Laundry in kitchen or in separate laundry room?

8 years ago

We have put in an offer on a lovely house with a tiny kitchen and a small laundry room immediately off the kitchen. Who knows if we will get the house, but since I seem to hold a contrary initial reaction to the space, I thought I would post here and see what you all think.

My initial thought was to keep the spaces separate, but my husband, the contractor and the real estate agent all seem to have the opposite view. I am willing to admit that i have been wrong a (very) few times in my life ;) so I thought I would post here for a reality check.

There is no where else for the washer and dryer to go. The hot water hater must also stay in the laundry room space, though it can be converted to tankless, thus freeing up a good chunk of real estate.

Since the washer and dryer must stay, you wouldn't really gain much wall space, in fact it would be about equal to what's there now. You would gain square footage, but that just seems like more steps to take to accomplish things to me.

I also should admit that I am the primary cook and I really dislike others in my space while I am cooking.

We would not gain enough space for an island or any other seating in the kitchen. There is already a cozy separate breakfast nook and a spacious separate dining room.

So, as a general matter would you take down a wall to incorporate the laundry area into a tiny kitchen, knowing that you would need to keep the washer and dryer ( and tankless water heater) in the space?


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