Ever feel guilty for killing a tree?

June 6, 2015

I'm a longtime reader but first time poster... so here we go:

We moved into our Michigan home (on 1/2 acre) 6 years ago and since then, have planted a pin oak, 3 blue spruces, an autumn blaze maple, white satin birch, magnolia galaxy, velvet pillar crabapple and... and... a cleveland pear.

After seeing the devastation to pear trees in our neighborhood from storms, I developed planter's remorse about the cleveland pear. I don't want it to grow big one day only to shatter under the weight of its own branch. Well, today I did it... I killed my perfectly healthy and thriving cleveland pear tree in cold bark. I felt terrible as I ripped it out of the ground and chopped it up for firewood. It was actually doing really well considering it was the one tree that I bought at a big box store.

I replaced it with a green mountain maple. Still, I feel guilty.. Anyone else?

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