DIY Kitchen Refresh (just until we gut it!)

5 years ago
We moved into a 1958 split-level home last July. It had been a rental house for many years, and was in terrible shape. While my husband and stepson tore out the disgusting smoke-filled carpets, and painted every single square inch with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, I got busy on the sad, sad kitchen. The kitchen was mostly original! From 1958! The cabinets had 5 coats of paint on them, which I stripped 4-5 times each, over several days. 27 doors and drawers. I then sanded them, primed them, painted them, and replaced the hardware (with the exception of the hinges, which are some non-standard size). My stepson ripped out the built in stove, rewired the outlet, and we put in a free standing range off of Craigslist. My husband cut into the top cabinet and found a pre-existing duct for a vent hood. I sanded and painted all the cabinet boxes, removed years of petrified contact paper. I found a tooth on one shelf. So gross. So here are the pictures. This is a stop gap kitchen, until we gut it, which will be soon, I hope. The counters and floors are still awful, but the rest perked up a bit! I did this in 6 days (while grandma took the kids, bless her heart!).

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