Can you help redesign retaining wall / entry area

Hi Everyone! The retaining wall next to the entry door is in need of repair or replacement, and I'm hoping for some ideas on how to improve stormwater drainage and the overall look. The area is a relinquished Adopted Garden.

Goal: Get the stormwater from the area to run, above ground, to blacktop without pooling in front of door. Heat Pump on concrete cannot be moved. Investigate drainage under windows.

Things I would like: Redo patio. Eliminate vertical 6 x 6 'wall'. Widen walkway.

Blue line shows where stormwater currently flows. I drew it too close to the gray patio, it's a swale that is 10ft from the building. The doorway is 37" higher than the walkway end at the blacktop, which would be a run of 60ft. The sorry looking sketch is fairly accurate, each square is 1 foot.

Thank you for looking


PS - I am a volunteer on committee, tight budget.

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