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Autumn blooming Narcissus (Daffodils)

Brad Mondel
November 17, 2016
last modified: November 17, 2016

My Autumn blooming Narcissus hybrids are now blooming! These are called 'Autumn colors' and they're native to dry Mediterranean areas with no cold period so they bloom when the first Autumn rains come. Some ecotypes of Narcissus also evolved to bloom in the Autumn because more pollination occurrs due to increased insect activity or because the insect that pollinated these types better was active in the Autumn instead of the spring. This is a seed grown strain from Bill Welch, a Tazetta expert in California.

These are hybrids of Newton and Autumn sol along with other Tazettas. There is a few other fall blooming Narcissus species such as Narcissus elegans, viridiflorus and serotinus. I'm working on a breeding program so I can create even more Autumn bloomers. I want a white perianth and an orange cup. I like to extend the daffodil season as long as possible and now I have Narcissus from October to may! these smell incredible!

And here is Autumn blooming Narcissus papyraceus:

Comments (14)

  • katob Z6ish, NE Pa

    Beautiful! Could you work on hardiness as well :) I'd like a few for zone 6!

    How long are the flowers lasting for you? From what I understand a few of the autumn bloomers go on for weeks and weeks before they begin to fade.

    They really are impressive , glad to see this kind of breeding going on.

  • irisgal_z9

    I love the yellow cup with reflexed white petals in the 2nd picture. I have one in those colors blooming, along with paperwhites. A treat before Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for showing yours.

  • Brad Mondel

    The flowers last about two weeks or more depending on the temperature. The cooler it is the longer they last. They also get secondary and sometimes a third crop of stems. This seed grown strain blooms from October to February because each seedling has genetic variations so once one is done another pops up soon after and begins to bloom!

    I was forced to bring mine in these past few nights because I didn't want to risk the frost damaging the flowers. I have a few new ones that are opening and are quite unique. One is a hybrid between Autumn colors and paperwhite and it smells like a jonquil. And another looks like it might have elegans in it.

  • Brad Mondel

    Autumn colors x paperwhite:

    Another yellow that I will use as a parent. It has nice overlapping and smooth tepals with uniform color and a nice sweet scent, perhaps elegans parentage:

    here is a seed grown paperwhite. Notice the big, wide cup on this one:

    And here's another nice yellow with a scent of honey:

    I'd like to make selections of some of these and register them eventually. Thanks for looking! I have tons of seeds developing and in a few years I'll have my own new hybrids.

  • Campanula UK Z8

    Very interesting Brad...do keep us updated on the seed sowing. I have a few n.watieri seeds from Morocco...but have been concentrating on tulip and lily seeds. Now feel inspired to dig them out of the fridge and crack on with sowing them (since they certainly won't be doing much stuck in an envelope). How long does it take - from seed to bloom? I am not dismayed by a 5 year wait, especially if you sow seeds every year - eventually, there will be the joy of yearly seedlings.

    I am especially enamoured of the pale hoop petticoat, n.romieux

    Brad Mondel thanked Campanula UK Z8
  • Brad Mondel

    Hi Campanula, some miniatures like Narcissus bulbocodium sometimes bloom within 2 years from seed, but most Narcissus take 4-5 years to bloom. I figured I should start young!

    I have a narcissus romieuxii bulb on the way and I'll use it as a parent also!

  • SweetMonkeyCheese Z9 Tampa

    I just rcvd Narcissus - Geranium, Jetfire, and Pipit and the site said they were warm climate bulbs so I hope they are like yours and truly do not need extended cold time to bloom. Crossing my fingers!

  • Campanula UK Z8

    They are members of the jonquilla or tazetta group and should bloom without an extensive chill period...but this is very late to be planting narcissus...although I know zero about Florida gardening. Through an oversight, I forgot I had 250 Pipit bulbs and hastily got them in the ground just before Xmas. I was astonished at how firm and non-shooting they were, even at that late stage...and have hopes that there will be a mild enough spring to make up fir delayed root growth - I usually aim to get my narcissus planted In September when there are a few more months of warmth in the soil to encourage good roots. I have no idea of bloom times in Tampa...but in the UK, these Mediterraneans will be the latest blooming of all the narcissus...so root growth can occur in spring rather than autumn.

  • SweetMonkeyCheese Z9 Tampa

    I got everything on sale and could not resist.

    Florida is crazy for weather, we have had a real mild winter, most days we have been in the 80s in my part of Florida, but we just had a real cold snap this past weekend, overnight temps at about 39 and mid 50s to low 60s during the day!

    End of Jan 1st 2 weeks of Feb can get chilly so I would think we will get some more cold before spring.

    But this is my next 10 days look like!

  • Brad Mondel

    Geranium is one of my all time favorites and should perform very well for you in zone 9. Other good varieties for your area include 'Carlton' 'Ziva' 'Cragford' 'Inbal' 'Early pearl' 'Grand primo' 'Grand soleil D' or' 'Little oliver' 'Thalia' amoung many others. Most of the tazetta species and hybrids will perform well and most of the jonquils like Narcissus jonquilla. The reason being is that Narcissus tazetta and jonquilla grow in warm climate areas such as coastal Italy and Spain versus cold winter areas like the alpines where the poets and larger trumpet Narcissus come from.

  • Campanula UK Z8

    Ah yep, I forgot the triandrus section (such as Thalia)...which are especially good for narcissus in whites and creams - Silver Chimes et al. True, Geranium is a great 'doer' - a phenomenal amount of bloom and surprisingly long lasting (although in a cool UK spring)...but the paperwhites, which are not reliable outside in the UK, can stay in the catalogues (the scent is not at all to my liking..and a million miles from the fragrant jonquillas...and indoors is almost unbearable).

  • Brad Mondel

    I enjoy the fragrance of all narcissus including paperwhites, when I was a young boy I grew paperwhites. Each time I smell them I am taken back to my earlier days. Some paperwhites are sweeter smelling than others, 'Inbal' smells less musky than 'Ziva'.

  • SweetMonkeyCheese Z9 Tampa

    I bought Paperwhites beginning of fall at a big box store and they have grown so well! Part of the reason I went wild the other week and bought all kinds of bulds online to try!

    Of course the Paperwhites were planted at the correct time and I will pay the price of off planting times for buying at clearance prices.

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