Help with resist technique on mirror, please...

December 9, 2017

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for a mirror I will be using sea glass spray paint on. I need a neat wavy line for the edge, so no masking tape. I know there are fluids, but I'm wondering if anyone's had any luck with using maybe a glue that get's peeled off after the paint is dry....or????

I could use a bunch of painters tape and then use an xacto knife to make the waves I need (and peel off the excess) before I paint, but I don't know if the knife would scratch the mirror surface...

Anyone attempted this without having to buy specific masking liquid?

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  • steiconi

    you could pre-cut the tape with scissors before applying it to the mirror. I would think that a peel-off product might lift some of the paint (but I could be wrong).

    Or, instead of tape, use contact paper or something similar for your mask; that way, you can leave the backing on to dry fit it to the mirror.

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  • pennydesign

    Thanks so much stelconi...I had to go ahead and install the mirror without attempting to do this, but I did try it out on some glass pieces I had on hand. And, yes, contact paper did work will (for anyone else who's interested)


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