Bathroom Vanity Backsplash

July 13, 2015

Did I hump this up? should I rip the bottom row of tile and make the BS all accent 6"?

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    flair lighting
    Too soon wait until you get a mirror the faucets and the light fixture in there and this will all start to come together you're looking at a blank slate right now and it just seems to make the tile look off. That is not the case once you have all of the other things in the tile will come back in with your accents
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    Beverly Anderson Interior Design

    How about removing some of the glass tiles, down to about 2-3" high and top with another row of the white tile?

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    Sarah Gaffney Designs

    Is the subway tile used elsewhere in the bathroom? The glass tile is fun!

  • muchempo

    true..I haven't given everything else a chance to tie in. yes there is 4x12 white in the shower tub area.

  • muchempo

    here it is all glass...

  • Anne

    Take out the subway tiles and complete with the glass. Shower/tub looks great!

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  • adivra

    Another vote for glass to counter. Seven rows will beef it up, but I understand that may not be praactical.

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  • 2562652701
    Seven rows of glass tile gets my vote. It may not be practical but when you have to live with it and look at it every day, my experience has been that sometimes you have to do the impractical thing. You never regret it.
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  • lamaisonbleu

    I wouldn't rip the tile. I'd finish the bathroom as others said and add a print/painting that brings in the tile colors. I think you'll be happy with the final outcome. You could also add a soap dispenser w/color, hand towels, etc. A plant is always a nice addition to any room.

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  • labincurlers

    Don't panic. You wouldn't just paint three fingernails when you get a manicure would you? You must have had a vision when you started, trust your instincts, it's such a small piece all alone.

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  • glynny

    I like the glass only look as well.

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    Ellen Kryger Interiors
    I would have installed that tile or a larger glass colored tile on the entire wall (with window) in the shower along with a white grout all around. Clean and fresh with a modern pop.
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  • bargainhunter
    Is the shower finished? If so, I would have done white grout. I think the glass tiles are really lovely
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    Carol Johnson
    I like all glass much better.
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  • kimdur55

    Go with your gut feeling. If you feel like it looks off balance ... then remove it, or move it up.

    It looks bottom heavy to me. But, the color is lovely!

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  • A Fraz

    My vote is all glass.

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  • kp Ohio

    So glad you shared this! I am doing a bath vanity w decorative glass and stone tile as backsplash as well. Gives me confidence to see you have chosen to do. I do not love the subway tile. Seems too many patterns especially because appears pattern in counter top as well. I agree with loving it from the start. If you have doubts now, you will likely still not like when you add your accessories, etc. I love the shower. Not a big fan of subway tile (seems overused these days) but the larger size is cool. Thanks and good luck!

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    Core Home Solutions, Inc.

    Looks like you have not grouted yet. If so, I would recommend white grout. This will give the shower tile a cleaner, more professional look. Also, it looks like you have a marble top which already has subtle movement in it. Other designs and patterns only fight with it. The same material would be appropriate for the backsplash. Use accessories and artwork to add color or focal point. This way you can change as often as you like in the future. Design wise, you always have to be careful adding too many things in a small space. Sometimes less done correctly is more. Have fun.

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  • kimdur55

    All glass is a great idea!! It is so beautiful!

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  • mikewor

    I was taught the critical thing is to make sure all horizontals line up. In this case, your glass tile accent should be at the same level and width in the shower and above the vanity (and where ever else you have it) If this is the reason for the bottom row of tile, don't rip it up!

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  • lazidazi

    Add another row of white subway on top of glass tiles so glass tiles are framed, then leave it at that.
    Do not use white grout; use Gray [light or medium]. If you haven't ever used gray grout w/white tile, trust me, it looks far better than white, DOES look like it matches and stays looking cleaner than white grout.

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  • spoliver2013

    I like the design with the subway tiles and think the focus will balance out when you install everything else. However, I agree with Bargain Hunter in that if you have not completed the shower you may want to consider using white grout in both the shower and sink to soften the look.

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  • Holly Daley

    The glass tile is the same color that I am using in our new bathroom that will be started next week! I am going with light grey 12 x 12 and the glass tile will be half way up the wall. I made a 2' x 3' new window installation and will have 2 shampoo boxes. Can't wait to see the end results that I will post too.
    Good luck and I too would add a row of the white tile above the glass on the sink area.

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  • Holly Daley

    I should have said the glass tile accent will be 3 rows wide at the 4' height of the shower walls. Sorry about that.

  • L Behrens

    I like the all glass tile at the vanity. The one with the row of subway tile looks too heavy. One thing to be careful of is that your back splash isn't too tall so that is raises the mirror too high for shorter people. Also, white grout is very hard to maintain over time. If you do use white be sure to seal it and re-seal regularly.

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  • renmaxbd

    I would leave the vanity tile as is and tear out the subway tile lining in the shower's shampoo/soap nooks! Replace the back of those two spaces with the blue mosaic tile. The shower walls are so large that one small strip of blue looks puny, needs additional color to make it fit in.

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  • muchempo

    Thanks everyone for commenting all points well taken. We tried the light grey grout in the shower and it quite wasn't light enough so we'll be color sealing in it white to match the BS seems to lighten up the colors in the glass. I also agree the subway tile and vanity top marble clash but then again I may not be giving it a chance and yes the idea was to have the accent at the same level as the accent in the shower. In retrospect I would've moved the shower niche to the wall on the right, white grout, maybe bigger tiles , picked a solid color vanity top and went 4" inches on the BS. This is our first rodeo and we're learning everyday I'm sure we'll make it all work with what we have to work with for now. I appreciate everyone's insight. Thanks again! will post finished pics soon.

  • msplankton

    i don't think anyone remarked on the white rectangular drawers of your vanity, which to my eye solidify the subway tile around your sink. while i love glass, you are incorporating the vanity with the shower. if you only had the glass, it wouldn't tie in to the shower. go for it and leave it! above all, enjoy!

  • Geneviève

    it looks so fresh ,you could add some white tiles and also some knobs like these for example ,

    Pearl Glass Knobs and Pulls, Turquoise, 1.5" Square · More Info

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  • kiwii

    All glass looks the best, doesn't quite look right with the white subway tile underneath. Your glass mosaic is beautiful so just focus on it.

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  • Geneviève

    remove the bottom white subway tiles and have this look ....but then you already have it on the picture above :)

    FuezStone Beach Vanity · More Info

  • cvjeffery

    How do you feel about painting the walls the soft sea green that matches one of the tiles? Then accent mirror and fixtures in silver plus white nautical theme items (seashells, etc.) to tie it together.

  • jks1016

    It may be too late but two sinks would be a great improvement. Made me feel better about two sinks in my new bath plans.

  • Geneviève


    Benjamin Moore Maritime Blue · More Info

  • triton1165
    Get rid of that counter top.
  • jhmarie

    Countertop looks lovely:)

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  • PRO
    Re-Bath Forty Fort

    The glass look is perfect. It gives it a much needed pop of color and it ties in with the bath. Much nicer!

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  • L Behrens

    That looks like a quartz countertop - It's beautiful!!

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  • jillybeansisme

    If you have not yet installed the backsplash, then consider using the edging listel on the bottom edge of the glass mosaic too (against the counter, then the glass tiles, and then the edging listel again)! I like the all mosaic much, much better than the subway & mosaic glass tile look. But you will get as many opinions as there are commenters! Do what you like.

  • luanna4

    Keep going with what you've got. Like others said, once you finish/accessorize, etc., it will be beautiful!

  • luanna4

    Just curious, in the photo with the tub/shower, is that your finished flooring? Or is there a new floor surface yet to come?

  • muchempo

    we may change the flooring later. We haven't found the right mirror and cabinet hardware

    that we like so we went with brush nickel for now... here is an updated pic.

  • A Fraz

    Looks nice.

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  • Susan Mladenovich

    WHAT IS THE EDGING USED? I found your bathroom because I was trying to decide if the backsplash should wrap around to the side or just be on the wall under the mirror. We are keeping the big builder mirror for now

  • beadgirl58
    I would remove bottom row of tile, seems out of place. This is my recent updated bathroom, beadboard with moulding across top of tile.
  • luanna4

    I like the brushed nickel touches---goes well with the white and colored glass tiles---helps pull it all together. Since you have clean lines with the sink vanity and tile, I certainly wouldn't go with some frou-frou mirror frame---in this case simple, clean lines, and the spa-like feel you have going will be the best solution. Again, once you accessorize, it will be beautiful...

  • pdk920

    Seems to me that incorporating the subway tile into your vanity/sink design helps tie it into the tub design, and I suspect it looks fine when you can see the room as a whole. I think when you're done it will look just fine; I wouldn't remove the subway row unless it really bothers you.

  • luanna4

    Try adding a fun piece of wall art---maybe an abstract that will tie
    your colors together. Add some coordinating towels and other
    accessories (glass bottles?). See attached:

  • Susan Mladenovich
    Did you ever post pics of the whole thing finished?

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