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prep sink faucet

14 years ago

Can you tell I'm supposed to have my faucet order in?:) I have a question about the prep sink faucet - as I've never had a prep sink before, I'm not sure what sort of faucet I'm supposed to get. A regular faucet but smaller than the one I'm planning for the main sink, or a bar faucet? Or do they sell something specifically for prep sinks? The island is about 62"X50" and the prep sink I think is about 14"X14". Thanks!

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  • kateskouros
    14 years ago

    well, i bought the same as my main sink but my island is very large with a full size sink. at 14" i'd definitely get a smaller faucet for your prep sink. whether or not it's just smaller or a bar faucet, i imagine would depend on your preference. did you take a look at the finished kitchens site? you can get a lot of ideas over there. GL, and i'm interested to see what you decide.

  • gizmonike
    14 years ago

    We opted for a pullout sprayer faucet, one that can do hands free spraying as well as a directed flow of water. We ordered a regular kitchen faucet but with shorter reach for the smaller prep sink, and, you want it to swivel out of the way for big pots. You don't want a bar faucet--that's just for getting water.

  • farmhousebound
    14 years ago

    Went through a similar dilema when trying to locate a prep sink faucet. I ended up googling both bar faucet and prep sink faucet and many were listed as both. With the farmhouse sink I went with the Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet, spoke handles; for the prep, a Rohl gooseneck single hole faucet, again w/ spoke handles, from their Country Collection. I am hoping that with them being a distance from each other they will complement each other (both being gooseneck, both being spoke handles). The farmhouse sink is 39" wide; the prep sink is 12-1/2" deep by 15-1/2" wide.

  • Buehl
    14 years ago

    We went with a much smaller faucet for our prep sink. Our prep sink is similar in size to yours (15-3/4" x 15-3/4" interior dimensions).

    For our main sink (36", 2-bowl), we got the full size Kohler Vinnata (pull down); but for our prep sink we got a Kohler Fairfax (pullout). We felt that even the smaller, "secondary sink" Vinnata was too big b/c of the much smaller sink + the fact that it's a corner sink on a peninsula w/cabs above it on one side. The lower profile and overall smaller Fairfax faucet fits better and is less likely to splash cabinets or people sitting at the peninsula.

    Main Sink/Vinnata:

    Prep Sink/Fairfax:

  • flyinghigh
    14 years ago

    I'm sure you will get a lot of opinions on style, sprayer configuration, etc. - but one thing I believe most will agree on is that a kitchen faucet with some type of sprayer works well for a prep sink if "prep" is what it will truly be used for.

    On our last project, we got two matching copper sinks - one apron front and the other for prep. We got two different kitchen faucets, but both from the same maufacturer (Graff) and in the same finish (ORB). The prep sink:


    You can click on the photo to get to the photo gallery of our sinks (the company we bought from put our pics in their own photo gallery). There are details of the faucets, sinks, countertop, etc. etc. on that site.

  • nuccia
    14 years ago

    I think a bar faucet will look too small in an island that big, even though the sink is on the small side. Look for a faucet similar to your main one, but on a slightly smaller scale. A single hole pull-out or pull-down faucet would be less cluttered looking than one with a separate rinse hose.