Durability of solid surface countertops?

7 years ago

We have some older solid surface countertops with cracks, and we're contemplating replacing them. We would be willing to consider solid surface again, but I'd like to know what their lifespan is.

[Long story alert]

I'm not sure how old our solid surface countertops are, but they were in the house when we moved in 13 years ago. I like the softer/warmer/more matte quality to them compared to granite. We do have some chips, but nothing major/particularly noticeable. We have not had any issues with stains. We first noticed cracks on our island, radiating from our cooktop. We attributed it to my husband DIY-ing a larger opening in the counter for a new cooktop (replaced an awful smooth surface 4 burner electric cooktop with a 5 burner gas Thermador cooktop back in 2002 or so). A few years ago, we had somebody come out and patch the cracks, and he told us that the cracks were from the heat. It looked great right after being patched, but around a year or so later now, we have new cracks and maybe an extension of a patched crack (it doesn't start at the cooktop, but starts in the middle of the counter, about where one big crack previously ended). We do also have a crack at the perimeter counter starting at an inside corner.

[Long story finished]

So, if we went with solid surface again, would we be likely to end up with cracks again, eventually? And would eventually be about a decade? Is it reasonable to just keep patching?

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