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Cabinet hardware material question

12 years ago

I am beginning my search for cabinet hardware. There is so much to choose from! What material should I choose for a quality cabinet/drawer pull? I don't necessarily need the most expensive pull out there.

The various materials such as zink, aluminum, steel, solid brass are what I am coming across. I think I am going with a nickel or stainless look for the finish.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • antss
    12 years ago

    It's not quite as simply as that. How one uses the raw material is equally as important. Cheap/poor plating is going to fail whether it's chrome, gold or platinum.

    Solid brass is better than plated but cost more and it's a poor choice in a corrosive environment like a pool or at the beach. Stainless would be good, pulls made with it tend to be contemporary and not for everyone. PVD finishes are very tough and come in the usual suspects but few use the process and they are usually more $$$ too. I always tell people you can usually tell a quality handle by it's feel. You'll know a good one when you touch it.

  • sabjimata
    12 years ago

    I got brass hardware from Horton Brasses for my first remodel and then again for my second--along with some pieces from Restoration Hardware and DHLawless. I am really happy to have gone with brass hardware.

    I have been a Horton Brasses fan since our first remodel, so much so that I was offered a job blogging for them recently. So since then I have had even more experience with their hardware as I am regularly sent samples to handle as well as talking to Orion (the owner) first hand about the finishes, etc.

    Brass hardware that is laquered will not cause you any problems in terms of the finish corroding--what some of us like to call "patina" ;)

    What style are you going after? The modern hardware (zinc) from Ikea is cute and a lot of forum members have used it and are happy with it.

    If you are going for something more traditional/classic, there are a lot of brass options out there at great prices.

    I definitely agree with Antss....get your hands on some samples and feel the hardware. That is what you are going to be doing everyday and these tiny details really enhances the subtle pleasure of your tactile kitchen experience.

    Happy shopping!

  • chrismo4
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Thank you antss and sabjimata for the advice.

    I will definitely order samples before purchasing...that would be wise.
    I am leaning towards a more contemporary or transitional look for my shaker style cabs, and like the stainless steal/zinc options.
    Hopefully I will find something amongst the sea of hardware on the internet. I just want to make sure they are durable.

  • sue_b
    12 years ago

    I researched everything on this was time consuming but very very helpful. I have shaker style cabinets and love these stainless steel bar pulls from Lee Valley Hardware. I ordered one of each of three and picked this one. I ordered 29 in the size 168mm and now they are 5.85 each. Mine look brand new and they are 6 years old.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley Hardware stainless steel bar pulls

  • chrismo4
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Yes, I like your pulls...sue b! This site has been great for me too...I just wish I would have found it sooner. I am already 3/4 into my kitchen renovation.
    I'll check out Lee Valley. Thanks.