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Sun and blooms

I have a corner spot that I would like to add two camellia to. In the center of the cornwr is a tall pine so i have to out them on either side of tree. One side gets mixed sun and the other side gets mainly shade with some small amounts of very light sun for an hour in the morning and evening.

If I were to put the same variety here would the camellia with more sun bloom much better than the one that is shaded more? I want them both to bloom as close to the same amount that I can control.

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  • luis_pr

    Typically, more morning sun = more blooms so one of them may have more blooms than the other. Not sure if I could tell you exactly how much "more blooms" as I do not have two in those conditions myself. Then again, if the sun includes afternoon sun, a japonica there may get sunscorch on the leaves.

  • bsmith0023 (z8b coastal SC)

    Both spots are still pretty shady but the one sunnier spot does get an hour of direct sunlight where the other gets more mixed sun during that time. I guess im looking to see if the sunnier plant will be FULL of flowers while the other will the halfway full, or will it be so minimal that you will not really tell that much. I can deal with it being slightly off, i just don't want one side blooming like crazy and the other just having a couple blooms. That may look odd. Both would be Sasanqua as well.

  • luis_pr

    Well, as they say, you can try them and move them if you do not like the results. I generally do not have issues in more or less sun, I mean issues where I would notice less flowering in a large way. Best suggestion is to keep them potted for a season and move the pots if you decide you want to.

  • bsmith0023 (z8b coastal SC)

    Ok that's good to hear and good suggestion.

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