Please help with curtain selection

13 years ago

I thought I had decided on my curtains for our FR (which we are entirely remodeling with new paint, new carpet) and I even posted a thread last week about picking a color to go with my curtain choices, but suddenly today I am doubting my choices. Here is a pic:


The drapes are lined pinch pleats in "cranberry" and the lace panels are the color "linen" which is a step darker than ivory and a bit more tan. (I didn't know the colors last week and was describing them as burgandy/rust, but I actually found the names of the colors in my catalog this weekend. They are a bit irredescent and take on different shades depending on the light in the room).

Anyways, these are curtains I've had for awhile and tucked them away and switched to valances and blinds for a couple years, and now since we are remodeling I decided to bring them back into my space. I really like them, and will need to order another set of these to treat another window that is new to our FR space, so before I spend the money, I want to be sure this is the right choice.

So what is my question? I guess my question is, is the lace too much for the FR? Paired up with the irredescent pinch pleats, does it clash?

Will they function well? I plan on hanging the pinches on rings and then the lace panels on rods behind that so I can let in the light during the day, but keep a bit of privacy.

Thanks for your advice.

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