 4 feet long.

At 6 inches from one end I have to make a 15 degree bend.

At 4 inches from the other end I have to make a 15 degree bend.

Normally I would heat the steel with an o/a torch and bend it.

But I don't have access to an o/a torch anymore.

I was thinking of taking a big clay/ceramic flower pot.

You know, the orange colored ones with the hole in the bottom.

Fill it up with charcoal and run ductwork to the hole in the bottom.

Blow air into the charcoal as it burns to increase the heat.

Take two floor tiles and place over the top leaving a gap between them in the center.

Then place the flat steel over that gap at the place I want to bend it.

Would this heat it enough to bend it.

What about if I took a small propane torch and used it to heat the top side at the same time.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Pooh Bear

I'm building a 3 point hitch for a tractor implement.

You can see the part I'm trying to bend in this picture.


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