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First baboon lemon!!

Well, I figured to commemorate the indoor citrus relocation, I would make a lemon chicken pasta with leftover rotisserie chicken. I finally harvested my first baboon lemon. It reminded me of the ponderosa in looks, but the flavor (although nice and sour) was not like other lemons. Before anyone asks, I am not good at describing those nuances in flavor, but I could taste the difference. It was almost more floral than traditional lemons. I don’t know how to explain it. I used the juice and the rind in the sauce and then my one leftover ripe sudachi. It was delicious! I also harvested a bunch of key limes and two limequats that were ready. I plan to make key lime pie if I have any energy tomorrow after bringing in the remainder of the trees. There are still tons of limes left on my trees but I figured I’d relieve them of a few of them. Most of these came from my giant key lime.

baboon on right, limequats on left
It was juicy, but hard to squeeze...required a lot of hand strength.

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