Experience with West Elm "Performance Basketweave" or "Eco Weave"

Rebecca L.
3 years ago

I am looking to purchase West Elm's Harmony Sectional in a lighter cream or grey fabric? Does anyone have any experience with the West Elm fabrics of "Performance Basketweave" or "Eco Weave"? I am concerned with the durability and potential piling. We don't have any kids or dogs, but the sectional would be in the living room where we will watch tv. I can only find information on the Performance Tweed fabrics. Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • emwallace25
    3 years ago

    They send out free samples. I would order some and try to destroy them!

  • Kathy
    3 years ago

    I am not totally sure but I believe the Performance fabrics are a form of Sunbrella type fabric and very durable. I agree order some samples along with doing some research.

  • katelandia
    3 years ago

    Hi - Just wondering if you ever bought the sofa and what fabric you chose. I'm in the exact same place! If you bought it, I'm interested not only in durability but whether it feels soft :)


  • Lori Gerrard
    last year

    Looking at harmony as well😊 Did you get it? Looking for input on this sofa/fabric. Thanks

  • Manasvi S
    5 months ago

    Hi did anyone on this thread end up buying Harmony? Would love to hear what fabrics you’ll chose and your experience with the couch so far :)

  • Sonia
    2 months ago

    @bjr7781 I'm looking at Harmony section in Eco weave, oyster. I haven't received the sample yet, but would you say they are performance grade?

    They didn't send me the eco weave in oyster yet. But when I tested other samples they had sent, water beads up on performance upholsteries and does not get absorbed. Eco weave is not marked as performance, was wondering how it is holding up. Thank you

  • Kim S
    5 days ago
    last modified: 5 days ago

    @Sonia, I was told that they were out of the Oyster Eco Weave fabric for awhile. I just received the sample in the mail, too late since I already placed my order for it last month.

    I dropped some water on it and the water is still an intact sphere. That might change with wear overtime but it seems like a solid fabric. It is soft to the touch as well. I saw a floor model at the store in the Oyster fabric and automatically fell in love.