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Wedding gown quilt

15 years ago

Wow, this is a busy place! I'm a sewer, but not a whole lot goes on over there so I've come over here for a visit.

I've never made a quilt, but I'm thinking I should because - I made my daughter's wedding gown, her attendants' gowns, and my dress and jacket. I have a ton of silk scraps in four beautiful colors, plus about a yard of heavy lace.

Is it possible to make something beautiful out of odd scraps? I guess a quilt should be cuddly, and made of silk it wouldn't be, but maybe it could be more like a topper? I don't know where to begin - perhaps a crazy quilt? I've never measured how much of it I have, but it seems like a lot.

I'm not giving you much to work with, but I would love some ideas. Thanks.


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