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The Tiny Closets Project

Mick Mick
10 years ago

Hello folks!

I am in the process of planning a redo of my tiny pantry, under-the-stairs and linen closets. I have never been happy with any of the spaces.

The pantry is small (24" by 18" by 96"). It has the builder's basic shelves. I also have about two feet of unused space at the ceiling. It is probably the typical pantry in terms of organization. My problem is that I don't see everything and sometimes I duplicate what I have. Also, I don't have any canisters. I have stored my flours and sugars in the refrigerator because I don't want pests invading my boxes.

The linen closet is (36 by 36 by 96"). I have The shelves are about 12 inches in depth. I use the closet to store linens in addition to soaps, nail polishes, cotton balls, light bulbs, etc. I have noticed that I have been throwing stuff in bins. I may or may not have thrown a few things in the closet and shut the door really fast.

Finally (yes, there is more) I have a "Harry Potter" room under the stairs. It doesn't have a purpose. Right now it holds carpet remnants. It would be a huge help to have an efficient space to store "stuff" (no idea what that stuff would be :) )

I have installed the Freedom Rail shelving units in my bedrooms about six years ago. I have had a great experience with them. So, I am going to take advantage of the Container Store's semi-annual Elfa sale.

I have a semi-strict budget of $500. This includes all of the shelving and paint supplies.

I'll be back with "before" photos.

P.S. I am also going to do my mother's master bedroom closet (also know as the plastic shelving city).

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