Tiny bathroom solutions

Mandee Trom
5 years ago

Hello, I'm new here and my name is Mandee. I am moving into a home of my friends that needs some updates but I don't have the money to hire people. Plus, I love to DIY and my husband is very handy. We have a lot of tools. We are technically renting and he's giving us a great deal on rent since we will update it as much as we can. He pays for the materials, but I don't want to go overboard on him. There are sooo many things that need to be done though. He wants to sell the house in a few years and we MAY buy it, but we may not. So we have to stick to things that buyers will like. So no crazy paint colors. Neutrals :/

It's 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths. It has a full finished (but horrible) halfway underground/half not basement. There's only one bed and one bath on each floor.

I need suggestions for lots of rooms in my new house so you will find me in many different categories. :)

This post is about my guest bathroom. It's small and it's the only bathroom on the main floor. Not to mention it has two doors that open inside to make it more cramped.

It has a pedestal sink that I can update the hardware on and a mirror that I will put some simple molding around to make it look framed. I'm going to paint the walls a solid color, not sure what color yet. I need paint color suggestions!

(Ignore the gross toilet, the house has been vacant for a few years- waiting to be updated!!)

Considering planking the wall behind the toilet but the problem with this area is that it's too small. It's a Jack and Jill style- connecting to the hallway and the guest bedroom. Here's what I would love to do:

The only solution I can find with this area is if we were to expand the bathroom into the guest bedroom a few feet. Moving walls is costly so I'm not sure that it will happen. As it is though, one can hardly sit on the toilet and have enough room to wipe. It's very tight and the shower is cramped as well. I saw an idea on Pinterest to combine the toilet and shower but I think I'd have to add a small 1 foot wall in front so that the water doesn't get all over the bathroom when showering. not sure how that would look, and it would be weird to have to put your feet on a wall when on the toilet. Here's the pic I found:

And it doesn't seem like they have a wall so I'm thinking the water just gets everywhere, right? Ah! That doesn't seem very functional.

What do you think?

-need layout suggestions

-paint colors

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