Variegated Ginger dying...

Kim Lam's Beh
3 years ago

Hello! I live in London and I bought a Variegated Ginger two weeks ago (with leaves green/white on top and pink/red on the bottom). It looked great when I bought the plant and the day after all the leaves were kind of hanging down when the day before they were all rising up to the ceiling. We watered the plant and it appeared that some leaves were coming back up after a few days. Two days ago we turned on the heater (around 20C now) and it looks like the leaves are hanging down once again. Some leaves also have stains appearing or kind of little waves around the leaf (shown on pictures). The soil is moist and we did not replant it after purchase. Please help, I want to save my baby!!

It looked like that before:

And now it looks like this:


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