4 years ago

Hi all,

I put up a HFGH a year ago and last winter all I did was run some weather stripping around some of the panels. Did quite a few but gave up because it became quite time consuming and the cost of weather stripping as cheap as it is added up. Anyways I still have the weather stripping on it but have been thinking of lining the north walls and ceiling with the reflective insulation sheeting that you can get at Lowes. Last year as long as the temps didn't get below 20 F outside it did not get below 32 F inside. I also have like 80 gallons of water as a heat sink which helps when the temps dip low. I do use a propane heater (heater Buddy) when the temps get below 25F outside but the heating expense can be costly . Anyways Will I retain much heat by only doing the north walls and ceiling or will the heat just be lost out the uninsulated windows. I also am looking for a little more light reflection I am growing hydroponic tomatoesand have supplemental lighting a few hours a day. They are doing really well right now despite GH temps getting in the upper 30's, and would hate to lose them before I eat some of those tomatoes. My heat sink is also along the north walls if that makes any difference. I probably will end up weather stripping any uninsulated panel that doesn't already have the weather seal on it. I'm not worring about the temps getting too hot in there, right now it only gets up to 75 during the day in full sun (probably due to heat sink), and I can always open the door during the day if temps get too hot (I have my vents closed right now). I am also thinking of maybe putting plastic sheeting curtain on the inside down the middle to maybe help retain some of the heat. Even if I can get a few degrees increase in my heat sink that will help a little. Any suggestions



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