Grout Color Choice Regrets

Ivy Lou
3 years ago
Last year, I got new tile flooring installed and after going back and forth for far too long on what grout color to use with my dark gray porcelain tile that was installed in a herringbone pattern, I finally decided to play it safe and I chose a charcoal gray, which blends in closely to the color of the tile.

However, now that I've lived with my decision for a while, I have realized that this grout choice has made my herringbone pattern almost disappear. I was so worried about going too dark or too light that I now think I made the worst decision of making it appear like there is no herringbone pattern now.

I've always heard that light or white grout always stains or gets dirty too easily, so I was scared away from it. Recently, I did a quick mockup of what the lighter gray grout would have looked like if I had chosen it and I think it looks so much better and shows off the pattern. But I also keep thinking, would I still be happy with how the light gray looks if keeping it clean was much more difficult?

What do you all think? Did I make the wrong choice? Does lighter grout always cause more issues eventually to make it not worth it? Do you like the grout color I chose or my mockup with the lighter grout more? Photos attached for reference.

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