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Dollar princess hanging fuchsia

Ada Adams
April 29, 2017

My husband bought me a gorgeous hanging dollar princess fuchsia a few weeks ago to cheer up the living room while I was recovering from surgery. We loved the gorgeous purple and pink blooms and it did very well for a few days. He bought it at one of those pop-up plant places that also sell pumpkins and Christmas trees in the parking lot of our grocery store. The guy told him that the plant wanted as much water as possible and little-to-no light, which was perfect for our living room as there isn't very much light at all.
About a week ago it started shedding everything at the slightest brush, even buds that had not bloomed and didn't look dead or sickly. Everything just falls right off of it. We've been watering it and making sure the pot drained as best as it could, pruning all the dead stuff out and even stuck a little fertilizing stick in there, as well as trimming branches with no blooms. But now there are no blooms at all and some of the ends look dead. I don't know much about gardening but my husband worked for a garden center as a teen and knows a good amount, but we're stumped on this one.
I tried reading articles about the care for them, but they mention terms I don't fully understand (like pinching off pods) and all the advice conflicts with each other. Some say it DOES need sunshine, others say it doesn't. We live in VA and right now the climate has been unpredictable this year...two days ago it was a high of 55 degrees and today it's a high of 90, and I don't want to do more damage since I have no idea what I'm doing.
Do we need to transfer it to a larger pot? Does it need to be put in the sun after all?

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