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Is waterproofing a basement necessary?

6 years ago

Hi all,

I own a 1927 single family home in Washington, DC with a cinder block foundation. I've discovered water-soaked carpet in the corner of my partially finished basement (and mold growing in the dark corner of the closet in that area). There are also spots on other walls along the basement that are showing brown water spots. I have received quotes on installing an internal drainage/trench system with a sump pump to get water out of the foundation and away from the home (the best quote is about $6000).

Is waterproofing the basement this way necessary? Or is it just an expensive sales tactic to get you to install an unnecessary system, when really just fixing drainage, gutter, downspout, and landscaping issues is really the answer?

Also, anyone who has had one of these systems installed and who wants to share their experience or before/after pictures would be awesome :) Thanks!

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