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Dacor Appliances?

Leigh Barganier
March 9, 2017

Looking to replace all my appliances and getting overwhelmed with all the "reviews" found online. I want a 36" dual fuel range and will need a counter-depth, freestanding refrigerator. I have researched endlessly and come up with a different scenario every time. I am attracted to Dacor's current promotion and the extended 3 year warranty they are offering. My sister and mother have owned 3 Dacor ranges between them and have loved them all.
Does anyone have any experience with the Dacor Renaissance 36" Dual-Fuel Range (ER36D), 36" Counter-Depth Refrigerator (DTF36FCS), or Renaissance 24" Dishwasher (RDW24S)?

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  • Kitchen Remodeler At Work

    Hi Leigh, my name says kitchen remodeler ...that was a joke ...I am not in the trades - just remodeling my kitchen right now. I've spent way to many hours searching for appliance info. It came down to 3 for me - Wolf, Dacor, and Thermador. Viking had a huge sales drop recently and the highest service rate from the articles I read. I think Dacor was low to middle on service rates - check these online. (Don't look at dishwashers and refrigerators look at oven service rates). All have goods and bads. I really liked the Thermador star burners but can't stand the thought of constant clicking on simmer. Wolf good quality - owns the market - fewest discounts. I chose Dacor from the endorsement by le cordon bleu (only oven ever endorsed) and the cnet oven comparison (read it on renaissance - it is a really heavy endorsement). The CNET thing says that only Dacor uses convection that draws air in rather than blowing it out making it more even cooking and a cooler door. Did NOT choose Dacor for fridges as I read they don't make their own (yet) or dishwashers (same) and didn't read great things. But yes to rangetops and ovens. They are American (California) made and did the first convection oven. I have the discovery IQ stuff being installed tomorrow. 36 inch rangetop and double 30 inch ovens. Samsung was weak in ovens and strong in refrigerators and acquired Dacor last year. The expectation is they will be putting a lot of money into Dacor making it more recognized. (Every review I read about the acquisition - including the one by a director at Home Depot - says this is a really positive acquisition.) And Samsung is strong on refrigerators so I'd expect to see some coming soon - but wouldn't recommend them now from what I've read. I looked at Renaissance ovens and rangetop but decided what the heck to try the new android/bluetooth oven (Discovery) instead. Downloading recipes straight to the oven, reading them there, saving settings for favorites and getting smartphone alerts and such when meals are done sounded interesting. Not so sure about the turning it on remotely to warm it up part but maybe I'll use it. From what I've read all the high end ovens are "heavy metal" and you should expect 30 minutes for warm up - not of the air temp but of the oven itself. Yes I read the 3 year promotion ends tomorrow and getting that too.

    So for right now sorry no direct experience - but will be able to add soon what I think on the discovery series at least. I tried to add the microwave (think Sharp makes these for a number of companies) and warming drawer but the vendor told me to wait till the install crew arrives tomorrow to make sure they'll fit in the spots allocated.

    Check to see if they make their own dishwasher too or if that is OEM. Bottom line is they make great ovens and rangetops and cooktops.

  • PRO
    celeste henderson
    Kitchen remodeler at work,
    How are you liking your Dacor Range? Looking at ranges now for kitchen renovation. Will have a large space so looking at the 48 inch renaissance. Would love to hear how you like your range.
  • wekick

    I had an awful experience with my Dacor wall ovens and range, unable to keep a temperature but it was years ago. It looks like judging from this thread today they are still selling the same "concept".


    It might be Ok if you only use your oven for casseroles but if you bake cookies or appetizers, anything where you have to open the oven, look elsewhere.

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