4 milk crate build with no knowledge - can i kill everything ?

3 years ago

name's che ,

i've just had to move and my balcony sucks due to strata law so i've hidden a wall of plants.

nothing like this has ever worked for me. i kill pot plants.but i want to make it to 40

with atleast some pride in my gardening.

they're 4 milk crates with t shirts in the bottom ones,

then two inches of stone,2 inches of coco,

then the rest is a neutral soil with a bit of compost, rock dust and rizo.

a 125cm x 10cm pvc pipe with compost, worms and food scraps runs down the middle.

i've never seen it in tube videos ,but i found it really quick to just run up the pipe

with an angle grinder at a 20% angle every ten centimeters, then flip and repeat.

both sides of pipe took me about 3 minutes ,but youtoob people drill holes for hours ????

my questions are on lining and lighting.

one is lined with 4x1ft cotton sheet cutoffs.

two are lined with black bags

and all have a tshirt for the bottom.

are black bags to constricting for vertical?

is 100% cotton in daily light gunna suffer mold?

is agri fabric that much better?

secondly ,i've spent $200 on seedlings and can't afford to lose them.

it's north facing but in a south alcove.

the first edge gets light at 8 am and they're all in light by 9,

but by 12 there is a metre wide column rising 2 stories to the 4th floor roof.

it real is ambient . i have 50 x 4foot grolux fluoro's so i could add a few.

am i gunna see running shoots with a maximum of 4 hours of sun?

it's south australia but it's gunna be 10-20 degrees C for weeks.

also i read that i should water into the tube but after filling it twice,

there was little sign of any moisture in the dirt.

should i set up a drip system and how much water do they need?

i put atleast 40 litres into it before 2 hours later its started dribbling and has been for hours but the bottom still feels quite dry.

next time i want to cable tie thin pvc in the corners to hold the liner tight,

aswell as drilling holes all down it to water all the way down easily.

i'm pretty sure i'm not gunna chance guestimation,

i'm i'm a bit of a forgetful muppet.

killed most things i tried to grow love in :(

gunna get one of those soil dryness metres ,

aswell as getting a plastic barrel with an air stone ,pump and timed drip system going .

i also thought of jamming a pipe into a coke bottle and then ramming it into each crate to hydrate each one when took atleast an hour and i don't know if that

was just getting to the top.

maybe it's all head marbles and i should just water through the pvc.

please let me know your opinions

i don't work and this was 6 weeks of government money.

$226 at the diggers club (adelaide botangs represent) seedlings,rock dust,rizo,seeds

$75 at bunnings for pvc,caps, black bags and a 90L coco brick

$20 milk crates

$190 heynes garden 320L soil ,60L compost ,500 worms

ALREADY HAD cable ties ,duct tape, secatares for the milk crate bottoms

but that's less than $10 a square foot to grow my own organic food,

if it works.

in the most light are the tomato's ,capsicums, chillis, basil, chives & an avacado

flowing into an eggplant ,mint an artemesia absthinthe at back

with 3 kinds of greens ,parsley, coriander, alot of rainbow silverbeet...

for weeks