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Any other cross stitchers out there?

March 8, 2015

Would like to hear from other crossstitchers.

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  • Tiffany, purpleinopp Z8b Opp, AL

    Absolutely, Hithere! What's going on in your stitch-world at this time? I seem to be in a needlepoint mode, wanting to include other stitches than "x's." Some pics in other discussions here.

  • ladyrose65

    I do the dollar kits at A.C. Moore. I have a large project but messed it up. So I have given up on it.

  • kathi_mdgd

    I'm here as well off and on,this isn't a very busy site,but i do drop in occassionaly.I hang out mostly at 123stitch.com and crossstitch sites at facebook.


  • laurenkelly88

    I stitch! I am excellent at counted. I dabble in embroidery, but love the little x's! And the tinier the better..."over 2" no way!

  • cathyr8bd

    Great to find this spot! I LOVE cross-stitch. Just finished a large wedding sampler and gave it to my niece for her bridal shower. And resuming work on a small piece for me.

  • josephene_gw

    Hi, everyone been packing and cleaning. John is retiring and we hope to move to northern Al.

    Doing some cross stitching in the evening.

    Cathy I've made several wedding samplers and given them to the couple too.

    Love to stitch samplers.

    Found 123 stitch their shipping rates are not bad. Sending 5by 5 kits to my

    Granddaughter. Introduced stitching to her at Christmas, plastic canvas, she

    Was good at it on the first project.

    Lauren, I commend for your tiny stitches. Love to see some of your work.

    Tiffany I dabble in needlepoint too got lots of projects to do. I bought chair covers to finish 2 years ago, just need the background stitched. Will my

    Home look like a granny home when I put them on my dining room chairs?

    I am a granny.

  • Sarah

    Plastic canvas here...love to create things & sell, if possible, what I make. Love coasters & signs :)

  • msmeow

    I'm a cross stitcher - don't do it too much any more since my eyesight isn't what it used to be! LOL Dang over-50 eyes!

    My current project is a very large picture called Pageant Kings. It has about a zillion colors and about a dozen different types of threads, including blending filaments (ick). It will have beads, too, if I ever finish it. I work on it in spurts then put it away.


  • hoopybunny

    I'm a cross stitcher too. As in my other posts, I'm a cross stitch peacock addict. Here's the peacock I'm working on now.

  • debbie

    hello stitchers.. I'm working on a Dimensions kit called "Winter Hush", which will take me forever to finish LOL. my cross stitching also comes in spurts - work on it a while, then put it down for a while and work on other crafts. I also love plastic canvas, and would like to find PC patterns for jewelry. anyone have any to share? I love all sizes of cross stitch, from tiny 1" x 1" motifs (for jewelry), to the big Dimensions kits. Josephene, my hubby and I will also retire in North Bama, in four years, hopefully sooner.

  • cjmmytunes

    Hello everyone. I am also into cross-stitching. I found some 14-count plastic canvas and am using that up before I go to get any canvas to do.

  • josephene_gw

    Deb, what is drawing you to N Bama? We are hoping to find a home on

    One of the lakes. I've done so much cross stitching, I'm considering taking

    Pics of everything. Just in case they are damaged in transit. To an ins. Adjuster they would be only pieces of fabric.



  • debbie

    Hi Josephene,

    email me about N Bama at dbook9@msn.com. would love to discuss the area with you. I'm a native Alabamian, calling Montgomery my hometown, but transplanted to PHX from Mobile.

    cjmmytunes, I LOVE 14 ct. plastic canvas, also the 14 ct. vinyl (it comes in a roll). I've made some bookmarks with plastic canvas and vinyl. its a nice change from aida cloth for small projects.

    I have TONS of cross stitch graphs collected from magazines, plus leaflets and cross stitch books. I recently went through my graphs and got the ones out that I know i'll never work on.

  • josephene_gw

    Deb in AZ

    Left you a message on dbook.

    New here, not sure how it works.

  • debbie

    josephene, I sent you an email to your home email address.. did you get it?

  • sherrysheart

    Hello stitcher's ! I am currently working on 2 projects, a with from Stoney creek and The Pledge of Allegiance. I have tons of cross stitch. Would love to join a cross stitch round robin if anyone knows someone who does these. sherryp58@yahoo.com

  • OutsidePlaying

    Hello cross-stitchers. I formerly cross-stitched a lot but gave it up when I started having problems seeing anything. I needed reading glasses, was traveling a lot and then just lost interest for a long time. I was also working on a big project, which turned into something overwhelming I think, plus I found a mistake in it and that was frustrating as I almost never did that. Have been thinking of picking up again.

    Anyway, I also noticed a couple of you were thinking of moving to North Alabama, which is where I live and I am also from a small town on the lake. We have a condo there now and I could probably give you a bit of info about Huntsville and the surrounding area (Lake Guntersville particularly).

  • josephene_gw

    Hi, outside playing.

    im planning a house hunting trip to N Al right after Christmas. Smith lake and

    lake wedowee. 3-4 on each lake that interest me. Have talked to several realtors and hope one will be available. I know this has nothing to do with

    crossstitch but how else will we meet and make new friends.

    any info you can give me. Where to stay while looking? I will have my granddaughter (14) yr old. And need pet friendly motel.

    where is your condo located?

    Looking for a home not too far from hosp/health services. Not too far from

    food/gas/bank etc.


  • Embothrium

    If you cross stitch something to wear and then put it on is that considered cross dressing?

    That peacock pattern looks like some pretty serious work.

  • dawn062151

    Hi from Northern California. I've been stitching for ages and am currently attempting two HAEDs, which are going pretty well. Also have a calla lily pattern, and Italian Vista by Dimensions (I think) in the works. Just found this site.

  • PRO

    I have been cross stitching since I was seven years old, which was a very long time ago! I have recently finished Celtic Women by Mirabilia and will soon begin Swan Lake by Martina Rosenberg.

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