No honey production

August 13, 2015

I have a top bar hive I started with 10000 bees in May. They seemed to be thriving with plenty of brood comb and honey production in the first 2 months. I was into the hive yesterday for the first time in approximately 6 weeks to check on them. There is still brood comb production going on and it seems like the number of bees has doubled but I'm not finding any honey anymore. I'm new to this but seems like there is no chance of overwintering as it's going now. I'm also concerned that the brood comb has been built big enough that the 3 entrance holes in the side, lower center, are almost blocked and bee traffic in and out has slowed. We are in the later stages of summer in SE PA maybe that is a factor. What can I or should I do to help my bees? Thanks

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