Small 3/4 inch hole door knob?

7 years ago

I am trying to find a replacement door knob / handle for a set of french doors which uses a small bore shaft less than 1 inch in diameter (measured at around 3/4 inch +/-). The old scroll handle style latch hardware which was installed about 30 years ago is made from soft brass and has worn out, my only clue about it is that it appears to have been made in Italy. Online I find MANY sites telling me how to drill out and install "modern" door knobs, this is NOT what I want to do, I want to find similar to original hardware and replace it, because the house has 5 of these small bore style french doors, and only the kitchen entrance that is most often used has worn out, although some of the others are probably not that far behind.

Any help on correct search term for this type of door knob, online merchants that sell this sort of thing, etc. would be most welcome.

thanks Ike

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