Are these roses really worth keeping?

Lucas De Souza Pereira
March 10, 2018
last modified: March 10, 2018

I have miniature roses and they got seriously infected by black spots and a very few thrips and aphids on flowers, about 5-6. But black spot is what concern me. Someone said that black spot never really goes away, you control it, mostly with chemicals and that miniatures are extremely vulnerable to it. So, do you guys think its worth keeping these roses? Having all the work just to control BS, wasting money on the products, time on application and such? Should i get rid of 'em and buy new ones from a different variety?

These pictures are from 2 weeks ago, before BS infection got mad, now they're skeletal. I used sulfur and sodium bicarbonate, removed all the affected leaves, even the soil mulch and dead leaves. They're always well fertilized and get about 7 hours of sun daily. I live in Rio de Janeiro so most of the chemicals that i've heard some people say arent available. Rose market here is not so developed so i cant even name the roses, there are no such thing like "Knockout", "Royal William" or "Bonita". They're just labeled as mini, medium or tall rose bush. I really wanted to have some but got very upset after knowing they're so weak and dependent. Should i just give up instead of keeping wasting time?

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