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Mrs Tingley

Darren Harwood
November 18, 2017

How beautiful is she?!

Bought her this year. How much growth am I expected to see per year, in height?

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  • luis_pr

    Very nice, Darren. Thanks for sharing. My sasanquas are now starting to bloom and the japonicas still have ways to go before they bloom.

    Since you bought it this year, be aware that blooming times in the future may be different.

    Camellias grow about 2" in general per year. Only in areas with excellent conditions & with vigorous specimens could you expect a bit more but as you can guess, not thaaat much. Tingley likes to grow upright. It may get about 6' in 10 years or so but, it heavily depends on how it likes your weather, soil moisture, etc.

    Plan on providing afternoon shade if located in warm locations.

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  • Darren Harwood

    2” a year?!? Omg. I’m nearly crying. I have no patience whatsoever ..... :-/ there’s me thinking they’d grow quickly to screen off the neighbours haha.

    I planted all my camellias in ericacious soil. If the bloom lots does that mean they’re happy?

    Thanks Luis :) Id love to see pics of yours.

  • luis_pr

    If your climate and soil conditions are favorable, they may squueze a tiny little more but they are nothing like roses. The reason camellias are expensive is that it takes longer for the grower to get them big. I once wanted a larger than normal specimen and decided to fork over the money. The good news is that they last a whole longer than many other plants. Given appropriate care, they can last centuries and attain tree sizes. Ages of 450 years are not unheard of. Unfortunately, WE do not last that long! Hee hee hee... ;o))

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  • Vicissitudezz

    I'm worried that your plant will not remain happy for long with all that competition from the grass. Camellias have shallow root systems; they should not be planted deeply, and should be mulched to prevent the roots from drying out.



    Good luck,


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  • Darren Harwood

    Thank you, V.

    ive since removed surrounding grass and have mulched around it. :)

    appreciate the advice very much xx

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