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Lavender Crush Climber

This is my one rose purchase this spring. I just picked up the 4 I pre-ordered. :-) it’s a climber and I’m making a guess it likes to fan out, based on the directions of the canes, but it’s a big guess since mine are basically potted bare roots.

I know it’s new so not many people have experience with this one yet, but can anyone talk about it’s growth habit? Best fanned our on a trellis, trained over an arch, pillar, something else? Thank you!

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  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Gorgeous. Thanks Ben. So it seems my options for Lavender Crush are endless. Hmmm. What to do? ;-)

    Yes Diane I get them locally at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, CA. I pre-ordered them and when I went, there weren't any left for the general public so it seems it might be rare around here this year. Mine are already sprouting new growth and looking very healthy. I will have to see how they grow and just take it from there. I am leaning towards fanning them out and training them laterally though. I want more, more, more blooms. Purple with a white reverse and fragrant. What a great combo. I'm excited for it too Diane. I'm jealous of myself. I wonder if my roses were in Justin12's shot from the fields. ;-)

    I have Le Petit Prince too, but I got that one from Palatine. You know, that rose is known by several different names. Delbard is now calling it Synactif by Shiseido, after their extremely posh, high end beauty care and fragrance line. It also goes by Arctic Ice and Blue Emotion. In my yard, it was not dry heat tolerant at all. I had it near Nahema for the expensive perfume theme, but I had to move it to the complete shade here. It is supposed to be between 1.5 and 2m, so about 6.5 feet, according to Delbard in France, even though HMF says it's 4 ft or something. I'm growing it as a climber.

  • Dave6aMO

    Cori Ann - that’s awesome to hear that Certified Roses is bringing more Delbards! I’ve been interested in Delbards Julie Andrieu rose but without much hope of seeing it. I’m not a big striped rose fan but really like this one. I would love to see Amnesty International make it to the US as well.

    Ben - Thanks for the link! I enjoyed seeing La Petit Prince and Lavender Crush.

    Diane - the deep blue/purple of the upper petal surface of LC is great and the fragrance is fantastic. With the reverse petal surface being white, the blooms are different - very unique.

  • romogen

    LAVENDER CRUSH, PEACH SWIRL, LE PETITE PRINCE, SHIRLEY’S BOUQUET, KORDES varieties and numerous more certified roses are available for $11 - $14 at Green Acres Nurseries around the Sacramento area:

    I bought too many roses on my last trip there the other week, but was super excited to find O.L. WEEKS again and got five of them. An excellent red cutting rose for NorCal that thoroughly impressed me in its first year last season!

    Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy thanked romogen
  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    I wish Green Acres shipped their roses. I noted that they had Miranda Lambert, and that was a gorgeous one shown on Justin's HMF page. I also loved the unique Raspberry Kiss, which was the cutest rose I've seen in a while. Diane

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    I’m glad everyone liked the pictures...it’s hard not to want ALL of them, isn’t it?

    I saw Petit Prince and St Tropez at Huntington Gardens when I was in LA over the New Year. They both grew very well, healthy and floriferous, but I didn’t get a strong scent out of either of them. (Petit Prince I especially remember as being scentless, since I like lavender roses but expect them to be fragrant).

    Also in what appeared to be the ‘Certified Roses’ patch, was this trial rose. I do hope they introduce this one, it’s quite unique and strongly scented:


    As for Lavender Crush, I grow it myself. I can personally attest that it can attain a true purple color with unique white reverse, and it has an absolutely magnificent strong scent of lemon and old rose. I think I’ve posted this quite a few times before:

    Since I’m close to Certified’s growing fields, we get a lot of their overproduction at our local Lowes and Home Depot frequently , beautifully grown, bargain priced, and incorrectly named...mine was labeled ‘Angel Face’. Can you imagine someone planting what they think is a small floribunda in their border and having it sprawl into a 10’ Climber? Haha. I do think LC is much more desirable than AF, even the fragrance is much stronger.

  • kali_deere

    Ben - that certified roses trial rose looks AMAZING. I’m hoping that goes into wide production! Also the LC you have with the outer white petals is gorgeous! Mine hasn’t developed the white part yet, perhaps it’s too young.

    Great pictures though!

  • ac91z6

    Anyone know if there's a mail order source for this rose? HMF doesn't list any, and my local Lowes' and Home Depot's only ever have the same 3 Kordes (the Parfuma series) or the Knock Out/Drift roses.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Ben, you're a lucky guy to live where you do. Your Lavender Crush is both gorgeous and unusual. I still like Angel Face, though, but probably wouldn't if I lived in a place with any humidity to speak of. No black spot here is what saves AF. Diane

  • Dave6aMO

    ac91z6- Certified Rose primarily sells most of its roses in my area at Walmart. A local nursery I could purchase Certified Rose’s from stopped selling them for this reason a couple of years ago.

  • ac91z6

    I'll have to make sure to check Walmart's Garden Center whenever I make it to a city this spring! I might have to make a special run to Columbia if KC is a bust.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)


    I can’t believe LC isn’t available mail order...I’ve been searching for an online source since I’ve been ‘enabling’ folks to want it. I will let you know if I find it. So far even the places with big collections of Certified’s varieties are not carrying it. Seems like just the kind of variety that’s most on trend and all sellers would want to stock...old fashioned form, heavy fragrance , easy care, novel and striking color. Very puzzling.

    I’m able to keep Angel Face free from disease, but she is still just the puniest of runts (small plant, thin stems, tiny leaves, might get run over by a petunia) That she tries so hard to bloom makes her even harder to look at, lol. She also tends to run dusky rose instead of lavender-blue most of the time in my climate. I’ve seen pictures of yours...looks fabulous!

  • Dingo2001 - Z5 Chicagoland

    I got LC as a body bag at Walmart last year. I think that's the only place I saw it locally.

  • suncoastflowers

    I saw Angel Face in body bags but I have it on Fortunia. I wonder if all the AF from CR are actually Lavender Crush? LOL

  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    Does Lavender Crush have a fragrance like Angel Face or Intrique? Uh oh. I hope not. They are both very fragrant, but smell like lemon pledge to me. Which is why I don’t have them. They both do great in this area, but.... lemon pledge. I hope Lavender Crush has a bit more rose scent in with the citrus scent.

  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    BTW, I got some welded wire panels used for stabilizing concrete pads (like rebar), very similar to cattle panels for $8 each. About 8x3-ish ft I think, but I didn’t measure. Any home improvement store/warehouse would probably have them over with the rebar. :-)

    Better than cattle panels because they could transport easily in a truckbed and I don’t have to cut them with bolt cutters (cattlepanels are usually 20 ft long).

    I will put them up next week and let the training begin.

    You could use them against a fence or wall like me, with additional wires. Or you could probably stabilize on the sides with rebar, metal fence posts, frame in with wood, or something similar and have them be freestanding. Good deal. Very sturdy.

  • suncoastflowers

    Nice find, Cori Ann!

    Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy thanked suncoastflowers
  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy

    I really like the mutable purple color of Lavender Crush. Mine can be a range from dark smoky purple to light lavender. The white reverse adds a lot of visual interest. The fragrance is strong lemon rose (and very pleasant, not like the lemon pledge smell I detect from Intrigue and Angel Face). Very healthy, seems to be disease resistant so far!

    I put two on the fence, fanned out with Veilchenblau. I ended up putting one over with Don Juan and Henri Martin too, trained like a pillar. And unfortunately one got eaten by voles.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    That is such an incredible color. It makes me wish I had a place for a climber I guess I will just have to enjoy yours.

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Does anyone in a location where black spot reigns grow this one successfully - no spray?

    HD near me has some, containerized, fresh from the grower. Quite impressive in all respects.

  • vaporvac

    I don't know, but I'm going to find out as I just bought one bagged for $4 at Walmart! They also had gorgeous looking Darcey Bussels for $10.50, but I have 2 or those already.

  • Dave6aMO

    I’m so tempted to try this again. Mine dwindled to one ugly small cane in its second year and so I removed it. Walmart has several large healthy potted LC plants for $10 right now.

  • bart_2015

    This is another rose that I WISH WISH WISH was available here in Europe...

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    One of my absolute favorites, i’d definitely give her a try if she was at my big box store. she is vigorous, generous, uniquely beautiful and super fragrant. Lavender Crush this spring:

  • Dave6aMO

    Hey Ben, Do you also grow Blue For You? I received 3 last year but I’m wondering if they’re ever going to reach the 3-4 foot range here where it died back to the ground. I like it a lot but am considering putting something more vigor there such as LC.

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Much blackspot pressure by you, Ben?

    If so, how does LC do as the season progresses, and do you spray?

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)


    I have to say Blue for You has good vigor, but in zone 8 I don’t have dieback issues. I received a 2” plant stub from Heirloom roses initally I was upset by its tiny size (at $38, it was $19 per inch!). But now it’s morphed into a very nice dense 2x3‘ bush in 2 years, so I’m quite happy with the purchase.


    I live in blackspot h3ll, but I do spray very regularily and all my roses are blackspot free, so I cant say which ones are more resistant. I will say Lavender Crush is no shrinking violet , a 10’ climber with lots of thick robust heavy canes, and I think vigor is a component of disease resistance and recovery.

  • vaporvac

    Is Lavender Crush very thorny. I'm deciding where to place mine. How does it compare in that regard to Quicksilver?

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    I would say LC is of average thorniness for a rose in general, neither spiny monster like Gertrude Jekyll nor smooth and friendly like Climbing Iceberg. I’ve only seen Quicksilver at the nursery, never took one home because of the lack of scent.

  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    I have to bare roots that I just planted 4-5 weeks ago.

    They are both leafing out nicely and don't have disease issues yet.

    BS pressure here is high so I'll no more once things heat up.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I just went out and checked the thorns on QS and LC since they are next to each other. QS has way more thorns that go from base to top of canes. The thorns are shorter but still kinda catch on stuff if the canes aren't secured.

    My LC is not nearly as big as my QS, as I just got it this spring. Its about 6ft and only has 2 main canes. It looks like most thorns are towards the base..bottom couple feet. The thorns are long, straight, and sharp. The tops of the canes hardly have any thorns. I don't know if they will stay that way or not.

    Maybe others can also chime in so we can see if this is persistant with everyone's QS & LC roses.


  • sautesmom Sacramento
    Wow Ben, a 2 inch rose bush??? I would flip out, you have a lot of patience and faith!

    Carla in Sac
  • modestgoddess z7 MD

    I need to check Home depot again, see if they finally got it in our area

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)


    I did flip out, but there was only one vendor selling Blue For You at the time, so I had to work with what I got! To be fair, it was probably a 6-7” plant at some point, then probably the top got damaged, so the seller trimmed it to 2”, still quite small, but not seedling sized.

  • vaporvac

    Thanks for doing that Sultry! It's already in the ground! I planted her against the brick wall next to Gold Blush and Lavender Lassie and will eventually put in a Quicksilver. In the bed "extension" there's Violet's Pride, Cinco de Mayo x2, Heathcliff and soon Christian J. and possibly Summer Romance. I have an extra one and no where planned to put it. I hope they look pretty together.

  • philipatx

    Probably a little late in answering earlier questions, but Lavender Crush was original sold as an upright shrub, but due to its vigor in warming climates, was re-branded as a stiff climber. She *is* somewhat self-supporting for the most part.

    I can attest, as Ben says, she is not very quick to go dormant here in the south. (She might actually be more prone to freeze damage as a consequence.) For that reason, it is perhaps a little unfair of me to voice my grievances pertaining to her health -- old leaves *will* harbor BS... But here it is mid May, and while nearly every other rose in my no-spray garden (with a few notable exceptions) is healthy and clean, my LC is 3/4 denuded from BS, and the remaining leaves are rather unseemly looking at the moment. This despite the fact that she is holding her foliage 5 feet above the ground, in an open, sunny location. (Nearest other roses are Caldwell Pink and Kardinal Kolorscape, both of which are absolutely clean, but probably not fair comparisons since they have such strong reputations. I've grown Caldwell Pk for nearly a quarter century, and have never seen any disease on it. My garden leans pretty heavily on the more disease-resistant of the modern Kordes, along with a few Buck, Radler, Moore, and some other non-patented standbys.)

    In short, Lavender Crush probably isn't suitable for a no-spray garden, but if you find her at a WalMart as a cheap purchase, she might be worth experimenting with. She certainly has the potential to be *quite* attractive.

  • vaporvac

    Philippa, Caldwell pink is probably the best Rose in my garden for black spot and General Health. Are there any specifics you could share on your other best roses?Sorry op4 going OT.

  • philipatx

    I hesitate to share my opinions; my current garden is still relatively young, and at least 2/3's of my plants are in pots. (We have a lot of exterior work on house to be done still.) Of those in the ground many just went in this spring...

    Having said that, I have been very pleased with most of my Kordes.

    Kardinal Kolorscape may not be quite as floriferous nor drought tolerant as KnockOut (I might attribute both to our heat and sun combined with KK's darker coloring, both in flower and foliage) but it is more mannerly and attractive, IMO. (I am SOOO over the KO's...) I'm also basing that assessment on a fairly young planting of yesteryear.

    Other Kordes I have enjoyed have been the Sunbelt roses Plum Perfect (though something about its leaves seems a little quirky) and Soul Sister (whose darker foliage and wine-colored new growth show the pale apricot blooms to nice effect.) SS has not been *entirely* free of disease, getting a small amount at bottom of shrub later in season. I would say Lemon Fizz has been healthier, if she has not put on as good of a show. (SS has a big flush in spring, and that foliage!...) Both SS and PP are at least as healthy as e.g. Carefree Sunshine (a Radler rose that might be superior to his Sunny KnockOut IMO). Earth Angel has also been healthy, if a little slower to settle in. This spring she bloomed nicely for the first time on last year's arched canes, in the manner of a self-pegged old garden rose. (The resultant laterals were *very* short and didn't really allow for cutting.) I've seen pruned plants behave more like floribundas.

    Moore's Softee has done well, though had a bit more BS than any of the Kordes roses, and leaves me a little wanting. The "yellow" is a fast-fading banana-flesh yellow having no fragrance. I think my established Sunsprite (purchased as cheap bareroot) may have been nearly as healthy, honestly, much to my surprise.

    Moore's Yellow Butterfly has shown a slight propensity to BS thus far, and I haven't really warmed up to it as much as i expected. She's not bad. Just borderline for my tough, no-spray garden so far.

    Carefree Beauty was of course a show-stopper this spring. It will get trace of BS at season's end, but hardly worth remarking. (Right now it probably has nearly 100 hips forming on it, and I'm debating about germinating the seeds or dead-heading.)

    My Weeks roses, Julia Child and Outta the Blue (planted a year ago) are both suffering from BS pretty badly already, as are most of this spring's newly planted roses, listed hereafter.

    Dark Desire, another Kordes, is a notable exception. She's still settling in, and only gave one bloom this spring, but she is a looker -- well... based on flower and health -- not on plant architecture... Her form was, as some have complained, a bit sprawling and gangly, but she's sending up some shoots from near the crown, and I'm hoping with a little training, she will make an attractive shrub. Thus far I'm quite happy with the potential I'm seeing from such a healthy plant with such beautiful, fragrant blooms. I would expect her to resent our heat a little, however, and don't expect nice flowers in the summer.

    I've been surprisingly disappointed by the performance of the EarthKind rose "Belinda's Dream". She's setting buds a-plenty, but has a good bit of BS. Nothing totally denuding, but not as healthy as I would expect of an EarthKind pink rose -- particularly one that seems so popular with folks here. (Honestly, I think American standards for health are a lot lower than e.g. Kordes -- the reason I'm leaning so heavily on their work.) Hopefully, when she settles in I'll find reason to like her more, but right now, I'm thinking a Wedding Bells would be a nice replacement. (I actually haven't see WB in this area to know if in TX it might live up to its reputation...)

    Acquired Palais Biron/Purple Lodge mislabeled as Angel Face (??!) and while I love her blooms, like Lavender Crush, she has health issues. She also lacks LC's vigor. I really love the potential I see in this plant, however -- if she just had some health and vigor for me. I may end up breaking out some chemicals to give some of these newer plants a chance to better establish themselves, and to have another go at proving their meddle.

    There's more, but I've been rambling on, and have things I need to do!

  • jc_7a_MiddleTN
    The tiny buds my LC had last week are gone. Does anyone know what kind of damage this is?
  • philipatx

    I would say that could be anything from a cutworm to a katydid to a small rodent.

  • vaporvac

    philipa, Dark Desire has lovely blooms even in the heat of summer. However, I'm talking humid 90s as opposed to 100s. Thanks for the list. i'll be interested to see how BD does this year.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Anyone who has trouble with Angel Face and lives in a warm climate should try and find it on fortuniana. I got an AF on fort and it is vigorous, blooms constantly and has no black spot issues. I love it!

  • farmerduck

    Not hardy in my Z6 garden. Planted last year. One died completely, and the other die back complete to the ground. Not gonna climb here.

  • farmerduck

    Meaning to say LC is not cold hardy here

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    Is there a shrub version and climbing version?

  • vaporvac

    Based on what PhilipaTx wrote above, I would say "no".

    "Probably a little late in answering earlier questions, but Lavender Crush was original sold as an upright shrub, but due to its vigor in warming climates, was re-branded as a stiff climber. She *is* somewhat self-supporting for the most part."

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Thank you, phillipatx. Very helpful.

  • modestgoddess z7 MD

    I found Lavender Crush at the Home depot in Parkville, Maryland .

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    I bought one from lowes today, 12.95 or something llike that. Have to find a spot. Blooms were small, dark and nicely fragrant. I should stay away from this forum!!

  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    Mine both still have mostly clean foliage right now while the other baby roses are having issues.

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