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Complete Home Remodel!

September 2, 2017
last modified: September 2, 2017

Well, after taking on a complete remodel, leaving no room or surface untouched, of what we thought would be our "forever home", we decided to move. The entire remodel took us FOUR long years. We did much of it ourselves. And by "we" I mean I told my husband what I wanted and he made it happen. He did a LOT of the work himself, including building the kitchen from scratch. Yeah, I'm just a bit proud of him ;) Of course, we did hire out where necessary, for things like plumbing, electrical, siding, etc. And for the master bathroom we actually hired a general contractor because by that point we'd decided we wanted to move, and we wanted it done quickly.

I have such mixed feelings leaving a home that we put so much heart and thought into, but I'm excited for our next adventure. (Next remodel is already in the planning stages lol!) I had a lot of input and ideas from houzzers (wish I could tag people so they'd be sure to see this), so I wanted to share the transformation. Our home sold very, very quickly, and today is literally moving day!

Front of the house (new siding, new windows, new driveway, new garage doors)


Dining room

Living room (built-ins and bench design by me, built by my talented husband)

Family room

Master bedroom

Bedroom for two of our kids (I actually made the valance...and I'm a newbie seamstress, so I'm pretty proud of it LOL)

Master bathroom Some more photos of parts I'm particularly happy with :)

Closet organizer my hubby built in the largest bedroom, which we turned into a play room.

Closet organizer in my girls' room

This turned out exactly as I'd envisioned, and I am so sad to leave it lol!

I wanted a chunky mantel, so we found this great old piece of wood in an overstock warehouse type place, and hubs stained it to match our dining room table.

One of many features hubby built into kitchen for me. I won't include photos of everything, but I've got a vertical pan storage, mixer lift, super susan, pull-out trash, dish organizers in drawers, and my farmhouse sink that I just love.

And our bedroom, which is so peaceful :)

Anyways, a great big thank you to everyone here who helped me (either directly or indirectly!)

Comments (16)

  • flowers1099

    With doing most all this yourself which saves $$ and just doing all this recent, did you get your investment back in the sale? Sure wish we were so handy. We just did the kitchen that was mega bucks.

  • mshutterbug

    I was going to try to do the math to give you a "we sold for x% more than we paid" but I can't figure it out LOL! Been a long week! But simply put - we sold for nearly twice what we paid. So, yep, we made quite a profit. And considering how much we saved by doing most of the work ourselves, most of that was actual profit. I haven't calculated exactly what our total remodeling cost was, but we saved an absolute fortune just on the kitchen alone. It definitely pays to be handy!

    And it pays to shop around. For example, simple things like the drawer pulls and handles, you can buy online for *significantly less* than big box stores. I found the same hardware online for a fraction of the cost (on amazon...and even on amazon, make sure you price compare). Same thing with the vanity we put in our kids' bathroom. I found one I liked and then googled and compared prices. We also saved a lot by shopping at local overstock type stores. Our hardwood flooring was much less expensive when purchased from a local overstock place that supplies the fancy shops, and the service was great. The barn door in our master bathroom we got at a really cool overstock warehouse place with lots of cool old things. We found a solid-core door in the style we needed for much less money. Just painted it and the contractor installed it.

  • PRO
    DoorBuy, LLC.

    This looks incredible, that puke green carpet HAD to go! I love what you did with everything, and it's extremely impressive you did it on your own!

    mshutterbug thanked DoorBuy, LLC.
  • mshutterbug

    Haha, yes it was pretty bad! :)

  • PRO
    May Construction, Inc.

    Wow! What an amazing remodel! Loving all the small touches.

    mshutterbug thanked May Construction, Inc.
  • mshutterbug

    Thank you! We were thrilled with the way it all turned out. We put a lot of thought into it (my husband might say I was obsessive about the details lol but he won't deny that all those details came together well) and it turned out better than I'd hoped. It was with mixed emotions that we left, but we are already getting ready for the projects in the new house, and I actually think it's going to be even better for our family :)

  • PRO
    Architecture Plus Inc

    This looks great! Great updates, it must've been very difficult to say goodbye.

  • Rona Magee_Waguespack

    Looks great. Was wondering, did you lose the deck out of the Master Bedroom?

  • mshutterbug
    Thanks so much! It was a bit difficult to say goodbye, but we are excited about our new home :)
    Rona Magee_Waguespack - yep, we did. It probably would have been a nice selling point, but I didn't like having so many entry/exits to the house. I just felt more secure with a big window instead. Especially with the kids. Probably sounds silly lol :)
  • PRO
    Mega Builders

    Great work!

  • PRO
    21st Century Tile

    The house looks great! I'm sure it was very hard to leave but the new owners will surely enjoy having such a beautiful home!

  • PRO
    RT Studio

    I personally don't believe on doing things yourself. While you think you are saving money, you are wasting a lot of your time, which also cost money. In top of that it will take you triple the time and nobody guarantee the work, If you did a mistake at the end you also pay for it. Like you don't automedicate yourself, don't try to autoarchitect or autobuild yourself neither.

  • PRO
  • mshutterbug
    Thanks everyone!
    RT - you are certainly welcome to your opinion ;) but I can tell you we had multiple contractors who asked me if my husband is a builder/contractor because they were so impressed with his workmanship :) It is a time commitment, so you definitely need to weigh time against cost. It would have been done faster if we'd hired it all out, but ultimately it was an expression of love that he made my vision a reality. And we made a heck of a profit!
  • PRO
    M&R Custom Millwork Inc

    Great job on all your updates!

    mshutterbug thanked M&R Custom Millwork Inc
  • PRO
    OTM Designs & Remodeling Inc.

    Wow, you've done an excellent job!

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