Dear Houzz, We're All Having Problems With Photos

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I personally am having near-constant issues with photos refusing to upload. I am seeing all over the forum that others are having a similar issues.

Gardenwebbers, please reply to this thread if you have been problems too, just so the powers-that-be can see the extent of the issue.

Houzz powers-that-be, I sent you an email directly about the photo uploading issue and the issue is still ongoing. Worse, even? Are you working on it? What is the status of that?

Also, while we're at it, the photo uploader that currently isn't working properly is still an inferior version of what we had before the switch to Houzz.

Even when it works, it is pretty inconvenient to upload the image to Houzz or save it locally and then upload it. It takes more data, takes up space in my
hard drive that I then have to clear, and it is just 12 extra steps for
each picture I post. It used to just be a matter of finding a photo
online that illustrates my point and then typing <img src="URL of the
photo"> into my comment. SO SIMPLE.

Why isn't that allowed anymore, and can we have it be allowed anyway? This is a hugely visual forum, and hamstringing our ability to share photos is such a detriment to the discussion.

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