What are your 2018 tomato growlists?

February 16, 2018

I'm just curious. What kinds of tomatoes is everyone planning to grow, this year? Post your growlists, if you like.

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  • ncrealestateguy

    I'm sowing seeds today for a plant out date of April 8. I usually mostly grow varieties that I have trialed over the years, and then I always do a trail of a certain theme... last year I trialed a bunch of Bi- Colors and the year before that a bunch of OxHearts. This year I am trialing about 6 varieties of "sausage shaped paste tomatoes"... Polish Linguisa, Roman Candle, Cream Sausage, Purple Ukranian, Orange Bannana and Purple Ukranian. I will grow about 75 plants, all pruned to three stems and wrapped up jute to eight feet.

    Polish Linguisa

    Purple Ukraninan

    Cream Sausage

    Orange Bannana

    Purple Ukranian

    Roman Candle

    Lime Green Salad... (Thanks Tony)(My only container plant)

    Green Giant



    Sun Sugar

    Sweet 100s

    Pruden's Purple

    Black From Tula

    Black Krim


    Orange Jazz


    Indian Stripe

    Orange Russian 117

    Orange Strawberry

    Oaxacan Jewel

    Georgia Streak

    Gold Medal

    Kellogs Breakfast

    Texas Star

    Lucky Cross

    Green Zebra

    BFBS (A purple-black beefsteak that my buddy discovered in his garden about 10 years ago)

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  • ncrealestateguy

    Where is this thread living at? It does not come up in the Growing Tomatoes Forum...

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  • rileyblue7a

    Vegetable gardening forum

  • ncrealestateguy

    Oh, shucks... I limit myself to only one tomato forum. I also belong to a real estate forum and a Remote Control Airplane Forum. I can not add another... I promised myself. See you guys over in the Growing Tomatoes Forum!

  • Shule

    If it makes you feel any better, I actually posted it in both Growing tomatoes and Vegetable Gardening. I don't know why it's no longer in Growing Tomatoes!

    Edit: Actually, wait, it is in both again.

  • Shule

    beesneeds, I got seeds for Wild Fred from Barb's 2017 free seed offer on TV. I was thinking about trying it in 2019, but I think you've convinced me to try it sooner! :) I didn't know it was descended from Carbon. It must be pretty tasty. I haven't tried Carbon, but I have tried Ron's Carbon Copy, which is awesome.

  • Shule

    Here's my tentative growlist (if they all fit in the garden):

    (I'm just planning to grow one plant of each unless otherwise noted. * means I've grown it before and am planning to grow it from saved seeds.)
    Alpha Pink
    American Original Red Beefsteak F1
    • Brandy Boy (john11840 of Gardenweb's version)
    • Brandyboy OP (from Tormato of TV)
    Burpee Gloriana
    Burpee Sunnybrook Earliana
    • Bush Champion II F1
    • Bush Early Girl II F1
    • Champion II F1
    • Cole
    Costa Rica
    Cougar Red
    E.H. House
    • Early Pick F1
    Early Rouge
    Fahrenheit Blues
    Frosty F. House
    • *Galapagos Island (Solanum cheesmaniae; grow in the ground with 2017’s seeds)
    • *George Detsikas Italian Red
    Green Tiger (a favorite of a friend who tried it)
    Grub’s Mystery Green
    • Gurney Girl’s Best F1
    • Heatwave II F1
    Huevos De Toro
    • *Husky Cherry Red OP (micro; round; multiple plants)
    • *Husky Cherry Red OP (round; maybe two plants)
    • Italian Giant Beefsteak
    • Jet Star F1
    • Jetsetter F1
    • Large Barred Boar
    • *Manitoba
    • *Marmande
    • *McGee
    Millet’s Dakota
    • *Mountain Princess (multiple plants)
    • *New Yorker V
    Nodak Early
    • *North Dakota Earliana
    Orange Minsk
    • *Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
    • Poca Roja (Big Sungold Select, red; a favorite of a friend who tried it)
    Polbig F1
    Polish Linguisa
    • *Sasha’s Altai (hopefully multiple plants)
    Stick (multiple plants)
    • *Sub Arctic Plenty (multiple plants)
    • Super Fantastic VFN F1
    Super Marmande
    • *Sweet Orange Cherry
    • *Tatura (multiple plants)
    • Ultimate Opener F1
    • Ultra Sweet F1
    Urban Beefsteak
    • Watermelon Beefsteak

    I also want to try a few indoors, too (like Red Robin and Tiny Tim), and I plan to start some other varieties to give to other people.

    I'll probably also grow some additional varieties in a shaded area outside, but I'm not sure.

  • Don V Zone 5-6 Cleveland OH

    MMMM making me hungry! I am growing black cherry, supersweet 100, brandywine

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  • ncrealestateguy

    For some reason, the new posts here do not cause the thread to come up to the top in the Growing Tomatoes Forum.

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  • Shule

    Yeah, I don't know what the deal is there. I hope they fix that soon.

  • planterjeff

    I only grow six plants a year.

    2 Brandywine

    2 super-sweet 100 Cherry

    2 Big Mama hybrid

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  • beesneeds

    @ Shule. Glad to know my review of Fred might have bumped it up on your grow list.

    And upon review of my growing list... I struck off all three cherries in the snack tub, and growing the peach in that one instead. That gives me three in the short 6-pack, two tall cages, and the snack tomato.

    Of course I'm still a good couple weeks out from actually planting seed.. and you know how lists can change :)

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  • nbm1981

    Wow, some awesome varieties folks are growing this season!

    I hope to grow between 45 and 50 plants (not including micros which can be densely planted in containers) this season and my list so far includes the following. Asterisks indicate new varieties and I will only be growing one plant of each unless otherwise noted. I've left a brief note next to repeats explaining why I'm growing again. As always, the list is subject to change.. :)

    - 1884 (1-2 plants) - Very large pink beefsteaks with meaty flesh and little juice. Very few if any blemishes. Extraordinary productivity given average fruit size.

    - Amana Orange *

    - Amos Coli *

    - Aunt Ruby's German Green *

    - Aussie - Beautiful fluted, flattened beefsteaks that are dark pink to brilliant red. Absolutely delicious. One issue I had was that many fruit had large cores, so not always the best for perfect slices.

    - Barnes Mountain *

    - Big Beef (1-2 plants) - Produces consistently large crops. Not my favorite tomato for fresh eating, but is reliably productive and great for processing.

    - Big Zac *

    - Black Beauty *

    - Bonny Best *

    - Bush Early Girl (4 plants) - Perfect size for medium-sized containers. Produces loads of 5oz fruit that are great for sandwiches and salads. Has been a reliable producer for me since 2015.

    - Celebrity (2 plants) *

    - Cream Sausage (2 plants) - Awesome little yellow/cream colored tomatoes that have a mildly sweet flavor and makes a beautiful and interesting sauce.

    - Dad's Sunset *

    - Dester *

    - Dr. Wyche's Yellow - So far my favorite yellow/orange variety. Incredible sweet flavor. Consistently produces large fruits and plenty of them.

    - Dutka's Pink *

    - Earl's Faux *

    - Early Girl VFF - One of your standard medium slicers, perfect for sandwiches and gifting to hungry coworkers.

    - Giant Belgium *

    - Golden Girl *

    - Grandpa's White Wax *

    - Green Moldovan - Very sweet, very juicy, very productive. Not a good keeper - should be eaten quickly after harvest. Makes a VERY interesting and delicious sauce.

    - Hahms Gelbe (micro) (6-10 plants) - My go-to micro tomato that I often grow indoors under grow lights. Very sweet little orange cherry tomatoes on 8-10" plants.

    - Harless Creek *

    - Hillbilly *

    - Kosovo *

    - Krasnodar Titans (2-4 plants) - Amazing shelf life - often stays firm and fresh for a week or longer. Very meaty with almost no juice, few seeds. A great variety for pico or salads.

    - Manyel *

    - Martha Washington *

    - Mohamed (micro) (6-10 plants) *

    - Mr. Underwood's Germant Giant *

    - Nicholajevna Pink *

    - Orange Banana *

    - Palestinian *

    - Pamyati Korneeva *

    - Paragon (1-2 plants) - Similar to Early Girl. Gorgeous, perfect red 5-6oz tomatoes with few if any blemishes. A good sandwich tomato.

    - Rowdy Red *

    - Stump of the World (2 plants) - My favorite pink beefsteak of all time (plus it's kind of a great name). Produces large crops of medium-large meaty tomatoes. A must grow.

    - Tiny Tim (micro) (6-10 plants) *

    - Tuxhorn's Red and Yellow *

    - White Tomesol *

    - Yaqui (4 plants) - Similar to Krasnodar as far as long keeping. These are large and meaty Roma-style tomatoes that are very thick-skinned and perfect for applications where you want less juicy tomatoes. It is the only variety in my garden the past two years that got BER which is why I am planning to grow 4.

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  • booberry85

    Wow! Lots of great tomatoes listed here. Some I had forgotten about a some I've never heard of before. I'm still narrowing down the list but here's what has made the cut some far. The * are varieties I've never grown.

    Abe Lincoln*

    African Brown*

    Amish Orange*

    Amish Paste*

    Barry's Crazy Cherry*

    Beauty King *

    Pink Berkley Tie Dye

    Black Dragon*

    Black Krim

    Black Master*

    Bumble Bee Blend Cherry*

    Cherokee Chocolate*


    Fred's Tie Dye*

    German Johnson*


    Guker's Special*


    Matt's Wild Cherry

    Orange Russian 117*

    Purple Dog Creek*

    Red Pear (large Italian not the little cherry)*

    Scipio Ibrido F1* (Yeah, I'm mostly into growing heirlooms. Last year I had a terrible time with BER with my heirlooms paste tomatoes. Hoping to avoid that problem with this one.)

    I need to get this list down to 14 tomatoes.

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  • Shule

    booberry85, How large is your Red Pear, and where did you get it? We had a Red Pear and Yellow Pear that I liked a lot more than the mild, sweet, cherry-sized Yellow Pear I've tried more recently (which seems to be the standard one). They were maybe two or three times as big, with more prominent necks (which necks ripened more slowly on our Yellow Pear). The Yellow Pear had an astringent flavor (not a mild one, and not mealy); the foliage had a very strong smell, similar to the fruit taste. Our Red Pear had a strong tomatoey taste (in fact, a little too strong for my tastes at the time for fresh eating). They were both extremely prolific, and early enough.

  • Shule

    Nice lists, everyone! :)

    I removed Pioneer-2 from this year's list (it's on next year's, now) and replaced it with Garden Leader Monster. If anyone thinks this is a mistake, feel free to let me know! :) I want to grow whichever one will produce the most pounds of fruit throughout the entire season (the frost usually ends in May; the frost usually begins in early October)—unless it tastes underwhelming and the other one tastes totally awesome.

    If I were to buy more tomatoes, I'd want to add Atlas F1, Cosmic Eclipse, and Green Vernissage to my growlist. I think I'll restrain myself. :)

    If I had more space, I'd want to add Coyote, Ambrosia red, Lime Green Salad, Oroma, and many others.

  • booberry85

    Shute, I got the Red Pear seeds from Seeds from Italy:  This is actually a beefsteak tomato.

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  • hairymooseknuckles

    @shule They are off and Running. Thanks!

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  • Shule

    Oh, wow. That's exciting! Thanks for showing pictures! :) I didn't know you were starting them already. They're looking great.

    (Just in case hairymooseknuckles' picture disappears some day, the plants in it are Thessaloniki Ox Heart, AKA Thessie O.)

  • hairymooseknuckles

    Thanks You! My last expected frost date is about a month away.

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  • Jamie

    I do not have a good spot for starting seeds this year, so I'll be buying plants from a local nursery. I'll probably stick mostly with Cherokee Purple and a couple of cherry varieties. I may put in a few determinant plants so that I'll have a good crop for canning all at once, but I'm still on the fence about that.

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  • jrb451

    I've primarily switched over to hybrids after so much trouble with wilt. Only growing 2 heirlooms:

    Garden Peach

    Mortgage Lifter

    The rest:


    Big Beef


    Carolina Gold

    Lemon Boy

    Super Sweet Cherry

    SV 7631

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  • Shule

    I've finally got my greenhouse out. I can plant the tomatoes any time. This is my greenhouse's third year (the vents are kind of falling apart, it's wrinkled, and missing the plastic connectors, which fortunately aren't absolutely necessary, nor are the four vertical bars they're supposed to connect—I didn't take the best care of it). However, I understand that's pretty old for a ready-made miniature greenhouse; it still works.

    My tomato list is pretty much finalized. It's pretty similar to what I posted above, but there are some differences. I need to finish planting some of my other stuff before I do tomatoes, though.

    To make labeling my black cell-based containers easier, I decided instead of writing on them with whiteout (which is effective, but laborious) I would just wrap some masking tape all the way around them and write the labels on the tape with an industrial Sharpie. It's much faster. Hopefully the tape stays put sufficiently.

    Those are watermelons, peppers, okra, and Kiwano in it, right now. I'm experimenting with some ideas I have about watermelons (so, that's why I'm starting them super early, contrary to the usual recommendations).

    That's a heavy duty tarp under the greenhouse (it doesn't have its own floor). I didn't use the tarp the first year, but I wanted it to keep the weeds out.

    It doesn't come with stakes (these are the ones I use).

    These are the trays I use to hold those 16oz foam cups and the seed cells.

    (No, I'm not a salesman trying to sell the products in the links; I like to let people know how I do what, and links help to document.)

  • christacharlene

    I finally planted my seeds so this list is final. I didn't add my list before because I am always indecisive and changing my mind up until the last minute.

    Sun Gold

    Dr. Wyche's Yellow

    Dad's Sunset


    Allegheny Sunset

    German Red Strawberry

    Cherokee Purple

    Kentucky Beefsteak

    Orange Strawberry

    Brandywine Yellow

    Northern Lights

    Abc Potato Leaf

    Marianna's Peace


    Black Mountain Pink


    Tiny Tim

    African Queen

    Thunder Mountain

    I am only growing one of each plant with the exception of Tiny Tim.

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  • Seysonn_ 8a-NC/HZ-7

    Hi ye,all. I just loged in on my cell. Not very comfortable to type. Anyway, i am growing 24 vars. Onl one them is new, the rest are a selection of my past trials. Here they are

    Let me try to name them without looking up my notes.

    Ananas Noire















    MAT SU








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  • darth_veeder

    Sun Sugar



    Bulls Heart

    Sweet 100

    Anna Russian

    San Marzano


    Green Zebra



    Cherokee Green

    still looking for a red cherry that will produce like my Sungolds and Sun Sugars do.

    Any ideas?

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  • Shule

    darth_veeder, I haven't tried them, yet, but you might try Ambrosia Red and/or Matt's Wild Cherry.

    I don't recommend Sweetie (which I have tried), but it is prolific. The fruits are very small, and the taste isn't my favorite, but they are sweet. Others might like it.

    If you don't mind a dwarf indeterminate growth habit, I recommend Husky Cherry Red F1, which I've also tried.

    Have you tried Juliet F1, Sweet Million F1, or Grape F1?

    I see Sweet 100 F1 is on your list. Have you tried it before? It might be what you want.

  • Shule

    I just thinned my tomatoes and peppers, today. I'm pretty excited for the boost in size the tomatoes will get soon (they tend to do that soon after I thin them after they've been crowded).

    We've probably had our last frost already (I hope), but I need to wait at least another week before transplanting, on account of our trees coming down and how we're planning to put black plastic down.

    A few of my tomatoes didn't sprout, but most did. I'm just glad Domingo survived (both seedlings received some damage, but they look like they've recovered).

    Stick looks pretty cool as a seedling. It grows straight up, and looks strong.

  • darth_veeder

    Shule, thanks for the suggestions. I've tried the 100's and millions before and they are ok but not like the 2 Sun's. I looked up the Wild Cherries and they look interesting. Maybe next year unless I can find them as starts somewhere.

    Thanks again

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  • hairymooseknuckles


    I wanted to show you my mater from the seeds you sent me of Thessaloniki Oxheart.

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  • hairymooseknuckles

    Not sure why, but the auto upload made my pic look distorted. I just wanted to stop in and say hello to thank you again for sending me seeds.

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  • Shule

    You've got fruit already? Awesome! You're welcome! Thanks for the picture! It looks great. I see more ribbing than was on my fruit, but that could be normal. I'm curious to know more about it as it progesses.

  • hairymooseknuckles

    I'll keep you updated and get another picture when it's ripe.

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  • Shule

    I have about twelve fewer tomato plants, now. The thinned plants are getting bigger (some at a more accelerated pace than others). I'm impressed with Clementine F1. Although I'm planning to give it away, this year, I might grow it myself, next year (or the F2s). I like how it branches early and looks very healthy (both plants).

    Gurney Girl's Best F1 is looking great, too. Thanks for that one, wayne_5! :) I'm excited to transplant and taste it.

  • hairymooseknuckles

    Shule, looks like I have a few more.

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  • Shule

    That middle one has some cool stripes on it.

  • Tomatoe Lover

    Loving the pictures. Hope to see more as your tomatoes flourish.

    This year we are trying to grow a variety of tomatoes, the only ones tried and true being the Sun Gold (delicious!).

    In no particular order, we are growing Black Cherry Drop, Indigo Cherry, Dancing with Smurfs, Pineapple Pig, Porkchop, Zlatava, Sun Gold, Ukrainian Purple, Gold Medal, Blue Gold, Candy Sweet Icicle, Pink Accordion, Cosmic Eclipse, Indigo Apple, Black Opal, Delta River Red and It's a Mystery tomatoes (mixed blend from eBay). I am seeing tiny hole marks in my Zlatava leaf and going to spray them with a Dr. Bronner Castile spray mix - wish me luck! :)

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  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    I'm getting a lot of fruit setting right now. Only my Pork Chop plant is lagging behind but it is blooming pretty well. I gave all the plants some Texas Tomato Food yesterday so that should really send them into overdrive,

    Here is one bed.

    L-R - BKX, Big Beef, Carbon, Big Beef, JD's Special C-Tex

    Garden pictures · More Info


    Garden pictures · More Info

    Black Cherry

    Garden pictures · More Info

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  • Tomatoe Lover
    Looks healthy. Does the onion keep the critters away or are they just for eating?
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  • hairymooseknuckles

    Awesome pictures everyone.

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  • hairymooseknuckles

    I'm getting a few daily now.

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  • hairymooseknuckles


    I went ahead and pulled this one early because it was hanging low and I was afraid some critter might steal it. It will ripen up on my counter in a few. I really appreciate you renewing my seeds for this variety. I know you might not be able to tell, but this is a nice sized tomato. It will come real close to covering a slice of sandwich bread.

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  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Tomato lover - the onions and leeks help to deter critters but they will definitely be eaten.

    HMN - Nice looking harvest!

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  • Shule

    I think I've heard that onions help deter spider mites. I'm curious how true it is.

  • Shule

    As of Saturday, I finished transplanting my tomatoes (except some I just seeded a few days ago). I started transplanting in very late May. I have 67 plants in the ground. Most are different kinds, with the exception of Domingo, Sub Arctic Plenty, Mountain Princess, Tatura, and Stick. I've got two of each of those. I've got two Husky Cherry Red F5s transplanted, but they're probably pretty different from each other, and they had different parents.

    Those I just seeded recently were more Husky Cherry Red F5s (~4 cups of them), from the larger parent of the two I mentioned above, since I lost the plant, and found it again after I seeded these.

    I gave away about 12 kinds of plants that I listed above.

    My computer that had most of the plant records on crashed (so, I need to see if the data for my records is still there).

    Yes, this is a late transplant for me, and they're closer together than I was hoping (most are about 2' apart, give or take some inches, but they're further apart than last year); I guess I didn't factor in the paths (we didn't have paths last year). We had lots of trees and ground preparation to handle. All the transplanted tomatoes except 6 are in black plastic. There are reseeded tomatoes, too. I'm planning to let as many of those grow as I can, this year. Same for tomatillos and ground cherries.

    Now onto the melons, okra, peppers, and basil!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, everyone!

    I'd probably take pictures to share, but it's dark right now.

    Most of my tomatoes transplanted well, fortunately. Maybe 3 tomatoes had some difficulty.

  • Shule

    Okay, so I got the official list of tomatoes, this year, and took pictures. Millet's Dakota already set fruit, too!

    Here they are:

    Brandy Boy (from john11840 of Gardenweb; stabilized)

    Sub Arctic Plenty x 2

    Poca Roja (a red version of Big Sungold Select)


    Mountain Princess x 2

    Watermelon Beefsteak


    Millet's Dakota (set fruit by 5 June)

    Frosty F. House

    Orange Minsk


    Cougar Red

    E H House

    American Original Red Beefsteak F1

    Huevos De Toro

    Husky Cherry Red F5 (from a non-dwarf indeterminate F4; 4 more cupfuls not transplanted, yet)

    Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

    North Dakota Earliana

    Early Rouge

    Italian Giant Beefsteak


    Husky Cherry Red F5 (from a micro F4)

    Pruden's Purple cross


    New Yorker V

    Tatura x 2


    Green Tiger

    Galapagos Island

    Bush Early Girl II F1

    Polbig F1


    Ultra Sweet F1

    Bush Champion II F1

    Jetsetter F1

    Early Pick F1

    Champion II F1

    Garden Leader Monster

    Stick x 2

    Gurney Girl's Best F1

    Gold Dust

    Domingo x 2

    Old German

    Heatwave II F1

    Aunt Mary's Paste

    Virginia Sweets


    George Detsikas Italian Red

    Alpha Pink

    Super Marmande

    Nodak Early

    Urban Beefsteak



    Burpee Gloriana

    Sasha's Altai cross PL (setting fruit by 6 June, if they develop)

    Burpee Sunnybrook Earliana


    Fahrenheit Blues

    Jaune Flammée (a friend gave this plant to me; it was more mature than my plants)

    Several reseeded tomatoes

    More photos to come.

  • Boris Zakharin

    After growing Rutgers exclusively and in containers only last year, I finally have a raised bed this year too, which allows for 14 plants total. I got New Big Dwarf (for containers only), Rutgers 250, Sun Sugar, and Roma. All from seed except the latter. I needed to fill out the bed at last minute and those were the only respectably looking seedlings left at the nursery. My Sun Sugars already have 44 fruit in various stages of development across three plants (a fourth is a later planted rooted sucker cutting with no buds yet), none ripe, though.

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  • Tomatoe Lover

    Shule, are those tomatoes just for your consumption? I love that you have put plastic down. Something to consider for next year. I am very excited as a few of the cherries are already showing flower buds like the Sun Gold.

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  • Shule

    @Tomatoe Lover

    I just saw your reply. I'm not sure why I didn't reply sooner!

    We used them for fresh eating, pizza toppings, burrito toppings, canning, and to give to neighbors and others.

    It was a hot year. The black plastic made the ground even hotter, and a lot of the tomato plants suffered from heat stress (but it improved the taste over all, I think, and some tomatoes probably did better in it). The stabilized Brandy Boy (which turned out to be a regular leaf accidental cross) and Sausage were the top producers (and provided most of the harvest), but one of the Mountain Princess plants, Cougar Red and some cherry tomatoes also produced a lot. Green Tiger was the sweetest, I think. The prolific cherries were Galapagos Island (which was a cross) and Husky Cherry Red F5 (which was a cross, probably with Sweet Orange Cherry). Porter (a volunteer) actually did amazingly well, too.

    We used black plastic in 2019, too. The plants didn't suffer from heat stress, this year (but that might be because they grew more foliage and shaded the plastic more; the extra foliage growth was probably due to a cooler and wetter spring than we've had in years). My favorites this year were one of my Brandy Boy cross F2s, Marion, Galapagos Island (not from the cross), Sweet Orange Cherry, and Porter (didn't do as well as the Porter volunteer last year, but it's still acclimating and that one last year had been grown on the land for more generations). Sausage could have been a favorite, but I grew 17 plants, which grew too big (due to the good tomato year) and smothered each other. One of my Brandy Boy cross F2s, Marion, Sheboygan, Polish Linguisa and Porter were favorites for taste. Early Girl F1 (the store-bought plant) also did very well, this year, and was quite sweet. I think Early Girl F1 is my favorite burrito tomato (followed by Mountain Princess, followed by Burpee Gloriana)—for the flavor they add (not for any lack of juice).

    I came to realize that the heat stress in 2018 might have been averted with extra potassium or other nutrients.

    The watermelons really do a lot better with the black plastic (they don't get bigger, but they ripen and taste better on average, and the weedy grass doesn't spring up all over them as much).

    Even though I grew loads of plants, it should be noted that I gave them drought conditions. Plus, the plants could have been more mature at transplant time (and been transplanted earlier) for a better harvest. And, I didn't do much in the way of soil amendments and fertilization. So, we could have had a lot more production, probably.

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