Meet Bentley!

Debbie B.
July 14, 2016

Sir Bentley joined our household on the 4th of July. He is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. He is the purest white all over, except his pink ears and nose! He has gorgeous yellow eyes. He is the cuddliest cat! He just loves snuggling and to be right up against me all the time.

I open my miniblinds and window every morning around 7:00 AM. Bentley's favorite activity is watching "kitty tv" out the window. He has his own pillow, naturally, and he keeps careful track of the birds and other little critters (rabbits, squirrels, etc.).

Bentley will be three years old on August 1. He is super inquisitive and knows about everything going on in the house. :-)

My dear, dear cat, William, a British Shorthair, died very suddenly six years ago. I was devastated. I couldn't even think about a new cat for three years.

Then Joy adopted Sammy, a nice little orange tabby. Sammy was a loner, the most aloof cat I've ever met. He didn't enjoy being petted, held, or snuggled. He seemed unhappy, despite our best efforts.

When I went to Zambia for a year, our friend Lori took care of Sammy, along with her four cats. When I returned, it was obvious that Sammy was much happier living with four cats and no dogs. So we sadly made the decision to let him stay there.

My intention was to adopt a cat at some point AFTER we were all settled in here. But then...(haha)!

Joy and I went to PetSmart so Joy could check out dog supplies in anticipation of the little dog she is getting in September. When we got there, we discovered they were adopting out cats that day!

So...we went to take a look, but I had no intention to adopt that day. But when I laid eyes on Bentley, it was love at first sight! I asked the volunteer for Partners For Pets if I could hold him. He immediately snuggled up to me and it was all over, lol!

I am absolutely in love with this cat! His original name was "Sneed," hands down the worst cat name ever. Joy said he should have a majestic name, in keeping with his regal and gentlemanly bearing. We settled on "Bentley," and he learned it in about five seconds. :-)

We learned from the volunteer that his previous elderly guardian died and it was discovered she was a major hoarder! So we felt an affinity with him over that. Apparently, Bentley was really freaked out by all the boxes and the impossible piles of hoard, a lot of it aquired via dumpster diving--actual trash and junk. Before that, Bently lived with a family that had cats, dogs, and young children. He loved them all! The family gave him up when they moved, and he then ended up with the elderly hoarder.

I am so pleased to introduce you to Bentley! I'm so happy to be his new, forever guardian!

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  • Ellie RK

    aww.. he's precious.

  • wantoretire_did

    Debbie, here is our Alba. She was also a rescue from Petsmart brought up from Tennessee. Was 3 years old when we got her nearly 5 years ago. She is such a delight and keeps us laughing at her antics. She and Bentley look like twins!

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  • FinallyHome

    I am so jealous. Beautiful.

    Debbie B. thanked FinallyHome
  • Debbie B.

    Wanttoretire, nice to "see" you! Wow! Alba is obviously Bentley's long lost twin sister! She's beautiful! And the pic of her in the sink--priceless!!

    FinallyHome, yeah I get that, lol. How could anyone not be jealous of Bentley? ;-)

    Ellie, he is indeed precious! I'm so happy I went "off plan" and got him ahead of schedule. Since I work from home, it is just so nice to have him around. And he seems to enjoy having people around all day too!

  • pekemom

    Love the cat names!

    Debbie B. thanked pekemom
  • Tmnca

    Aww, he is handsome - and this way, 2 cats got great homes!

    Debbie B. thanked Tmnca
  • caroline94535

    A bit off topic, but are the yellow "things" next to Bentley (and highlighting his lovely eyes even more!) metal bookends? If so, where did you find them?

    I have more books than would be decent for even a small library, and I'm always on the lookout for vintage, plain, metal bookends. I love the metal ones that have flat uprights, with a shorter "el" on one side of the bottom, and a longer "el" that fits under the books on the other. The tall upright holds everything snug.

    I don't "stage/curate/dress" my bookcases; I stuffed them to the gills, with books!

    Debbie B. thanked caroline94535
  • Debbie B.

    Hi Caroline!

    Yes! They are yellow bookends. I had just opened them when Joy snapped that beautiful pic of Bentley.

    I got them from Amazon. I took this pic for my Amazon review, which I haven't written yet (but they will get 5 stars from me). The orange thing on the bottom is a kind of rubber pad that keeps them from sliding on the bookshelf.

    They are "Acrimet Premium Bookends (Yellow)." They are $8.90 and eligible for Prime free two day shipping, if you have Prime. I really like them! They have them in lots of different bright colors.

    Only one negative, which is my fault, not the bookend's. I have these glass front cupboards where I keep my dishes. I decided to also keep my small number of cookbooks up there, and really wanted bright yellow bookends. I spent waaay too much time looking for them, haha! The bookends are exactly as described. No complaints whatsoever. can't see them at all in my cabinets, hahaha! The cabinet is not lighted and I think they would be more visible if it were.

    As seen from the sofa, at 8:00 PM:

    With kitchen light on and zoomed in:

    There's one more fairly slim paperback cookbook that's supposed to be up there, "Veggies A-Z," from Weight Watchers, I think. We use it a lot, because I steam veggies every night. But I can't find it. I'm sure it's in the library somewhere, which isn't even close to being unpacked, haha!

    Also, between the books and the two wine glasses that we never use, lol, are the two plates and salad plates I decided to keep after all. I started a collection of nice china about 7 years ago and that's as far as I got, haha! Two sets and the two wine glasses. I have absolutely no need for fine china, and we don't drink--the glasses would likely hold Diet Pepsi, ha! I don't even know if that pattern is still available. I have no intention of adding to the collection, except that if it's still around and ever went on a good sale, I wouldn't mind two bowls to go with it. But I'm not even looking right now--too many way higher priorities!

    So now I'm just keeping them as art--something beautiful that makes me happy when I look at it, like Shade's pretty green dishes!

    I was also thinking it might be fun to trot out for a special occasion, like Joy's birthday, where I would cook a special meal for us.

    Why was I telling you all this? I get so easily distracted... (10 minutes later)...OH YEAH! Because I need to get up there and put a dinner and salad plate on the plate display stand I have, so I can actually see them!

    I'm just like you. I have several hundred books (not counting the over 2,000 I have on my Kindle). I don't have a home office, or even a study. I have a library! :-) The Paul L. Icenhower Memorial Library, to be exact. Named for my dad. The little door sign is on order.

    Anyway, too many books to stage! These cookbooks are the only exception. Well, besides two coffee table books about Africa, under the coffee table, and a little book of quotations of Abraham Lincoln that usually sits on the coffee table. :-)

  • Shades_of_idaho

    Those are great book ends.

    Gorgeous Alba sure does look like Bentley.

    Debbie I do not use wine glasses either. It is so much easier to just drag the box to my chair and drink from the spigot. Saves trips back to the fridge. :P

    We have a sink sitter too only he is jet black. We call him Uncle Abe after my aunts Husband. Yes Human Abe is Black and it was his idea to name the kitty after him and was delighted when we told him we did. He is a big boy at 16+ pounds.

    Debbie B. thanked Shades_of_idaho
  • Debbie B.

    Oh, Uncle Abe is a beautiful boy! Bentley doesn't lounge in sinks, as far as I know, but here's a pic I just snapped of him in his second favorite spot. His very favorite spot is on my bed, on his pillow, watching "kitty tv" out my window. When I'm out here in the living room, he will deign to come out here and watch kitty tv from the love seat, lol!

  • Debbie B.

    I meant to ask you, Chris, I know your cats are indoor/outdoor, with your neat window exit. :-) What's your litter box situation? Do they all go outside, or do they have litter boxes inside too? I have two littler boxes for Bentley. One in my room, which is also where his food and water are, and one in the library, at the other end of the house. He uses both of them. He has never gone outside the box.

    As far as I know, he's always been an indoor only cat, and he will be here also, in his "forever home." We have coyotes; I hear them "singing" every night. We also have the occasional bear or the pretty rare wildcat. I suppose you deal with that where you are?

    My mom had a cat when we were growing up, and then again a few years before the Alzheimers. Rudy, the Siamese she had, was HER cat; he loved her and the heck with everyone else, haha! I have read that Siamese can be that way, loyal to one person only. We had a babysitter, an elderly widow from our church, that Rudy particularly hated. He'd hide on a shelf in the laundry room and then jump down and attack her when she went in there. Full on attack, claws, biting, it was horrible! The babysitter quit after the third or fourth time.

    Anyway, Rudy was indoor/outdoor and never had a litter box. So I was just curious about your situation.

    I actually thought for decades that I didn't like cats, because of Rudy. Now I can't even think of living without one. :-)

    Here's my boy, sitting on my lap.

  • Shades_of_idaho

    Bentley is so so Handsome. Just have to ask if his collar is tight on him. It looks like it but could be the way he is sitting. Love his long plentiful whiskers.

    Debbie B. thanked Shades_of_idaho
  • caroline94535

    ..."I do not use wine glasses either. It is so much easier to just drag the box to my chair and drink from the spigot. Saves trips back to the fridge. :P..."

    Oh made me LOL and brought back so many memories from my former - 'real' - life. I loved wine, white wine, very dry white wine. My first overseas posting was to Spain. A single, female, active duty, dry white wine lover, stationed in Spain, at a base that was only about 9% female, with a very strong dollar to peseta ratio...

    Long before illnesses/medications that now forbid any alcohol, before marriage, back when I used looks, charms, and energy more than my brain; back when I lived in a wonderful apartment complex that had a bodega on the ground floor. Back when I could dance all night and none of the few single women on the base ever bought our own drinks. Back when I could hop a free military flight to Germany on most weekends where there was even more, wonderful wines...

    Even now I can not think of wine, or smell a cork, without my mouth watering. Spain had wonderful wines and champagnes - and food! The strong exchange rate made most of them either inexpensive or down-right cheap.

    I think, unbeknownst to me, God allowed me only so many glasses/bottles/cases/casks of white wine. I chose to drink the entire allotment in three-four years so now I'm cut off, and have been for 28 or so years, but man did I enjoy it while it lasted!

    Had I known it was limited, I would have probably rationed it out more - or not! And my mouth still waters after all these years just thinking about it.


    Thanks for the loud laughter!

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  • caroline94535

    Sorry, got off topic, sorta of. It's Shades fault!

    Debbie, have you thought about color matching your bookends and painting the back of the bookcase that sweet yellow? Or painting a removable backdrop - thin plywood or pressed board perhaps - with the yellow and putting it behind the shelf with your cookbooks and wineglasses?

    I may get a set of those yellow bookends to support some of my gardening books in the lavender sewing room's bookcase.

    Debbie B. thanked caroline94535
  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH

    Shades, I'm pretty sure you could adapt this fashion accessory to enhance your wine consumption:

    Debbie B. thanked murraysmom Zone 6a OH
  • Shades_of_idaho

    Hahahaha Caroline. Actually I have not had a glass of wine since I have been on my very low carb diet. I will be doing so soon. Just not now. I feel like I really need to be stable in my weight for several months before I experiment. But I honestly feel like dragging that box into the living room or heck just lying on the floor in the kitchen under the spigot. Nice cool spot half way in the fridge.

    Alas I am also a one glass drinker. OK Just because the glass is the size of a bucket. Joking of course. I do not do hard liquor except Tequila. Or maybe some vodka. I found a bloodymary is just as good with out the booze in it as with it. Joe and I loved to have them with out the booze. Nice and spicy and no headache the next day.

    Debbie B. thanked Shades_of_idaho
  • Debbie B.

    Shades, I thought I had put Bentley's collar on pretty loosely. But since you mentioned it, I double checked. Yep, it's quite loose. I can easily get two fingers under his collar with breathing room to spare. He could easily get it off, but he doesn't seem to be one of those cats that hate collars. It's a break away collar, of course. I have it on him so if he ever "escapes" and gets lost, people will know he belongs to someone. I've ordered an ID tag for him; it's probably sitting in my mailbox. He's also microchipped.

    Caroline, good suggestion. I might as well tell you that, with the kitchen refresh, I've gone with the light Navajo white and a pretty bright yellow. I'm going to carry those colors through to the living room and library.

    The LR will have much less yellow than the kitchen. Mostly the white, with yellow trim. As you know, I hate that built in with a passion, haha! One of the things I hate is how the builder backed it with a piece of that fake wood paneling! It just looks so cheap.

    I hope to get the LR painted in September. So, for the top part of the built in, the current plan is to paint it inside and out in the white, but paint the trim of the glass doors in the yellow. I haven't decided yet whether to paint the bottom part or leave it with the wood. I'll probably paint the top first and then see how it looks.

    I don't drink because I have to take narcotic pain medication due to my rheumatoid arthritis. Narcotics and alcohol aren't a good combination. Plus, a couple of my other meds say not to mix with alcohol.

    To be honest, I never really developed a taste for alcohol anyway, and didn't ever drink much before the meds made it prohibitive. I can't stand wine, which I guess makes me pretty unsophisticated, lol. I do enjoy margaritas, and that's the one drink I wish I could have once in a while. A very cold beer on a very hot day is something I used to drink maybe twice during the summer, usually just splitting one with my best friend Rae.

    OK, this has nothing to do with anything, haha, but I wanted to show you guys my "secret room!" I've always wanted a house with a secret room and a staircase that goes nowhere. So I was super excited to find a hidden door in my room:

    I was expecting to open it and step into Narnia. Alas, it's just the hot water heater, haha!

  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH

    Debbie, could you cover all or part of the built in with a piece of bead board? That might look good.

  • caroline94535

    Did you say "yellow," as in "yellow kitchen!" I love, and long for, a yellow kitchen. I just don't think it will work in this house with the sage green living room and hallway both so open to the kitchen.

    Before we bought this Little House of Horrors on the Prairie in 2008, we lived in very old base housing at Grand Forks AFB. The house was scheduled for demolishing as soon as we either got orders or he retired.

    Since the house was substandard - but the rooms and closets were very large! - the housing officer gave permission for me to paint the walls. Unheard of permissions!

    The cabinets had doors that wouldn't close; they were saggy-baggy inside, the counter top was saggy-baggy on the outside, the floor tiles kept popping up; the stove was shoved up against the wall (but it was gas with an outside-vented hood!) The pantry had one shelf (we cut plywood and made more); it was so awful I cried for days.

    We came to GFAFB from a base in in California. That housing was old, too, but it had a remodeled kitchen. It was, no doubt about it, the Most Perfect Kitchen ever. It was small, galley style, designed by a person who cooked, held every cooking item I owned, was a breeze to cook in for two or 20, practically cleaned itself. I still want that kitchen.

    Since I couldn't do anything major to the Grand Forks kitchen, and it would not get anything done to it by the base since it was on the "destroy" list, I thought, "overwhelm it with color and décor.

    I tried. I painted the long, skinny kitchen - yellow! I used Dutch Boy's "Lemon Curd" color.

    There were nine more cups/saucers on the other side of the Celtic cross, too. I hung a little strip light under the counter, the kitchen prayer plate was my Grandmother's, and I love pothos vines. They won't grow in this new/old house, it just does not have enough light to let them thrive.

    This second photo shows the Lemon Curd color more pale than real life, so it was less bright as above, and more bright than below. I guess you can tell this was Christmas time? The next Christmas I added a sprig of live white pine to each cup under the gold balls. Hot glue is our friend. The vine was much larger and thicker, too. I had to buy more little red balls!

    The stove was about 17 feet from the fridge. The sink was in the middle. The opposite wall had a 24" wide pantry cabinet and a 42" base cabinet. The rest was empty. Not enough room for a table, but they could have extended the counter.

    Debbie B. thanked caroline94535
  • Hockeymom84

    Congratulations on Bentley, my Boston Terrier is named Bentley. We also have 1 dog and 2 cats from Petsmart rescues. Dh is not keen on going to Petsmart on the weekend anymore lol. Mia our oldest cat was named Beatrice (blech), cuddles stayed cuddles and it fits and our Lab mix was named Black Jack, no just no.

    Debbie B. thanked Hockeymom84
  • bluesanne

    I love this thread -- beautiful cat characters, too many books, efficient wine all could be me!

    Even with our large animal family, we are currently catless, as our two elderly gentlemen kitties went off to that great catnip patch in the sky. I was previously on the board of directors for a small animal rescue and have always adopted cats and dogs who needed me, but I'm feeling a strong need for a cat similar to my kitty boyfriend, Willoughby: a gentle soul who slept on my pillow with his lips on mine (I kid you not). I need to spend a few hours at PAWS, my favorite small animal shelter, and find my new feline soulmate. I know I cannot replace Willoughby and I would never try, but I aim to find a cat who needs us as much as we need him.

    Debbie B. thanked bluesanne
  • missouribound

    Bentley is gorgeous. What a treat that he is taken with you as you are with him. Looks like a happy life for both of you.

    Debbie B. thanked missouribound
  • stringweaver

    Bentley is a beautiful lucky boy.

    My cats are indoors only. Years ago I used to let cats out in the summer. The first few days they would come to the door demanding desperately to be let in so they could use the litter box, before they got used to the great outdoors again.

    Debbie B. thanked stringweaver
  • PRO

    Gorgeous cats! I really miss having cats but the dogs are so much easier to travel with and I'm too old for cat boxes. Thanks for sharing these beauties!

    Debbie B. thanked Anglophilia
  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH

    Caroline, what a treat to come back to this thread and to find your yellow kitchen!!! From your initial description I was thinking it was going to be pretty dismal and then this beautiful yellow kitchen pops up!!! You did a great job making it warm and homey. I love how you decorated the pothos and the cups across the top!! Very festive! I like pothos too, but it is toxic to cats, so I can't have any here. Rocket nibbles on everything green in this house, unless it's somewhere he can't get to. I also like your shelf across the sink! I haven't seen one like that before, but I can see where it would be very useful! That kitchen is cute, cute, cute!!!

    Debbie B. thanked murraysmom Zone 6a OH
  • caroline94535

    That was my "old" kitchen when we lived on the AF base. I thought it was the most horrendous kitchen ever when we moved in. I was mistaken.

    I learned what horrendous really meant when we bought this Little House of Horrors on the Prairie here in Larimore! There's no way I'd show photos of my "now" kitchen! Our bargain was, I'd agree to live out here in the boondocks, in this old, tired house and in exchange I'd get a new, sparkly, just what I needed kitchen.

    That bargain was struck before we learned we needed a new hot water heater, which lead to a new roof, new windows, new heater, A/C, and the list goes on and on. Money Pit II.

    The kitchen is still waiting. I'm about to the point of getting commercial spray gun and giving it the Yellow Treatment. Yellow makes everything better.

    Vines won't grow in this kitchen; it's just too dark and dreary. The only spot for plants, right now, is the south Living Room window, the one I call my Breakfast Nook. I have three "sentimental" palnts I'm trying to keep there, but the Christmas cactus may get parted out and given away.

    I haven't forgotten your Shamrock. Send me your address to my private message and I'll send it too you once the weather has cooled a bit.

    The shelf is old school; I remember lots of them from the 1970s. I haven't noticed in any stores in a while though. It was probably a thrift store special; most of my "best" stuff is!

    I still have it but it's too large for this kitchen sink area. It now it lives in the garage on one of the taller shelves to sort out gardening items.

    (Do you notice my antique stained glass panel in the center window?)

    Debbie B. thanked caroline94535
  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH

    Yes, I noticed it, but I think it needs it's own spot out in the open to be admired and shed beautiful colors of light in your house!! Can you do that for me? :) I understand about the domino effect of home ownership! I had BIG, BIG adventures in plumbing last year and a new furnace and now siding this year. Thank goodness for home equity loans! I hate to owe the money, but everything was needed!

    I will send you my address as I would still love to have a piece of your Shamrock. Thanks.

    Debbie B. thanked murraysmom Zone 6a OH
  • Shades_of_idaho

    Caroline I do like the way some of the walls are yellow some are white. I had one of those sink shelves too. Makes a great spot for plants. Then I got kitties that knock everything down. GGGRRRRR this house is great for plants. I did leave tow huge plants at our last house for the new owner. I have been encouraging my plants to propagate here and loving all the green around me again. I had paired down from needing 6 gallons of water a week to maybe three gallons now.

    Debbie B. thanked Shades_of_idaho
  • Debbie B.

    Caroline! We are truly kindred spirits! HURRAY for yellow kitchens!! I love what you did with your base housing kitchen; it's just so cheerful!

    Caroline and Chris, you can still by over the sink utensils. IKEA has a couple, Kohler has a bunch, predictably expensive, and I think places like W-S and BBB do too. There's one kind that is half cutting board and half drain board

    I was VERY nervous about the colors for the kitchen! I wanted a light eggshell and a very subtle yellow, just a couple of shades brighter than the eggshell. Joy really pushed hard for the Light Navajo While and the Valspar Jumping Jamie yellow. ..So I gave in. I figured, it's just paint. If it's awful we can change it for a few bucks. And the kitchen's going to be gutted in a few years anyway. If we're tired of the look or the theme, we can change it then.

    OK you guys, I'm dying to do show and tell. We're not quite ready for show, but I'm gonna tell. I'm doing a retro coffee shop theme! My colors are the off white and the bright yellow. The. cupboards, drawers, and backsplash are all white, but the wood knob pulls are yellow. The bump out, wall in the dinette, and the whole backside of the China hutch is yellow. I was scared when the paint started going on the wall, but now I really like it!

    I got new coffee themed cafe curtains for both windows. Really cute! I got these nice burner covers for my range that are coffee themed. And my coffee station is all set up. But the piece de resistance is that I got seven tin reproductions of vintage coffee shop signs! They are so freaking awesome! Five of them are on the back of the hutch and two are on the front of the bump out.

    The painting will be finished next weekend. If I get my butt in gear, I'm painting the table top and two chairs white by next weekend as well. The curtains are up except the valence over the sink. That will be done over the weekend too. What won't happen until September because I can't afford it until then, is I'm replacing the area rug with a coffee themed one, and I'm getting two retro 50's kitchen chairs in yellow vinyl. They'll go with the two old chairs I'm painting white. I hope the table and chairs will feel like an old coffee shop.

    So I'll give you guys a "90% done reveal" next weekend! Then in September I'll do the full reveal here on this forum, and the MH forum. I'm debating about the KF, but I'll probably do it to show that not every reveal has to be a $50,000+ remodel. The forum is for ALL kitchens, and a "face lift" is just as worthy of a reveal as a total remodel.

    If you remember, when I first started out, I set a budget of $100. I quickly realized that was inadequate, so I reset for $300, and I'm proud to say I stayed (barely) under it. So I'll probably title my September reveal, "My $300 kitchen refresh reveal!" :-)

    Oh, I forgot to say, I'm also covering my vent hood with the new product from Con-Tact paper. It's a stainless steel look and it's amazing! I have a pic of someone's kitchen where she did it on her hood and it looks like a brand new hood! Cost: $9.00. :-) I was thinking of getting the dishwasher and fridge covered with those big SS magnets, but decided the white ones fit in better with the retro coffee shop theme. :-)

    OK, gotta get some breakfast and coffee in me! Then I'll respond to everyone's posts. Bluesanne, I hope you're still enjoying our totally OT conversation! Haha!

  • Debbie B.

    Murraysmom, I'm not sure how I would do bead board because of the doors. But I do love bead board and hope to do it as wainscoting in Joy's and my rooms. Since the built in will be knocked out, I really don't want to spend any money on it beyond paint.

    Caroline, that was, without a doubt, a very badly laid out kitchen! But you, almost literally made lemonade out of lemons with the lemon curd paint! I LOVE the color, the plates, the vine...everything! I hope you get to get your kitchen when all the unexpected repairs get done and the dust settles!

    Hockeymom84, thank you! I agree that Bentley is a beautiful boy! I just snapped these photos of him snoozing on the sofa.

    How funny that your BT is named Bentley. I've never known anyone, human or otherwise, named Bentley, and now I know a cat and a dog Bentley! Amazing how so many here have adopted shelter pets through PetSmart. We've all got to stop going there on adoption days, haha! Actually it's great that we've been able to save beautiful animals from their ultimate fate at the shelters.(I like the name Beatrice, lol!)

    Blueanne, how great you volunteered your time to serve on the board of a shelter! Willoughby sounds like a gentle soul. I'm sorry for your loss. I like PAWS too! We don't have one here in/near Spokane. We have SCRAPS (Spokane county regional animal protection services), Humane Society, and Partners for Pets, whom I adopted Bentley from at PetSmart. They seem like a good organization, although the volunteer at the PetSmart was a little weird.

    Missouribound, thank you! Yes, I think it was love at first sight for both Bentley and me. And the love affair continues! :-)

    Stringweaver, thanks! Can you remind me how many cats you have now? I remember when you got the small kitten a while back. How is she/he? That's really funny about the cats coming in from outside to use the litter box! They were quite sophisticats, haha!

    Anglophilia, thank you! You're right; dogs are definitely better travelers than cats. Although when my best friend Rae went on a three month road trip in a motor home with her sister Julie, Julie brought along four of her seven cats! Rae brought her lab. The cats did well, better than Rae, who's horribly allergic . Luckily, Julie's a neat freak and scooped the litter box every time they stopped. I can't see it, though. Cats just don't like riding in moving vehicles and they don't like constant change.

    Caroline, how true! Yellow DOES make everything better, just like coffee and chocolate, haha! I think you should get the spray gun out! That's really the reason I ended up going yellow in my kitchen. It's the same ole sorta dysfunctional kitchen, but now it's cute and very cheerful, instead of ugly and depressing! I say go for it, girl! :-)

    By the way, I DID notice your glass mosaic in the breakfast nook and I think it looks gorgeous in there! Exactly what was needed in that space!

    Murraysmom, thanks for the tip on the pothos; I didn't know they are toxic to cats; not that I could ever keep a plant alive, haha! But still, good to know. I love the name Rocket! Bentley is a nibbler too. He was constantly nibbling on my dry sticks in a vase thingy until I moved it up onto an end table where he can't reach it now.

    I'm glad you were able to get those vital repairs to your home, even though you had to borrow money. Sometimes it's a necessary evil. Plumbing is pretty important! I'm getting quite an education on how much EVERYTHING costs in the world of home repair! OMG! All I have to say is thank goodness for Amazon and Home Depot!

    Chris, I'm happy to hear your plant population is thriving again! Water spent on plants is a good investment, IMHO, because they clean the air for us. And how very naughty of your fur babies to knock them over, haha!

    OK, here's a super sneak peek of the kitchen so far, as seen from "my spot" on the LR long sofa. Keep in mind the painting isn't finished yet, and please excuse the mess in the background; I had a vegetable oil catastrophe this morning!

    And now I'm off to clean it up! :-) Ciao!

  • stringweaver


    btw, here is my Nila, who died last fall at 18. Big odd-eyed white cat. Lovely cuddly boy, though when I adopted him at 18 months he was a bad biter. I found making pirate noises and turning away broke him of the habit pretty quickly, though I have a few scars, including a very interesting vampire looking pair of marks on my left breast. (never kick a vindictive cat out of bed in the middle of the night).

    If you remember my new cat Razzbury came with a lion cut. He's 9 years old, but about the size of a (fat) 6 month old. His coat, buzzed in february is finally growing back in. He's looking more like a cat than a cartoon character. I need to get a picture of him with his coat grown in. He's a glossy all black cat with two white whiskers.

    Here's naked Razz with Zachery. Notice how huge she looks next to him! They aren't much different in weight, but she is much taller and longer.

    Debbie B. thanked stringweaver
  • Lavender Lass

    Such beautiful kitties! : )

    Shades- We need to talk....LOL

    Debbie B. thanked Lavender Lass
  • Shades_of_idaho

    I know I totally forgot to get your books on the free day. I was so busy that day I forgot to check my mail. Email me.

    Debbie B. thanked Shades_of_idaho
  • Shades_of_idaho

    Debbie Great bright yellow in your kitchen I also love the leaf pillows. So pretty. Can't wait for your reveal. Very cool your neighbors chipped in to help in your yard. WOW

    Debbie B. thanked Shades_of_idaho
  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH

    Debbie, the bright yellow is awesome and I love how you picked it up in the pillows too! Looking forward to the great reveal.

    Debbie B. thanked murraysmom Zone 6a OH

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