I'm mad at Bees!

May 16, 2015
last modified: May 16, 2015

I go way out of my way to be nice to bees. No pesticides ever, try to help struggling bees in the garden, if one gets in the house I take it outside unharmed.

So I am kind of pissed that a bee stung me for no reason whatsoever, on my nose, when I was rushing to my car when going home to feed animals. I was staying at the hospital with my wife at the time, and just going home for minimal time to keep things going there. I did not need the added distraction at the time.

It did not hurt as much as I expected. I thought I had built up good karma within the bee world, but alas I still suffered their wrath. Nonetheless, I will still always help them, as they need all the help they can get. Dave

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