Problem! Clay + sand = concrere

4 years ago

I've lived here for 2 years but I'm still getting to know my garden. Recently I turned my attention to the small strip of soil along the side of my house and learned someone (neighbors, former owner perhaps, maybe even the fence installers) mixed sand in with the clay in that area. I got about 6in down and it's slow going. Im practically having to scrape it out with a spoon milimeter by milimeter - very gradual and with a lot of effort. Drainage is nonexistent (filled the hole up and it didn't drain at all) and the "soil" there is more like concrete.

Is there a way to fix this kind of problem? Digging it all out can be done but I don't have the time now. Is there something that might help in the short term? Will heavy mulch eventually soften a sand+clay mix ? I have plants there but they don't get bigger than a few inches and now I know why.

Any advice is appreciated!

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