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Fuchsia in the Philippines

May 4, 2015

Hi I live in the Philippines and just recently bought some fuchsia pink and white and I think this variety is for growing upright but I put them in hanging baskets. Will these drape over the way trailings do after they grow big enough? I believe it is a Bella Evita. In addition today all the leaves started to fall off, I have them in bright shade the only problem is I am in a tropical place and me being from the US I am not sure what to do here cause there are no forums or info available concerning the conditions I am in. Thanks

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  • garyfla_gw


    I have a similar problem as I live in s. florida in the us. so lack distict seasons. generally I find Fuchsia intolerant of warm temps particularly nights. So I grow them as winter annuals glorious during cool spells and dead by summerlol There are supposedly "warmth tolerant types " but have never found any. If you have no cool season at all?? Where did you get the starts from?? Do they produce them in the mountains?? would certainly be your best source of info.. Good luck gary

  • newway_1mpm

    Yes thats exactly where I bought my fushias is in Baguio and its really high up in the mountains and they dont call them fuchias they call them dancing ladies which is actually an orchid species but to be honest there is alot of things they do here wrong but any how yea and I even bought a couple medinilla magnifica plants and they died as soon as I took them back home in manila out of the very high elevation within a couple days. But my bougainvillas do great here but I do struggle with my hibiscus and bugs alot. I also have a hell of a time with petunias. I am noticing though that they grow everything here in rice hull medium so I am experimenting with that and coco coir now to see how well it works on all my ornamentals. I just recently gave up growing gardinias cause of buds and they are very hard to bud. My new project is to grow bougainvilla in hanging baskets if anyone has any hands on advice?

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