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Drapery help needed...opinions/suggestions/pics?

11 years ago

I've been struggling with this problem for weeks and am hopeful someone in the forum can help.

Our living room is long and narrow with a 57x57 window in the front & a sliding glass door in the back.

We have a leather looking sectional in a deep chocolate brown on order and the look I'm going for is light, airy and unfussy (inspiration photo below). In addition to the drapes, I'm also interested in having some sheers up to help with glare and that fish bowl feeling I tend to get. And that's where my problem lies.

I've found two sets of draperies at Ikea, both in Ivory. The first are some back tabs in a textured linen looking fabric. If I went with this style, and used a double rod, would ring clips be the only option for the sheers that would look right? Or do you think there are other options I could go with? Keep in mind the pole pocket is out since they have to be able to open and close easily.

The second set has Grommets but the fabric is just a simple cotton with no texture. Sort of like the drop cloths from Lowe's. They hang very pretty though, just a little more plain. I'm not sure how to hang a sheer with these at all. Would a double rod even work or would the best option be to just get sheers with grommets as well and hang them layered side by side on the same rod? Sort of like the first picture below. I like this ok, but just ok as in it's more of a compromise and not really the look I'm going for.

I've found sheers for every possible scenario, back tab, pinch pleat and grommet, all in fabrics that would coordinate well with both the drapes. I'm just not sure which style would work the best and not look hokey at the same time. Any thoughts or ideas would really be appreciated!! Help!!!!

Compromise I'm not 100% on board with:

This is the look I really want, but without using the rod pocket. I think this look can also be accomplished with the back tab curtains too.

Again any help is appreciated and I would love to see your draperies if you have photos available!!! Thanks so much!

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