How to quarantine new plants


New here. have been reading lots on these forums and learning a ton. I have house plants and I have plants at my office. I work in mental health and in an attempt to keep my office relaxing and un-intimidating, I have lots of plants. It keeps me relaxed anyway!

I have mostly pothos and philodendrons, a couple of spider plants, nothing fancy or hard. But I picked up a couple of succulents and am beginning to develop an appreciation for them. I noticed some webs on one of them and now see that it has spider mites. I have taken it away to another area and will see what I need to do to treat it.

But it makes me realize that even though most of my plants are considered pretty hardy I could introduce something if I am not careful. So how do most of you experienced folks practice good quarantine habits? Is keeping the new one in a bedroom that has no plants for a few weeks enough? I know some pest can be carried on my clothes or hands. Does anyone treat a new plant with anything "preemptively" like using bt in the water to prevent fungus gnats?

Thanks in advance!

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