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How to go about searching for artwork

CJ Mac
November 27, 2017
last modified: November 27, 2017

I'm at a loss as to how to search for artwork. Several years ago we purchased 7-8 prints from a lithographer Lucius DuBose. When I went back to the fine crafts store in Gatlinburg to purchase more, I was told he had died and no more prints were being made available.

I'm trying to fill the wall above my sofa with these prints but there aren't quite enough. I've searched on his name only to find that the prints I would love were sold in auctions years ago. I know there must be a lot of his prints out there--he made many and they're not worth a lot of money--but how to know when sales come up is my problem.

Here's a photo of what I've got. The blank wall above our sofa is a bit larger and since the bird carvings will not be coming along with the prints, I need something more.

Another idea would be a largish picture with "Consider the birds of the air..." (Mt 6:26). I've seen a few online, but they're not the style I have in mind (don't want country or cutesy--maybe simply calligraphy). I also didn't really want the entire Bible passage; just the phrase I quoted. I would frame it in the same style I framed the above prints.

I also had the thought that perhaps I could cross-stitch the words if I could find an elegant enough pattern--again I don't want country or cutesy. If anyone has any advice on that, I'm open to it. Or perhaps I could cross-stitch birds in the same style as what I've got.

I appreciate your help!


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  • A.
    Set up an account at Live Auctions, the. Set up an alert for the artist you want. Live Auctions monitors many auction houses and auctions.

    It is a really easy way to monitor auctions. I found my MCM dining set this way.

    You can also save a search on eBay and check it weekly.
    CJ Mac thanked A.
  • aprilneverends

    I'd put in a search for his name on all sites I know that might carry his prints-namely Etsy, Chairish, rubylane, 1stDibs, Invaluable, E Bay, Everything But The House..and sign for new notifications

    which I did right now, but was able to find just one print of his-but its not a bird..))


    but gives one hope that other works will show up, sooner or later?..

    for example two etchings were sold on Everything But The House last August


    i have several searches saved when i'm into something specific-and they notify me about everything new that appears, that might be relevant. including artists.

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  • jay06

    Do a search of John James Audubon bird prints. You could use your smaller prints to surround one or two of his larger ones, staying with the bird theme.

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  • decoenthusiaste

    The impact of the small bird prints is lost because they are too spread out and are mixed in with less impressive pieces. Better to keep a tight grouping for focus, then spread the other birds around the house.

  • CJ Mac

    What "less impressive pieces"? Everyone who has visited has told us how much they like that wall of birds. In person the whole thing looks better.

  • CJ Mac

    A. and Aprilneverends, that's just the info I needed. I found EBTH with their already-sold listings, but I didn't know where else to check. Thanks very much!

  • PirateFoxy

    Etsy has some folks who will do custom cross-stitch patterns for you, and some of them are quite talented. You could also commission a piece from a calligrapher to get the size and style you want. Just remember you are buying artwork even if it is ‘only’ a pattern or ‘only’ words, so it may not be super cheap. (I’ve found the prices for custom work pretty reasonable given the skill involved, but some people undervalue that aspect.)

    CJ Mac thanked PirateFoxy
  • decoenthusiaste

    I suppose I should have said, other pieces that distract the eye from the bird lithographs. I'm not saying the other pieces aren't good in their own right, but they are not your prized lithos. The lithos are small and need to be seen as a more compact unit. Because birds are your theme, I still think the other birds (which don't compliment, even though they do relate to the prints,) should be sprinkled around the room. Kind of like sprinkling your accent color throughout a room; the same goes for any themed collections. For example in a display cabinet, you usually place the major matching group together as a focal unit and then judiciously arrange other individual pieces more randomly. Here are some examples of how much attention a tighter grouping demands. If you are unable to square up your lithos without more of them, you might consider where you could hang them vertically like the last photo. Then hang a really large bird print over your sofa to set the theme.

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  • DYH

    I love your collection!

    I have a Tim Cotterill bronze frog sculpture collection. I'm fortunate to have a very good local auction house. I purchased one of my frogs from their online auction. They notified me when more were available, but I couldn't submit competing bids because I was flying the day of the live (not online) auction. So, the suggestion of setting alerts for your artist coming up at auction is a good one.

    I realize you're ready to move the lithos, but it may take time to find what you're looking for.

  • CJ Mac

    decoenthusiaste, the 3rd photo is exactly what I'd love to do. Perhaps I could find other matching bird prints to frame like that.

    Dyinggarden, I already took them down because we bought this Tree of Life. I had intended it for over the sofa but really misjudged how huge it was.

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