"Rosier Miniature Roses"

BethC in 8a Forney, TX
April 8, 2015
last modified: April 8, 2015

I picked up a very pretty, mauve colored rose that has a very full bloom on it at the grocery store. The tag only says "Rosier Miniature Rose" and gives a few care details. The rest of the tag is in French. Everything I find online that has "Rosier" in it is in French. Is "Rosier" simply french for rose? Who might be an American distributor for this rose? Could it be Poulsen? I'd love to figure out the name for it.

The flower form seems similar to the "Parade" or the "Patio Hit" roses but I don't see anything to match the color. I'm leaning more to the Patio Hit since the blooms are a little larger than the Parade I already have. Again the color is not right for anything shown.

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  • Jasminerose, California, USDA 9b/Sunset 18

    Rosier means rose bush in French as per a translator. Although they don't identify the variety, I think Poulsen Roser A/S usually identifies their their name. Unless, maybe their tag was missing?

  • Jasminerose, California, USDA 9b/Sunset 18

    Looks like a beautiful rose and will get to be about 3 ft. tall: Avila Poulsen Roser A/S I hope it will do well in your garden :)

  • seil zone 6b MI

    None of these little gift roses come with names any more. Which is extremely frustrating. The two biggest producers of them are Poulsen and Kordana, which is a division of Kordes roses. Most of them do not come directly to the USA but are imported to Canada first and then distributed here.

    BethC in 8a Forney, TX thanked seil zone 6b MI
  • Jasminerose, California, USDA 9b/Sunset 18

    I just reread my post and realized I wasn't clear. I meant in my experience, Poulsen Roser A/S puts Poulsen Roser A/S on the tag. They don't identify the rose itself.

  • tyla_wise94

    I was gifted a small rose bush labeled the same rosier miniature roses. They were pinkish with white spots. The plant was in poor shape and only had three blooms. I’ve since repotted and nursed it to health. I’m new to gardening and read most roses bloom in 6-8 weeks intervals. The bottom picture was it when I had it a week and the top ones are now. I’ve had it since Valentine’s Day and haven’t had anymore blooms. Does it look healthy? Does anyone know this type of rose? The new pot is about 4 times the size of the first pot.

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