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Kramer’s Supreme

Darren Harwood
November 18, 2017

My Camellia Kramer’s Supreme only has 1 bud, so far. Am I only getting 1 flower? There should be more by now, right, considering it’s almost December (UK)

only bought it this summer and have never seen it in bloom. So excited to see! It’s only 3 foot tall.

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  • luis_pr

    Oh, oh, sounds like just one flower then.... unless you see more flower buds currently developing or about to develop. ;o( But I would not worry.

    I have one or two KSs. Bought them small. They are about 10 years old now; slow growing for me. They are maybe 2 or 3 feet tall (0.6 to 0.9 meter).

  • Darren Harwood

    Luis, do you get many flowers on your KS?

    Theres no more buds :-/ So disappointed as my other camellias have hundreds of buds. And typical, this was the one I was looking forward to the most.

  • luis_pr


    Not too many KS buds here (< 10 or thereabouts). I have "a few" buds on those KSs and Prof Sargent. But not as many as I would like to see. I have more buds on the sasanquas and White by the Gate (japonica) located elsewhere.

    I feel your pain. I always like to see many buds. After a bad blooming season with hydrangeas, a lot of camellia blooms would have been great news.

  • Vicissitudezz

    I'm inclined to think just one flower bud on a first-year plant is not a bad thing. What it probably (hopefully) indicates is that your plant is getting its root system established.

    Camellias are amazing plants, but do require patience. I hope your one bud does open, and is worth the wait, but a first year plant really should be getting adjusted to its new surroundings, and developing good roots.

    Also, some varieties tend to bloom more one year, then less the next year. I don't grow 'Kramer's Supreme', so can't say if that's a factor.

    Good luck,


  • Parker Turtle

    I got to smell Kramer's Supreme on a large established bush in a botanical garden. The smell was very similar to gardenia but more musky and aromatic, like sandalwood incense, and somewhat reminiscent of cloves. I would say the fragrance was medium in intensity.

  • luis_pr

    Wow, hats off to your nose!!!! I can barely smell any scent, even early in cloudy mornings with little wind! ;o(

  • Darren Harwood


    my KS isn’t in its first year. I bought it from the garden centre at about 3 foot.


  • Vicissitudezz

    First year in the ground.

  • Darren Harwood

    Oh I see! Sorry.

    Id love to see your Camellias, Virginia :)

    lots of love

    d xx

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